How to Score a Free Straight-Razor Shave Today in Philly


A close shave to start the month. | Shutterstock.

The long and hairy month of Movember comes to a close today. In celebration, master barber Brittany Johnson of the Rittenhouse Spa is offering donate-what-you-wish straight-razor shaves today only at the Henry A. Davidsen showroom. All proceeds collected will go to the Movember Foundation to help you ease that pang of guilt (mixed with possible relief?) when you shave off your month-old man beard today. Plus, what’s better than a straight-razor shave to greet December fresh-faced?  Read more »

VIDEO: 8 Bearded Philly Men on Why It’s Awesome to Not Shave

For those who needlessly bash our city’s sweats-and-jersey style legacy, let me direct you to the video above. Produced by Visit Philadelphia and Philly 360°, the quick segment features eight of the most outrageously stylish guys in the city, including Curran J, founder of lifestyle brand Kings Rule Together; Erik Honesty, owner of Cultured Couture Vintage in Old City; jazz-funk composer Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and more.  Read more »

The Well-Groomed Gentleman’s Guide to Facial Hair in Philly

Beards Banner

The ultimate guide, no matter your facial hair style. | Shutterstock.

Whether you have rocked a moustache or beard for decades, jumped on the lumbersexual bandwagon in the past few years, or simply want to show your support this Movember, having facial hair takes commitment. Other than the initial impulse to go for it, there’s the constant upkeep, the itchiness, and (always) the risk of looking like a college student just returning home from a soul-searching semester abroad. Don’t look like that guy. Instead, check out our guide to growing, trimming and maintaining facial hair in Philadelphia, and greet this Movember more bright-eyed and bushy-bearded than ever. See where to go, what to use, and how to groom >>

What We Lose When We Lose the Camden Riversharks

Riversharks game at Campbell's Field

Photo by Mike used under a Creative Commons license

Yesterday, the Camden Riversharks announced they were folding. The independent minor league baseball team had been playing in Camden for 15 seasons. They didn’t have much success: They never won a championship, and hadn’t made the playoffs since 2008.

Still, Campbell’s Field is a gorgeous stadium and it was easy to get to. I went occasionally. Once, it was to play in a rock paper scissors tournament being held before and during a game. (I lost.) Another, it was because the game was in the morning, and I was unemployed. Most often, it was because someone had free tickets.

My favorite time, though, I took my dad. I was still in college. It must have been the first or second season of the team. I bought two tickets and took him to the game for Father’s Day. Read more »

Guys, This Is How You Apply Beard Oil


Fear the un-oiled beard. | Shutterstock.

Now that the alarmist story proclaiming beards to be dirtier than toilet seats has been effectively shut down — along with that prediction that we’ve all reached “peak beard” — we can get back to the business of grooming.

Whether you’ve got a close-cropped beard or a glorious mane (like this guy), it’s imperative that you keep it healthy and moisturized. Enter: beard oil, which has of late experienced a tremendous resurgence (or, at the very least, a welcome turn in the spotlight).

We tested out more than 20 kinds of beard oil and gave you the nitty-gritty on them all so you can shop smart (see it here), but having the right tools is only half the battle.  Read more »