In Honor of National Apple Day: Bartram’s Garden

bartram's garden cider press

Photo of the Bartram’s Garden cider press by Flickr user 18brumaire.

The crisp autumnal spirit has finally settled into the city, and it’s no more evident than in the exuberant urge to revamp Bartram’s Garden in Southwest Philadelphia.

At 285 years old, Bartram’s Garden is one of the country’s oldest botanical gardens. However, its roots go much deeper than that–all the way back to 3,000 BCE when Native Americans intermittently settled on the land at the mercy of changing seasons.

The gardens are named for John Bartram, a Pennsylvania Quaker who moved onto the land sometime around 1728. Bartram went on to amass an extensive collection of American plant species and was responsible for “establishing a trans-Atlantic hub of plant exploration.”

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