New Menu for Bar 210 at Lacroix

Bar 210 at Lacroix

The Bar 210 menu at Lacroix has had a progressive playfulness since it was first rolled out by former chef Matt Levin. The latest incarnation by Jason Cichonski follows that trend.

Check out some of these highlights.:

  • Tots Smoked Ketchup
  • Apples Olive Almonds
  • Pork Cracklings with Apple Sauce Porcini
  • Crispy Curry Snack Mix
  • Oysters East & West Coast with Tobasco gelle & lemon
  • Pork Belly on Steamed Bun with Asian Pear
  • Crab Croquettes with Malted Mayo & Pickled Fennel
  • Beef Jerky
  • House-Cured Charcuterie with Pickles & Mustard
  • BBQ Pork Dumplings with Creamy Ponzu
  • Poppy Fried Hamachi Collar with Honey-yuzu and Edemame
  • Boneless Chicken Wings with Passion Fruit Hot Sauce and Goat Cheese
  • Double Smoked Bacon Burger with Aged Gouda Granny Smith Apple and Rosemary

Prices for the new menu range from $4.00-$16.00.

Bar 210 at Lacroix [Official Site]

Bar 210 at Lacroix Introduces Happy Hour

Bar 210 at LacroixA week ago we received a press release touting Bar 210 at Lacroix’s happy hour. And we thought to ourselves, they haven’t had a happy hour?

Turns out they haven’t but starting tonight they will! From 5 to 7 tonight and every weeknight there will be custom-crafted cocktails half-price at $6 along with $5 wines and $4 bottled beers and most importantly, complimentary hors d’oeuvres from chef de cuisine Jason Cichonski.

And don’t forget you can get a full meal from the bar menu (PDF) nightly.

Bar 210 at Lacroix [Official Site]

Lacroix For Less At Bar 210

Following on the heels of Matthew Levin leaving Lacroix, Adam Erace has a review of Bar 210, the more affordable bar at the Rittenhouse. It provides an interesting tease into what Levin could be planning next.

[Matthew Levin’s] a sneaky bastard, slipping Coca-Cola into the tempura-fried shiitakes’ soy-sauce dip, spiking fresh-squeezed lemonade with tequila and jalapeños. In Levin’s world, the chicken “nuggets” are the size of bricks and the strawberry “pearls” floating in the cardamom-laced Champagne involve a gelling agent called Kappa and a medical syringe.

Levin captains Lacroix with the mischievous spirit of a little boy who just tricked his grandma into eating a bug. And Bar 210 sells the food he’d make for his co-conspirators: conceptual comfort stuff—ooh, the meatloaf gratin!—and guilty pleasures tapped from deep, dark places in our subconscious.

Playing the Numbers [Philadelphia Weekly]
Bar 210 at Lacroix [Official Site]

Bar 210 At Lacroix

Bar 210 at LacroixLast week we received a sneak preview of Bar 210, the new bar at Lacroix. The bar features its own menu looks like a relaxed and relatively inexpensive way to be introduced to chef Matthew Levin’s culinary skills. There’s also a collection of hand crafted cocktails that is sure to create some buzz, especially the “Bi-Sexual Bourbon,” a tasty concoction of Makers Mark, peach nectar, sugar syrup, smoked maple syrup and rimmed with freeze dried peaches. 

Full snack and cocktail menus after the jump.

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Quick Bites

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Bar 210 at Lacroix is aiming for the second week of September for an opening. The Clog has the rundown of the design. We’re intrigued by the leather floor. [The Clog]

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Eating At The Bar

This week The Bite takes a look at the new Bar 210 being built inside Lacroix and considers other restaurant bars that are worth sidling up to.

The Bite: Hungry? Saddle up [Metro Philadelphia]

Quick Bites

Mid-September should see Bar 210, the new bar inside of Lacroix make its debut. [The Clog]

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