Transit Cop Charged With Committing Lewd Act On Subway


A SEPTA transit officer has been accused of masturbating on the Broad Street subway.

44-year-old Kevin Fant was off-duty in August when he was caught on camera playing with himself. The tape wasn’t reviewed until recently; a Transit Police Captain reviewing the video identified the offender as Fant.

Fant has been charged with open lewdness an indecent exposure.
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Another Member of “Main Line Takeover Project” Admits Guilt

main-line-drug-bust-mugshot-john-rosemann-400A member of the alleged preppie drug ring that made headlines last spring has pleaded to misdemeanor charges in the case, the Delco Daily Times reports. John Cole Rosemann, 21, of Weston, Connecticut, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of receipt in commerce of marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia while he was a student at Lafayette College.

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Report: Philly Paid Out $40 Million for Police Misconduct


MuckRock, an investigative website that specializes in open-records requests, says Philadelphia has paid more than $40 million to settle nearly 600 police misconduct suits since 2009.

Sound like a lot? The folks at MuckRock think so.

“The numbers dwarf comparable statistics in other major cities for which MuckRock obtained the same data,” MuckRock reported. “For example, the cities of Indianapolis, San Francisco, San Jose, and Austin settled or lost a combined 122 police misconduct cases — compared to 586 cases in Philadelphia.”

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This Halloween, Can We All Just Ghost?


I committed a grievous etiquette sin last weekend. I pulled a Halloween ghost.

Let me explain, and see if you wouldn’t have been tempted to, too.

We were invited to the wedding of a friend of our daughter Marcy. Marcy was in the wedding party, so I had gone to the wedding shower as well. I’d dutifully bought gifts for both occasions. My husband Doug and I got dressed up on a Saturday and got to the venue on time. We’ve had the happy couple over to our house for a couple of parties. We’re not close, exactly, but we like them and wish them the best.

We enjoyed the ceremony (I cried), and chatted with acquaintances and strangers at the hour-plus cocktail hour. Then we found our seats for dinner, introduced ourselves to our table-mates, and made quite enjoyable conversation with them for a couple of hours while the meal was served. It was lengthy because it was interspersed with speeches and first dances. By the time the floor was opened to general dancing, we’d been there for four-plus hours, and frankly, we were beat.

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Prosecutors Say This DHS Worker Stole More Than 11,000 SEPTA Tokens

shamira This is Shamira Hawkins-Worthey. She’s worked for the city’s Department of Human Services for nearly eight years. And now she’s in trouble.

Prosecutors announced Monday they’re bringing 1,576 counts of theft, forgery and more against Hawkins-Worthey. Why? Because (they say) one of her job responsibilities was to help clients obtain SEPTA tokens so they could go to court hearings, medical appointments, and other “official events” despite poverty and an inability to pay SEPTA fare on their own.

District Attorney Seth Williams says Hawkins-Worthey instead filled out a number of requests for tokens in DHS cases that were already inactive or closed. She caught the attention of authorities when she requested 300 tokens over two days.

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