Is Tortoiseshell Hair The New Ombré?


After a long, long ride, ombré appears to be on its way outat least in its super-severe form. But like with any trend, there’s always something else waiting in the wings and it appears tortoiseshell hair is making a play for the hair color trend of 2015. The low-key color relies heavily on bayalage, blended tones and high gloss for super multidimensional look that skews darker at the roots and lighter on the bottom. But wait, you might ask: isn’t that just ombré? Well, it’s certainly reminiscent of the two-tone look, but it’s even more low maintenance and natural-looking than its predecessor. Also known by its French translation “ecaille,” the color looks best intentionally untidy.

For those smitten with the color we poked around local salons to find out whether the trend has permeated the Philly hair scene. Fingers crossed.

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Market Report: Are Clothing Donation Bins a Scam?


  • Turns out, not all clothing donation bins actually take the clothes where you think they do. And Jersey-based donation companies might be the worst offenders. [Refinery29]
  • Luxe online shopping destination Net-a-Porter launched a sporty spinoff today, cleverly called Net-a-Sporter. You know, if you ever wanted to buy a $300 golf dress. [Net-a-Porter]
  • The latest trend in makeup: collarbone contouring. Yes, you read that right. [Fashionista]

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Apparently Philly Is a Hotspot for Vagina Beauty Treatments

Photo via My New Pink Button.

Photo via My New Pink Button.

Shoppists, I’m here to introduce you to labia makeup. Haven’t heard of it yet? The makeup—which has been around for some time but has just gotten more buzz of late—was created by My New Pink Button and it’s designed to “restore the youthful pink color back to your labia.” To think, here we were fretting about gray hairs when we really should have been worried about the color of our labias! In any case, the stain comes in four shades, each with sassy names weirdly reminiscent of your grandmother (think: “Bettie” and “Marilyn”, which is described as “good for beginners”). The Dye System Kit includes 20 disposable applicators, a mixing dish, labia colorant dye and an instructional guide. This is good: You don’t want to mess around down there, ladies.

The whole ‘labia makeup’ thing originally struck me as unnecessary, but as someone who’s read about women putting blush on their nipples to increase pink-ness (don’t ask), I started to think that maybe My New Pink Button was on to something. After all, vajazzling took over the world. Perhaps the beauty industry’s just been spending too much time thinking above the belt. So I ventured below it to sleuth out other questionable nether-region beauty treatments. The first thing I noticed? It seems Philly is a hotspot for vaginal beauty treatments. (Who knew?)

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