Oh Goodie: Christie Will Debate Buono This Fall

Chris Christie today decided to accept matching public funds for his gubernatorial campaign, which will turn his $4.1 million in contributions into about $12 million, to be spent before election day. On a juicier note: Accepting public funds means the governor must participate in at least two debates with his challenger, State Sen. Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex). They will be held between September 17th and October 25th. Here’s Christie when faced with a bitter opponent. And here’s Buono, giving a taste of what’s to come, on All-In With Chris Hayes last night.


Barbara Buono Introduces Latina Labor Leader Milly Silva as Running Mate

42-year-old Milly Silva was officially introduced today as Barbara Buono’s pick for Lieutenant Governor. As a longtime Democratic party organizer and vice-president of SEIU 1199, Silva surely has the savvy necessary to be second-in-command. Still, there’s an obvious political dimension here. Silva, who opened her remarks today in East Rutherford in Spanish, will help Buono double-down on a big chunk of her base: Women, minorities, and organized labor. It seems as good a strategy as any in a race this hard to win.