Super Secret Workout with Be Well Philly & Foobooz

underground leadWe’re not allowed to say much, but we can say that we’re excited to be part of the next Be Well Philly Underground Event. Be Well Philly’s Underground Events are secret pop-up fitness events around Philadelphia and in order to participate, you have to sign up for free to be a member of Be Well Philly Underground.

Past events have included candlelit hot yoga, a glow-in-the-dark run to Yards and a pop-up spin class.

As for this event we can tease, If you’re a Foobooz loving runner, this event will be right up your alley. So sign up now.

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Here’s Where to Get Awesome Organic Beauty Treatments in Philly


Say spa-aah—organically.

When you’re at a spa or salon, the last things you want to think about are scary chemicals. But you should: The gals over at Be Well Philly uncovered a study about harmful chemicals that are found in everything from antibacterial products to, get this, toothpaste. When you think about the lotions, serums, sprays and oils slathered on your body during a pampering sesh and the possibility that any or all of these might contain tons of bad-for-you chemicals, well, that’s enough to make anyone leap out of the pedi chair.
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Be Well Philly Round Up

Once again our friends at Be Well Philly have the news that you need to know – including an interview with Marcie Turney (she used to eat Spam!). Read on for this, healthy recipes, and how to drink responsibly. Read more »

Food News at Be Well Philly

Our healthy living companions over at Be Well Philly have some news that you food lovers need to hear. There will be a new Honeygrow on the Main Line and an Heirloom Tomato Festival in Glen Mills, but more importantly global warming may cause future chocolate shortages.

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The Cheat Sheet: Brunch at Kraftwork

Over at Be Well Philly, the calorie police have taken aim at brunch, this time telling you how to get through an early weekend meal at Kraftwork without busting out of your jeggings. Dig it:

It’s so easy to overdo it at brunch. Think about it: It’s not the kind of meal you eat everyday, so when you do, your brain sits there and hollers, “Pancakes! French toast! Extra syrup! Splurge, splurge, splurge!”

Actually, my brain sits there and hollers for french toast and extra syrup pretty much every day. And there aren’t many food items that I don’t believe would be vastly improved by being wrapped in a pancake. But for those of you who actually give a damn about your health and waistlines, The Cheat Sheet has several suggestions (including huevos rancheros and a curried tofu scramble!) for ways to under-do it at Kraftwork’s brunch.

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