Fall Television Preview: 12 Best and Worst Pilots

With almost 30 new scripted shows debuting this fall, it might be overwhelming to know where to even begin. So let me do the work for you. Here are the 10 new shows you should make room for on your DVR. Plus two you may want to skip. (Check your listings for updated schedules.)

What to Watch

Lucky 7

The best pilot of the season doesn’t feature a major star, special effects or characters with special powers. Instead, with a tremendous ensemble and a heartfelt script that feels refreshingly new, this story of seven co-workers and a lotto win could be the hit of the fall. With luck, that is. Premieres Tuesday, 9/24 at 10:00 p.m.

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Top 10 Philadelphia PSAs on YouTube

When I was a little kid, all the Saturday cartoon characters got together to tell me not to do drugs. They did it in Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, a weird one-off special that included Bugs Bunny warning the viewers to avoid smoking crack.

It seemed like an odd message for a 7-year-old — no one was offering me crack or any other drugs in third grade, even in 1990 — but damn if I don’t remember this special very well. I remember it because it was all my favorite cartoons teaming up, but since then I’ve also had an odd fascination with TV public service announcements.

There’s evidence certain PSAs are effective, but (despite their noble intentions) many of them come off as just plain silly. As such, I went to YouTube and found some of the best PSAs set and made in Philadelphia. Enjoy!
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There’s Hope for The Newsroom

I write this with more than a little trepidation, but there may be hope for The Newsroom.

Aaron Sorkin’s scorched HBO drama about a cable news network launched its second season last night, and it sucked less than did Season 1. Though most of the characters continue to be insufferable, pontificating bores, the plotlines show some promise.

The season opens with ANC star anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) attempting to explain to the network’s $1,500-an-hour litigator, played by guest star Marcia Gay Harden, how he and his team screwed the pooch with their report about American troops using poison gas in Afghanistan.
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Got $40k? There’s a TV in Ardmore Calling Your Name

If the bald eagles weren’t enough to prove that Philly is the heart of America, this big ‘ol TV ought to do it. Few things are more ‘Merica than a giant entertainment system, and this one, located at World Wide Stereo in Ardmore, is the most giant of them all. Standing at an pupil-dilating 84″ across, Samsung’s S9 Ultra HD television is limited to a 250-piece run and has tech guys all in a tizzy. But at $40,000, it ain’t cheap—not like, say, a projector, which cost around $1000 and can project a 100-inch screen on any flat service large enough for it. Samsung’s TV is, however, cool, and that goes a long way. Or, at least, that’s what they seem to be hoping.

WATCH: Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson on Celebrity Wife Swap

Oh yeah, the whole episode!

It’s been awhile since there’s been much reason to talk about Pennsylvania nate Kate Gosselin, or Kendra Wilkinson after her husband left the Eagles. But in last night’s episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, they traded lives. Given that Gosselin is famous for, you know, having eight kids, you can probably guess how Wilkinson fared with the “swap.” Or can you? (Yes, yes you can.) This is Bad TV at its Bad TViest.

Snooki Sells Her “Historic” Escalade on eBay

Honestly, we want only good things for Snooki as long as she stays off our damned TVs. So we hope it’s good news that she sold her Cadillac Escalade for $77,000. “The Jersey Shore star put her custom 2011 Cadillac Escalade up for auction on eBay, citing it as “the actual car that she has driven in many of her television appearaces… this is not a vehicle that you can buy every day, it is an opportunity to own a piece of pop culture history!” The car, which has custom wheels, ambient lighting and Snooki’s autograph on the hood, was originally listed at $20,000.” [MyFoxPhilly]

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