The Facial Hair Forecast: Are Beards Really Out?


If you’re up-to-date on facial hair news (is that just us?), you may have heard about the much-reported phenomenon known as “peak beard.” A study released by the University of New South Wales argues that due to over-saturation, the beard trend will soon taper off. Basically, people are sick of ‘em. We found this fascinating for two reasons: 1) Can beards even be counted as a trend? and 2) If they are a trend—and consequently nearing their end—what the heck will take their place?

Prepare for the return of the mutton chop?

We Tried It: The Facial You Can Eat


Looks pretty tempting, right?

Last Friday, I was doing preliminary research for an upcoming roundup of the best spring beauty treatments offered in Philly (look out for this next week!). I reached out to Old City’s organic beauty studio Moko—remember their sold-out pumpkin facial?—for details on what cool treatments they’re dishing out this season. Owner Monique sent over the below description:
Orange Blossom & Grapefruit Facial
Be spring-ready. Energize your skin with a nutrient-rich facial, beaming in anti-oxidents and vitamins. Grapefruit invigorates your skin with exfoliating action, while an orange blossom mask composed of essential oils, orange peel and honey perfectly balances and revitalizes your skin.

I was so in.

Little did I know, it would be edible.

Shop Hand in Hand’s Earth Day Sale Now


Photo courtesy of Hand in Hand.

Happy Earth Day, Shoppists! Since we’ve not exactly of the green-thumbed variety over here, we’re celebrating Mother Earth by making smart, socially responsible shopping decisions. First up, Hand in Hand, the Philly-based company of husband-and-wife duo Courtney Apple and Bill Glaab. Together, they make the sweetest-smelling soaps (orange blossom, wildflower and fern, lavender, rose water, white tea, sea salt), bath salts and candles with an even sweeter mission.

Click here for sale details.

Market Report: How to Get a Weather Forecast … For Your Hair

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Up next: news about H&M’s latest designer collection.

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More fun ahead!

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Up next: your 30 beauty commandments.

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