I Tried It: The Eyebrow Shaping Treatment That Costs $600


Going under the blade for good brows. | iStockphoto/Jacob Wackerhausen.

It’s very easy for most women to justify absurd beauty and fashion purchases. We practically have our master’s degrees in it. That stupidly expensive midi dress? “It can be dressed up or dressed down. I’ll basically live in it this summer!” That insanely pricey lotion? “I only have to use the tiniest amount, so it’s actually a good value in the end!” And the eyebrow treatment I just got that cost more than a car payment? “It’s gonna save me minutes every morning, for years, and that is priceless!”

But, in the end, was it actually worth it?

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Shop Talk: How to Make the Skincare Products You Already Own More Effective

how to make the skincare products you already own more effective

Stop spending more than you have to on your skincare. | iStock/alphabetMN.

  • Skincare can get pricey — especially the good stuff — which is why we’re always on the lookout for insider secrets that’ll save us some dough. Check out one expert’s way to make the skincare products you already own more effective, and start upgrading your drugstore brands ASAP . [Byrdie]
  • Lord knows when you spring for a wardrobe staple like a nice leather tote, you want it to last for a few years at least. Try this super-simple trick for lengthening the life of your leather bag: Just tuck some newspaper in the empty spaces at night before you tuck yourself into bed, and remove in the morning! [Pure Wow]

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12 Celebrity Products We’re Embarrassed to Love

celebrity products we're embarrassed to love

You make it, we’ll buy it. | Images via iStock [1] [2] [3]

There are some people who become famous for their products (or infamous, like Doe Deere of Limecrime, or Chaz Dean of Wen). And then there are famous people who jump into the consumer goods world because, well, they can. Slap a famous name on something and people eat it up. Case in point: George Foreman grills. Would the world ever buy over 100 million units of oversized panini presses if not for the famous boxer? I’ll be over here trying to figure out that mystery while George Foreman lives the lavish life on your dollar.

My point is, sometimes we are all suckers for a celebrity product, whether it’s a mini grill or, say, the Kylie Jenner lip gloss I’m currently obsessed with. There’s something about a name brand that makes you say “Wait…I need that,” and celebs are well aware. Regardless of whether we’re being taken advantage of, we still buy celeb products (though we hate to admit it). Here are the celebrity products we’re embarrassed to love: Read more »

Shop Talk: 7 Travel Beauty Secrets Flight Attendants Swear By

Woman sitting at airplane and looking to mobil phone.

How to mile-high rejuvenate. | iStockphoto.

  • While we love lusting after supermodel-grade travel beauty essentials, some of those items would eat up an entire paycheck. (Le sigh.) Fortunately, the pros who know the skies better than anyone have divulged their skincare-on-the-go secrets, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Here are seven ways to salvage your skin mid-flight. [Pop Sugar]
  • ICYMI, the Chanel resort wear show took place in Havana, Cuba last week. See all the looks from the historic show, and take a minute to marvel in Lagerfeld’s pure genius. [Vogue]

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5 Best Places to Score Korean Beauty Products in Philly


A sampling of K-beauty goods. | Photos via Instagram

I made the switch from American drugstore beauty products to South Korean ones in high school, and I can tell you, without exaggeration, that it changed my life. After being exposed to YouTube beauty vloggers like Bubzbeauty, and learning how to properly double-cleanse, my face went from pepperoni pizza to blemish-free in a matter of two weeks without putting a big dent in my weekly allowance.

I learned firsthand that the secret to great skincare undoubtedly comes from Korea. Don’t take my word for it, though — Korean beauty products are blowing up in the celebrity stratosphere right now. The good news is that you don’t have to be a jet-setting model to score some coveted products. Right here in Philly, you can pick up the very best in K-beauty, from your local mainstays to worth-the-trip Asian grocers. Read more »

Shop Talk: 7 Simple Tricks for Removing Stubborn Makeup

removing stubborn makeup

Don’t settle for next-day stained lips. | iStock/bgwalker

  • Liquid matte lipsticks staining your mouth for days?  I feel your pain. Vaseline is the answer to your prayers, along with these other secrets for removing stubborn makeup. [Total Beauty]
  • Gluten-free haircare is a thing—should you alter your mane’s products, even if gluten is a staple in your diet? [Byrdie]

Plus the perfect packing list

The 7 Beauty Treatments You Need for Spring

spring beauty treatments

Did we mention a mani is never a bad idea? | iStock/mediaphotos.

Here’s a fact of life: Nicer weather means showing more skin, which means all of those things you’ve been hiding for the last six months of cold need to come out again. Welcome to spring! There are a handful of beauty treatments that this year calls for—some you might expect, like a good pedicure (we beg you), and others you might not. Did you know that the barometric pressure in the atmosphere shifts every spring and fall, making your skin freak out? Yeah, that cluster of blemishes on your chin isn’t necessarily because of the Shake Shack you ate this weekend. Basically what your body needs is a little TLC right now, and we’ve found the best spring beauty treatments the city has to offer to get you looking fresh as a daisy.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 18 Gorgeous Ways to Organize Your Vanity

organize your vanity

Make your beauty products look, well, beautiful. | Images via Pinterest.

  • Happy Monday, loves! If you’re like me, this weekend’s sunshine got you spring cleaning a little. Tackle the intimidating bathroom spread with these 18 pretty ways to organize your vanity. Want more organization tips? We’ve got you covered. [The Zoe Report]
  • So you invested in some cool white sneakers, but grass stains are cramping your style. No worries—these five ways to clean your white sneakers will take care of your biggest scuffs. [Pure Wow]

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Why I Spend $44 on Hairspray (And Other Crazy Beauty Splurges)

beauty splurge

There goes $721. | Images via Nordstrom, Lush, RevitaLash, Oribe, Saks, Violet Grey, and Santa Maria Novella.

It turns out, here at Philly Mag, we’re suckers for a good beauty product (or twelve). From ultra-luxe moisturizers to concealers that cost their weight in gold, we’ll shell out that hard-earned cash for a few choice beauty boosters. Inspired by the beautiful minds at Elle, here are the products that Philly Mag staffers hate to love.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 16 Best Shops for Inexpensive Home Buys

Inexpensive Home Buys

It only looks expensive. | Images via HomeGoods and Target.

For those who fall in the sweet spot between Williams Sonoma splurges and IKEA everything, check this out: 16 amazing (and sometimes surprising – um, H&M?) shops for inexpensive home and kitchen buys. (Look out for the shout-out to local brand Three Potato Four!) [Domino]

Prepare to up your gym game: Beyoncé is launching an activewear line on April 14th. The 200-piece collection is called Ivy Park, and it includes leggings, muscle tanks, sweatshirts, sports bras and technical jackets. Lululemon, you’ve met your match. [WWD]

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