Field Guide: The Best Philadelphia Blow Dry Bars to Upgrade Your Hair Fast

Philadelphia Blow Dry Bars: Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique in Rittenhouse

Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique in Rittenhouse

The rise of the blow dry bar has turned the lot of us into a bunch of old ladies: We get our hair “set” once or twice a week, toting hardcore shower caps and satin pillow cases with us everywhere we go, and before we know it, it’s been months since we even bought our own shampoo. Can you blame us? Getting our hair professionally coiffed not only lets us walk out of there as if Beyoncé’s fans have been trained upon us, appointments offer a respite from the outside world—one with scalp massages and champagne to boot. Here are the local places you’re most likely to find us.

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Shop Talk: 10 Beauty Products That Are a Total Waste of Money

Image via iStock/Misuma

Image via iStock/Misuma

  • We’re not saying that everyone’s makeup bag looks like a clip from an episode of Hoarders, but most beauty-lovers do have a tendency to stock up on products we don’t really need. Clear out your cosmetic drawer by ditching these 10 unnecessary beauty products. (Suck it, cellulite cream and hand lotion. Yes, we said hand lotion.) [Pure Wow]
  • Ivanka Trump‘s RNC speech might have garnered applause across party lines, but the dress she wore – a blush sheath from her eponymous clothing line – is stirring up controversy for not being made in America. Eek. [The Cut]

Plus, a human leather collection?!

Shop Talk: How to Get Rid of Blackheads Once and For All


Image via iStock/gruizza.

  • Blackheads constantly plaguing that beautiful nose and chin of yours? Same. The answer doesn’t have to be monthly facials (though those do work wonders). Instead, try these at-home tricks and best practices for keeping your skin clear of blackheads. [Byrdie]
  • If you’re over 24, it’s high time to invest in some sunnies. Before you do that though, check out these five secrets of women who never break their sunglasses. [Purewow]

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7 Things to Know Before You Hit the Shore This Weekend

know before you hit the shore

The Shore awaits! | iStock/BlueLela.

Happy holiday weekend, y’all! In our minds it may still be May, but alas, we find ourselves at the most patriotic holiday of the year. Whether you’re headed to Grandma’s Shore house or a weekend of debauchery with your college pals, there are certain necessities that the Shore calls for. Here’s what to get, where to go, and what to do to ensure that you have the greatest Fourth of July ever! Read more »

13 Local Beauty Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

Images via 1, 2, 3

Images via 1, 2, 3

Instagram is a beauty lover’s best friend. Scrolling through the explore page, you’re bound to find countless artists showcasing their talents from glammed out bridal looks to gory special effects makeup using all the latex. As it turns out, you don’t need to go far to find some wow-worthy beauty ’Grammers. (Told ya so.) We rounded up 13 of the best Philly beauty Instagrams out there to satisfy the Sephora addict within. Hit the follow button to add a daily dose of glam to that IG feed with these local beauties.
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Shop Talk: How to Prevent Crazy Tan Lines

  • Nowadays bathing suits are out of control. Straps are placed everywhere but your shoulders and strategically designed cutouts pretty much guarantee the worst tan lines ever. In order to avoid looking like a zapped zebra, check out these tips on how to fix and prevent awful tan lines. Hint: Bronze all over with self-tanner at night to fill in any pale spots. [Vogue]
  • The fashion world lost an icon, Bill Cunningham, over the weekend. He was a pioneer in street style photography and made his life’s work documenting realtime fashion on the streets of New York. His discerning eye and humble demeanor will surely be missed. Here are 15 reasons he will always be in our hearts. [Bustle]

Plus, the best beauty secrets on Reddit>

Hate to Say It, But Gel Manicures Are Actually Really Bad for You

gel manicure

Beware the beautiful yet harmful gel manicure. | iStock/Kristina Jovanovic.

I can hear the pitchforked, gel-crazed riots already: “But gel lasts so much longer!” and “You don’t know anything about nails!” etc. Yes, gel manis do last longer than a classic polish. And no, a classic polish can’t compete with gel’s instant drying allure. But the last gel mani I got is the last gel mani I’ll ever get, thanks to seven (count ’em, seven!) nails breaking off painfully low, and all ten feeling paper-thin after “safely” removing the gel. Not to mention, while I was baking my fingertips under the UV light, the skin underneath my nails felt like it was boiling. Turns out, gel manicures are bad for you, straight up. I chatted with a dermatologist and some Philly salon owners about the safety concerns gel manicures raise, and why they really aren’t worth it in the long run. Read more »

The Best Beauty Oils for Every Skin Type (and No, Coconut Oil Isn’t One of Them)

beauty oil

Image via Wilde Gatherings.

From cleansers to serums to hair masks, beauty oils are having a big moment right now. Consider them the nutrient-packed superfood of nature with a side of aromatherapy benefits to boot. Mix ‘em into your skincare routine before bed for an extra boost or use to spot-treat common skin issues the all-natural way. We caught up with Kelley Hughes of Parlour in Fishtown and owner of just-launched skincare line Wilde Gatherings to hear her shortlist of go-to beauty oils. They’re vitamin-packed, easy to find, and oh-so-good for your skin, so start ramping up your skincare routine right now. (Insider tip: You can make your own beauty oil blends by picking up these oils at your nearest Whole Foods or health food store.) Read more »

Shop Talk: See the Best in Philly Street Style From the Roots Picnic

janelle monae roots picnic

Janelle Monaé at 2014 Roots Picnic | Joe McGee for

  • Thousands of R&B fans flocked to Festival Pier last weekend as The Roots Picnic swept through town. As usual, stylish Philadelphians showed out in droves, and NY Mag put together a slideshow of the best street style at this year’s Roots Picnic. [The Cut]
  • In a perfect world, you’d be able to show up to work in a velour sweatsuit and house slippers. However, the next best (and kind of socially acceptable) option is leggings. Here’s how to pull off wearing leggings to work. Tip: try pairing them with a menswear-inspired blazer for a totally morning-meeting-appropriate look. [Pop Sugar]

Plus, the dirtiest items in your makeup bag.

The 4-Hour Spa Treatment That Made Me Cry

lush spa the planets

Planet cards and palm readings. | Images via Lush.

You don’t have to ask me twice to try out a spa treatment — especially when said spa treatment is a four-hour, spiritually-focused, astronomical journey into next-level relaxation. I had the fortune of being one of the first to try out The Planets treatment at Lush Spa, set to roll out to the public later this month. Inspired by stargazing and Gustav Holst’s classical piece ‘The Planets’, the treatment took years to develop.

The premise of the treatment is a little fluffy — time is a continuum, there are untapped galaxies within all of us, and that we need to address the past, present and future to take control of our universe — but I totally bought in, delved deep, and walked away from Lush a new woman. Here’s how the four-hour, $495 treatment went down: Read more »

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