Men Can Learn a Lot From Wearing Makeup For a Week


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Men wearing makeup isn’t a new thing. In fact, last year we wrote about guys in Philly getting into the primping scene). But what about less-than-subtle swipes of mascara and concealer? Could burly, manly men pull off a full face of makeup—and would they dare to?

Enter Isaac Fitzgerald, a brave, bearded, tattooed guy who, for five days straight, wore makeup. He documented his week-long makeup-wearing test for BuzzFeed, and the results are expectedly hilarious, and eye-opening.

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Market Report: The Case For Washing Your Face With Urine


  • Apparently urine is a skin-saving miracle, and works wonders on eliminating acne. Who knew? [Refinery29]
  • Forever 21 just launched its second collaboration with the ASPCA. It’s a line of animal-themed hoodies and tees that are actually pretty cute. Even better: For each piece sold (they range from $15 to $18), one dollar will go back to the animal-protection society. [InStyle]
  • Michelle Obama didn’t wear a headscarf on her Saudi trip and it’s causing quite the stir. [The New Yorker]

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Caffeine for Your Skin: Why Coffee Grounds Make the Best Body Scrub

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Many of our days begin with a latte with an extra shot and two sugars (and no, the La Colombe baristas do not know me by name, cough). But today, we found something so bizarre that it just might be genius! Behold, coffee scrubs for your body.

So here’s the deal: Coffee is loaded with antioxidants that can help prevent the premature aging of your skin. On top of that, the caffeine in the coffee acts as an anti-inflammatory which can decrease dark circles and wrinkles. The caffeine also helps to even out the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Talk about the superhero of morning beverages.

The best part of this? It’s super-easy to make at home (a snow day project, perhaps?).

Click here for a DIY how-to and the store-bought version.

Market Report: 9 Inspiring Celeb Hair Makeovers of 2015


  • Itching to chop your hair off for the new year? Get inspired with the 9 best celeb hair makeovers of 2015. [InStyle]
  • Say goodbye to Grand Canyon-sized pores (hallelujah!). Here’s how to fix the 13 most annoying beauty problems. [Refinery29]
  • David Beckham in his underwear? Um, yes please. Check out H&M’s new ad campaign. [InStyle]

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Skeem’s Expanded Spring Collection Is Going To Be Amazing


Skeem, the brand behind our go-to hostess gifts, is at it again. This time, they’ve shared exciting news: an expanded spring collection, and oh-my-goodness, is it good. The release will include three new styles of their retro-inspired matches, ink pot candles in white tea and thyme, currant mangosteen, citrus and olive, and grapefruit zest scents, field jar candles in hibiscus water and mahogany myrrh scents, a black currant perfume, and 3 new styles of the half pint candles. See? It’s a lot of whimsical goodness to take in.

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Fact: You Probably Did Not Need to Shower Today, Experts Say



If you, like me, hate showering (because hellooo, that 20 minutes of my life could be better spent re-watching Beyoncé’s Year of 4 for the 142nd time), then prepare to squeal with joy: The folks over at BuzzFeed chatted with a couple of dermatologists to get the lowdown on how often we really need to shower, and turns out, if you’re showering daily, you’re showering too often.

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The Amazing At-Home Alternative To a Gel Manicure


maniFull disclosure: I am not on the gel manicure bandwagon. But before you summon the lynch mob, hear me out: It’s not that I’m not enticed by the prospect of a hard-as-nails, two-week mani—believe me, I am. I’m simply irked by tinfoil-wrapped nails, the obligatory soak to remove the polish and the $30-a-pop price tag.

However, as someone who nearly always has her nails painted and is a regular user of base coats, top coats and the like, an at-home mani that lasted longer than five days without chipping continued to elude me despite my best efforts. That is, until my lovely mother, a reformed salon devotee, gifted me Sephora’s Formula X System for Christmas, a set she swore rivaled any salon manicure. Turns out, she was irrefutably correct; when you use the polishes altogether, you get a super-affordable and long-lasting alternative to pricey gel versions. Call me a convert.

These polishes are a game changer.

5 Holiday Beauty Treatments You Need To Try

Photo by Shuttershock.

Looks pretty good, right? | Photo by Shutterstock.

After all that holiday shopping, it’s time to do a little indulging for yourself. Here, five luxurious holiday beauty treatments that pack in all the scents of the season, from chocolate and peppermint to frankincense and sweet orange. Bonus: They all ring in under $100, so if there’s someone on your gift list that’s leaving you stumped, buy them a gift card for one of these sweet services.

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