Shop Talk: 7 Simple Tricks for Removing Stubborn Makeup

removing stubborn makeup

Don’t settle for next-day stained lips. | iStock/bgwalker

  • Liquid matte lipsticks staining your mouth for days?  I feel your pain. Vaseline is the answer to your prayers, along with these other secrets for removing stubborn makeup. [Total Beauty]
  • Gluten-free haircare is a thing—should you alter your mane’s products, even if gluten is a staple in your diet? [Byrdie]

Plus the perfect packing list

The 7 Beauty Treatments You Need for Spring

spring beauty treatments

Did we mention a mani is never a bad idea? | iStock/mediaphotos.

Here’s a fact of life: Nicer weather means showing more skin, which means all of those things you’ve been hiding for the last six months of cold need to come out again. Welcome to spring! There are a handful of beauty treatments that this year calls for—some you might expect, like a good pedicure (we beg you), and others you might not. Did you know that the barometric pressure in the atmosphere shifts every spring and fall, making your skin freak out? Yeah, that cluster of blemishes on your chin isn’t necessarily because of the Shake Shack you ate this weekend. Basically what your body needs is a little TLC right now, and we’ve found the best spring beauty treatments the city has to offer to get you looking fresh as a daisy.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 18 Gorgeous Ways to Organize Your Vanity

organize your vanity

Make your beauty products look, well, beautiful. | Images via Pinterest.

  • Happy Monday, loves! If you’re like me, this weekend’s sunshine got you spring cleaning a little. Tackle the intimidating bathroom spread with these 18 pretty ways to organize your vanity. Want more organization tips? We’ve got you covered. [The Zoe Report]
  • So you invested in some cool white sneakers, but grass stains are cramping your style. No worries—these five ways to clean your white sneakers will take care of your biggest scuffs. [Pure Wow]

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Why I Spend $44 on Hairspray (And Other Crazy Beauty Splurges)

beauty splurge

There goes $721. | Images via Nordstrom, Lush, RevitaLash, Oribe, Saks, Violet Grey, and Santa Maria Novella.

It turns out, here at Philly Mag, we’re suckers for a good beauty product (or twelve). From ultra-luxe moisturizers to concealers that cost their weight in gold, we’ll shell out that hard-earned cash for a few choice beauty boosters. Inspired by the beautiful minds at Elle, here are the products that Philly Mag staffers hate to love.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 16 Best Shops for Inexpensive Home Buys

Inexpensive Home Buys

It only looks expensive. | Images via HomeGoods and Target.

For those who fall in the sweet spot between Williams Sonoma splurges and IKEA everything, check this out: 16 amazing (and sometimes surprising – um, H&M?) shops for inexpensive home and kitchen buys. (Look out for the shout-out to local brand Three Potato Four!) [Domino]

Prepare to up your gym game: Beyoncé is launching an activewear line on April 14th. The 200-piece collection is called Ivy Park, and it includes leggings, muscle tanks, sweatshirts, sports bras and technical jackets. Lululemon, you’ve met your match. [WWD]

Up next: How to banish dark circles with stuff in your fridge!

Shop Talk: 9 Secret Uses for Your Go-To Beauty Products

makeup tricks

Oldest trick in the book: Use lip gloss as blush. | iStock/Marccophoto.

  • So we all know the conditioner-as-shaving-cream beauty trick, but did you know you can use red lipstick as concealer for your dark circles? True life. Check out these nine little-known ways to use your favorite makeup products, and start paring down that makeup kit. [Byrdie]
  • We’ve covered laundry woes and ways to avoid them, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, things shrink and stretch past the point of no return. Here are five clothes you should buy slightly oversized and four items you should buy a little small to compensate for the inevitable laundry room alterations waiting to happen. [Pure Wow]
  • After an interesting assortment of fashion-related job postings went live on Amazon’s careers site last week, many believe an Amazon-designed clothing line may be on the horizon. [Refinery 29]

Plus: How to save, strategize, and shop for your dream designer handbag.

ICYMI: How to Use Those Untouched Colors in Your Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow palette 2

So many reasons to stop neglecting the fun colors in your palette. | Images via iStock.

  • When you purchase eyeshadow palettes, there’s always a shade or two (or seven if you own any of the Naked palettes) that goes untouched. Here’s a comprehensive guide to actually using those untouched shadow shades without looking scary. Really, it is possible! [Byrdie]
  • Guess what? NYFW is wrapping up, and after some much-needed criticism about fashion’s lack of body diversity, one designer is stepping up. Zac Posen sent mostly models of color down the runway for his NYFW show, and his show has the fashion world abuzz. [Harper’s Bazaar]
  • Hey Muslim gals: Uniqlo is pairing with muslim designer Hana Tajima to create modest and (actually) fashionable clothes and traditional Islamic garments including hijabs. The modest wear line launches February 26  and includes cute clothes offering full coverage, all made using Uniqlo’s signature breathable fabrics. Plus, it’s all priced between $10 and $60. [Huffington Post]

Plus: Stella McCartney for men?

6 Philly Salons You Can Trust Wholeheartedly With Your Natural Hair

Natural Hair

Good hair days, guaranteed. | iStock.

For women of color, getting our hair done at the salon is a gamble. Many upscale salons and spas often aren’t equipped to handle our unique hair needs — tangling, shrinkage, et al. Even those who claim to know black hair might not have the right arsenal of products, or might overlook the potential long-term damage of repeated chemical processing or exposure to extreme temperatures.

Among the vast crop of awesome Philly salons are some that specialize in natural hair. We pored through reviews and websites, chatted with owners and painstakingly whittled down our list to six of Philly’s top-rated hair salons for natural and textured hair, from the Dominican blowout queens to the highly skilled Caribbean braiding parlors. Treat yourself! Read more »

Pubic Hair Oil, Daily Blowouts and Lash Extensions: How We Are All Losing Our Minds When It Comes to Beauty Rituals


Illustration by Michele Melcher.

Something alarming is happening, and as with most things I find alarming or annoying, I blame Kim Kardashian. Lately, women—otherwise sane, relatively grounded women—have stopped washing their own hair.

It started out innocently enough with blowout bars, which nipped at the heels of our beauty scene in 2010. Women, quickly realizing that having someone wash and dry your hair for you is actually quite nice, began showing up more frequently. Date night? Sure! Big meeting? Why not? Yoga class? Okay! Now women parade around Whole Foods with glorious Beyoncé hair. In fact, according to Avi Shenkar, founder of Blo/Out blow-dry bar, women who get blowouts at least once a week now make up 75 percent of his client base.

And that was only the beginning. Read more »

If You Can Never Find Your Foundation Color, Sephora Is About to Solve All Your Problems


Expert help at navigating the makeup aisle. | Images via black|Up.

For women of color, finding the perfect foundation shade can be a nearly impossible task. True, there’s long-time drugstore brands like Black Radiance and Black Opal, but most upscale lines just don’t offer a wide enough range of textures and colors suited specifically for darker skin tones. It’s not just everyday women who have to struggle — not too long ago, model Nykhor Paul claimed she had to bring her own makeup to runway shows because the backstage makeup artists weren’t supplied with the cosmetics to accommodate her skin color. One word: unacceptable.

Starting tomorrow, Philly’s beauties of color might be getting the answer they’ve been waiting for: Paris-based black|Up Cosmetics is at Sephora’s Center City today through Saturday to introduce the luxury line. The brand has quickly become known for it’s range of paraben-free, professional-quality makeup developed to meet the specific needs of medium to darker complected women with complex undertones. I’m also talking rich jewel-tone eyeshadows and highly pigmented lip colors that actually complement rather than contrast.  Read more »

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