Shop Talk: 12 Ways to Style Fall Sweaters (Without Skinny Jeans!)

sweater weather

Say hello to sweater weather in a whole new way. | Shutterstock [1] [2] [3].

  • Hallelujah! Finally, a list of 12 ways to style your fall sweaters like a fashion blogger (that means giving the skinny jeans a rest). Seriously, these tricks are so cute and so easy: over a denim dress or flirty summer sundress, with matchy-matchy colors for a monochromatic look, or under a long trench draped over the shoulders. [PopSugar]
  • Looking to maximize your height in any way possible? Look no further than Gigi Hadid’s trick to looking like you have legs for days: Wear heels the same color as your skin tone. Find some cute nude patent leather pumps like Gigi’s and prepare to strut like a supermodel. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Kerry Washington’s hairstylist (you know she’s the real deal) explains the proper way to detangle textured hair to avoid breakage. Top tips include using a wide-toothed comb, deep conditioning beforehand, and taking a little advice  from Caesar: Divide and conquer. [The Fashion Spot]

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Shop Talk: How to Dress Like the Coolest Girl in Any Room


Cool as a cucumber. | Images via Shutterstock [1] [2] [3].

  • Do you have that one friend/celeb girl crush whose sick style always stands out in a crowd? Turns out, it doesn’t take a ton of effort to look like the coolest chick in the room – all you need is a little moxie to follow this simple style rule: Break all the rules. Wear a short skirt when the dress code calls for long; be the sparkly embellished flats in a sea full of black stilettos; leather pants, thigh-highs and a big fur vest are always a good idea. [Marie Claire]
  • Get to know the three designers who are doing Native American-inspired goods right (finally, someone). Jessica Metcalfe makes a mean beaded, fringed handbag. Kristen Dorsey’s jewelry designs take “statement piece” to the next level. And finally, meet Bethany Yellowtail, who somehow combined elk teeth and appliqué to make the most gorgeous LBD of all time. No, seriously. [Style.Mic]

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Shop Talk: Amazon’s Best-Reviewed Beauty Products Of All Time


The powders, primers and polishes and more you swear by. | Shutterstock.

  • As much as we love Sephora, sometimes the weekly budget doesn’t allow for such luxury expenditures. All the more reason why you should check out these top-rated, under-the-radar Amazon beauty products under $40 that might become a staple in your daily routine. Think it’s a bit sketch? Consider the fact that over 1,000 people took the time to leave five stars and write a dissertation on why they love it. (And personally, I can vouch for Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask ($8) — this affordable deep cleanser gives me life). [Byrdie]
  • By now, you’re probably in the know about the H&M x Balmain collab coming to stores worldwide and online on November 5th. If not, crawl out from the rock you’re living under and follow #HMBalmaination on Instagram. So far, the stunning teasers feature supermodels Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn and Gigi Hadid riding a futuristic subway clad in luxurious jewel tones, feathered bombers and jackets with beading worth drooling over.  [Daily Front Row]

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Warning: Your Topknot Is Making Your Hairline Recede

So pretty and yet so damaging. | Image via Pinterest.

If you’re a grade-A student in the school of Lazy Person Hair – as in, it’s either down or swirled up in a topknot – there’s something heartbreaking you need to know. This message also goes out to women who favor tight braids and to you hipster dudes who have hopped on the man-bun train: Wearing your hair in a pulled back hairstyle repeatedly can lead to premature hair loss and baldness. EEK. Read more »

PSA: This Is Not a Sex Toy


Photograph by Nell Hoving.

Really. It’s a platinum-coated face and body roller, made in Japan, obsessed over in Korea and now carried in Philly. The premise: A solar panel on the handle converts light into a micro-current, one that emulates the natural low-level electrical frequency already in our bodies (which weakens as we age). Rolling the ReFa Carat over your face and body—backs of knees, cheekbones, forehead, jaw line, chest, any spot that sags, dulls or bloats—stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage and, well, just feels good. In short, it’s a literal recharge of the skin. The end result? You won’t feel a buzz or notice Botox levels of improvement, but your skin will look tighter, tauter, de-puffed, glow-y and downright refreshed. So, yes, it’ll raise eyebrows. But really, that’s the whole point. Read more »

Shop Talk: How to Remove Deodorant Stains in 15 Seconds


How to deal with a deodorant-striped shirt. | Shutterstock.

  • Your newest ready-in-a-rush style hack is here: removing deodorant stains in seconds. Just remove the foam from your latest dry-cleaning hanger and rub it against the stain. The white will disappear instantly and you can be on your merry way. [Huffington Post]
  • In fact, getting ready on the go may just be the norm nowadays, which is why we’re always looking for ways to save time in our beauty regimens. Check out these nine beauty tricks for lazy smart girls, straight from Hollywood. Our faves include Yoncé’s lip balm eyelash primer and Jamie Chung’s use of Scotch tape for the perfect cat-eye flick. [Byrdie]
  • BYU-Idaho just released a campus-wide ban on man-buns, deeming them too “extreme” of a hairstyle. Not only is this hilariously news-worthy, but the college ban may have just saved man-buns from extinction. (Which is actually good, because we were about ready to see the man-braid, and that’s not pretty.) [The Cut]

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Shop Talk: Why You Should Finally Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day


Read this before sudsing up tonight. | Shutterstock.

  • Are you washing your hair too much? According to experts from UPenn’s Hair and Scalp Clinic (pause: did you know we had one of those?!), over-washing long or ethnic hair can be super-damaging. So instead of lathering every day, opt for dry shampoo and stick to natural essential oil-based products to avoid mistreating your precious tresses. [Time]
  • More than 1,000 women are currently on the waitlist for this $235 LBD. You can order it, but it won’t arrive for at least a year. That’s dedication, ladies. [WhoWhatWear]
  • It’s official: The man-bun has been replaced. By the man-braid. [Byrdie]

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Market Report: Scientists Might Actually Make Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks a Reality

Happry Potter

Is the movie’s magic closer than we think? | AnjelikaGr /

  • Another scientific breakthrough that will excite Harry Potter fans: Scientists have created an “ultrathin invisibility skin cloak” made of light-reflecting nanotechnology. Unfortunately, it’s not quite advanced enough to cloak an entire human being, but it may just be a big leap towards a future of no more bad-outfit days. [Times]
  • Makeup fans, rejoice: British makeup company Rodial is launching a contour-focused collection at select Blue Mercury locations in October. Rodial makes a range of luxury products you’ve probably never heard of, like hydrating Bee Venom & Placenta 24-Carat Gold cream (yes, really; it’s $750). For more affordable — and less placenta-y — staples, check out their celeb-inspired tutorials on Youtube, which feature prime buys like Glamstick Lip Butter ($28) and the Instaglam Highlighter ($15). [Forbes]

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How-To Tuesday: Easy 3-Step Ombre Lip

ombre mainWe’ve seen it on the runways at Dior, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung: the ombre lip. But how to achieve this killer look without being a professional? Easy. Check out this three-step tutorial to breeze out of the house looking like a model. All you need is a liner and two lipsticks ranging in shades from dark to light.  Read more »

Market Report: Two Steps to Looking More Awake and Polished in a Pinch

Red lip

This look is surprisingly easy to master. | Zac Posen runway image via Vogue.

  • Even if you’re working on way less sleep and coffee than you’d like, you can still look sharp this morning — in less than two minutes. Here’s how: Slick your hair back in a low bun and add a red lip. No more makeup required. Voilá! You look fresh as a daisy (and as gorgeous as a Zac Posen model). [Because I’m Addicted]
  • This roundup of the top Essie nail polish colors of all time is semi-surprising. Obviously, Ballet Slippers took first place, but there were far fewer dark and vampy shades — and not a red in the bunch! —than we anticipated. Apparently, the pastel love is strong when it comes to manis. [Zoe Report]
  • Here are some basic fall fashion do’s and don’ts: Do invest in a great denim piece and/or a pair of statement booties, but don’t wear denim head-to-toe (or be very, very careful when doing so). Do play with mixing up textures and unexpected pairings, but don’t go overboard when layering. [WhoWhatWear]

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