Mo’ne Davis Becomes Third Woman to Be Drafted By the Harlem Globetrotters

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On Tuesday, just a day shy of her 14th birthday, Mo’ne Davis got news that she was drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters. She won’t hit the road with the b-ball tricksters just yet, though. According to a release, the draft states that the the team is exercising a “Future Discovery Clause” that will obtain the rights to Mo’ne when she graduates college. The announcement, according to New York Mag, makes her the third woman to be drafted by the Globetrotters since they began drafting in 2007.

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Dario Saric Not Coming Over This Season

We’re only three days away from the 2015 NBA draft and the news, rumors, and propaganda are now in full swing. Here are some of the news items that came out over the weekend.

Dario Saric will not be coming off for the 2014-15 NBA season, per Chad Ford of ESPN. Saric signed a three year contract with Anadolu Efes prior to the 2014 draft which included a buyout after the 2nd season. The Sixers were reportedly trying to speed this process up, hoping to negotiate with Efes on a buyout a year early. The real concern is now that Saric could stay over in Turkey for an additional 2 seasons, thus avoiding the rookie scale entirely.

Dario Saric’s team, Anadolu Efes, lost in the Turkish League finals in 5 games to Karsiyaka. Saric averaged 9.2 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists per game in just over 26 minutes per night in the finals, although he shot just 39.5% from the field. Saric struggled greatly in the last two games, shooting a combined 2-9 from the field. In 11 playoff games Saric averaged 11.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game in just over 26 minutes of action per night, shooting 47.8% from the field and 37.5% from three point range.

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ESPN: Kobe Bryant Has Destroyed the Lakers

The Sixers were awful last year, and they’re going to be awful again this season. But not all is lost for the Philadelphia basketball fan. Take last season: The hated Celtics won only six more games than the Sixers did and missed the playoffs.

And Sixers fans’ second most-hated enemy, the Los Angeles Lakers? They went 27-55 and finished last in their division. The Lakers! In last! If the Sixers are going to be bad, at least the teams Philly fans love to hate are doing poorly too.

And now, some even better news: The Lakers aren’t going to get much better anytime soon. ESPN reports Kobe Bryant — Lower Merion High School basketball legend, five-time NBA Champion, surefire future member of the Baskebtall Hall of Fame, et cetera — is sabotaging the Lakers from within.

He’s such a ball hog and bad teammate that literally no one wants to play with him. Allen Iverson hogged the ball, but at least he said nice things about his teammates in the press.

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Unveiled: The New Wilt Chamberlain Stamp


Wilt Chamberlain’s life is the stuff of legend, from his time at Overbrook High School to his towering frame to his incredible feats both on and off the court. And so, it is only fitting that the United States Postal Service’s new Wilt Chamberlain stamp is a third taller than most postage stamps. Read more »

Nerlens Noel Finally Plays a Game for the Sixers (Kind Of)


I enjoy NBA summer league basketball immensely. I like basketball, of course, and will watch it when I get the chance to. But there’s more: Where else can you see young NBA talent and young, not-quite-NBA talent play in a gym that would be too small to hold Holy Family’s basketball camp? At the end of the Orlando Summer League, the top two teams even play in what might as well be a camp championship!

With the Sixers drafting two top players this year who won’t get on the court for a year or two, the summer league becomes a little more fun. How much different will the summer league team be than the regular season squad? You might be seeing swaths of the actual team already! Plus, this year, Sixers fans get to see Nerlens Noel — a player the team took in 2013 who didn’t suit up all last season.

Noel finally saw some game action on Saturday, and acquitted himself quite well in the opener: Though he only grabbed two rebounds, Noel had 19 points, 4 steals, 4 assists and a block in 26 minutes in the first game, a loss to Orlando.

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Grantland Remembers Philly’s Eddie Griffin


Grantland has a long piece today about Eddie Griffin, the Philly basketball phenom — he scored 100 points in a game! — who went on to the NBA, but died tragically young when his SUV ran into the side of a Union Pacific train. The story examines Griffin’s struggles with depression and alcohol, but also takes time to celebrate his athletic gifts. One game — Griffin’s Roman Catholic High team versus Camden High — is lovingly recounted:
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76ers Seek $82 Million Grant to Build Headquarters in Jersey

“The Philadelphia 76ers have applied for an $82 million grant — spread out 10 years — from the state of New Jersey for a new practice facility and headquarters it hopes to build in Camden, N.J.,” the Philadelphia Business Journal reports. “The amount became known Monday when the New Jersey Economic Development Authority listed the annual figure, $8,204,050, on its agenda for discussion at its June 10 meeting.”

Given their recent history, we assume that if the Sixers don’t get what they want out of this process, they’ll just go out and accidentally on purpose lose a record number of games next year until they get something more out of their liking.

Anyway, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have big giant budget problems right now. If Jersey wants to take money it should be paying into police pension funds and give it to billionaires and the millionaires they employ to pay a kid’s game, let them. We should be smarter than that here.

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