Wanna Get a Discount to Be Well Philly Boot Camp?

Shoppist readers can get a discount on Boot Camp tix!

Shoppist readers can get a discount on Boot Camp tix!

If you’re a fitness and health buff in Philly, then you probably already know about Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our sister site’s major health and fitness event that takes place in just a few weeks. And if you’re not so tuned in to what’s happening in the workout world, well, here are the details in a nutshell:

  • Workouts: Indoor and outdoor fitness classes
  • Speakers: Tips, inspiration and helpful info from experts
  • Cooking demos: gluten-free foods, juicing, and how to prepare healthful means on the go
  • Running clinic: get your gait analyzed by the pros
  • Freebies: samples and shopping from top wellness brands
  • When: Saturday, June 7th, from 9am to 2pm, at the Drexel Recreation Center (women only!)

Sounds pretty good, right? Tickets are on sale now and are $35, but we’ve got a way for you to score them on the cheap.

Savings ahead.

Be Well Philly Boot Camp Sneak Peek: Jessica Procini of Laugh Yourself Skinny

Jessica Procini

Jessica Procini

Be Well Philly Boot Camp is just a few weeks away, friends! And, lucky for you, you don’t have to wait until June 7th to meet all of our wonderful presenters: Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of the folks who will be talking at Boot Camp to give you an idea of what they’re about and why you should be so freakin’ excited to see them on the big day.

Up today is Jessica Procini, the hilarious Philly-based health coach behind Laugh Yourself Skinny. This former stand-up comedian teaches her clients how to get healthy and have a great time doing it—because it really is possible!

Here, Jessica answers 10 questions about herself, her health philosophy and what you can expect from her talk at Boot Camp. She will be presenting at 12 p.m. in our Speakers’ Lounge. Check out the full schedule here.

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