Former Ironworkers Boss Sentenced to 19 Years in Prison

Joseph Dougherty, the former Ironworkers boss convicted earlier this year of leading a union campaign of intimidation against non-unionized workplaces, was sentenced Monday to 19 years in prison.

NewsWorks reports Dougherty was also ordered to pay $558,000 in restitution.

Dougherty was convicted in January of racketeering conspiracy, using fire to commit a felony, and other charges. Of the 12 defendants in the racketeering case, Dougherty was the only one who did not plead guilty before trial. Read more »

Donovan McNabb Suspended by Fox After DUI Charge


Donvan McNabb, everyone’s favorite and/or least-favorite former Eagles quarterback, has been suspended from his TV duties as a football commentator in the aftermath of a DUI charge.

“Donovan McNabb has been suspended indefinitely,” Fox Sports said in a statement to “It is important that Donovan use this time as best he can to resolve his personal situation.” Read more »

Penn Expert “Star Witness” in Colorado Theater Shooting Trial

In this image taken from video, Dr. Raquel Gur, right, gives testimony during James Holmes' trial, in Centennial, Colo., Monday, July 6, 2015. Gur, a nationally known schizophrenia expert took the stand in James Holmes' defense Monday. (Colorado Judicial Department via AP, Pool)

In this image taken from video, Dr. Raquel Gur, right, gives testimony during James Holmes’ trial, in Centennial, Colorado., Monday, July 6th. Gur, a nationally known schizophrenia expert took the stand in James Holmes’ defense Monday. (Colorado Judicial Department via AP, Pool) | Inset, James Holmes at his booking.

The director of Penn’s Schizophrenia Research Center has emerged as a “star witness” in the trial of James Holmes, the lone suspect in the 2012 Colorado theater shooting that killed 12 people.

Raquel Gur, professor of psychiatry, neurology and radiology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicinek, testified Tuesday that Holmes’ intellectual functioning matched that of the suspect in another case she followed closely — that of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. She spent 28 hours with Holmes during the course of six interviews.

“Do you have an opinion, as to whether but for this psychotic illness, there would have been a shooting at all?” a defense attorney asked.

“I agree. There would not have been a shooting at all,” she responded. Read more »

South Street Headhouse Chair Resigns; Investigation Under Way


The former chairman of the South Street Headhouse District has resigned amid an inquiry into possible financial wrongdoing, officials with the district have acknowledged in a letter to stakeholders.

Dan Christensen, also known as proprietor of the Copabanana and Redwood restaurants, resigned as chairman in June, according to the letter from Elena Brennan, the acting board chair, and Michael Harris, the district’s executive director.

“Due to ongoing investigation and legal considerations, at this time we are unable to disclose as much additional detail as we would like,” the pair wrote in the letter obtained by Philly Mag (read the letter below). “We can state that the investigation and legal matters involve the misappropriation of SSHD funds.”

Neither Brennan nor Harris was available to comment. Philly Mag was unable to immediately reach Christensen at his restaurants or by email. A spokesperson for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, however, confirmed that the office had received a complaint from the SSHD and that an investigation of the irregularities is ongoing. Read more »

Colonel Mustard, In the Refrigerator, With Corporal Ketchup


I’m a reasonable woman, by which I mean I don’t get riled easily. I understand that not everything in life, or on the Schuylkill Expressway, will go my way. In the sanctuary that is my own home, however, I expect to have some agency. I don’t.

A few weeks back, my husband Doug put “popcorn” on the shopping list we keep on the kitchen counter. When I did the weekly shopping, I dutifully bought a box of six packets of microwave popcorn. When I went to put it away in the cabinet, I noticed there were already two open boxes of popcorn on the shelf, along with another full box. So … why was popcorn on the shopping list? A fit of artificial-butter-flavor insecurity? A sudden mass craving? Nah. Doug had taken the last packet from yet another open box and mindlessly put popcorn on the list without checking to see if we still had any popcorn. And the reason there were so many boxes of popcorn in that cabinet? This wasn’t the first time.

Read more »

Coming Soon: An Uncle Eddie Documentary

Screenshot from The Resurrection of Uncle Eddie

Screenshot from The Resurrection of Uncle Eddie

It has been 23 years since the twisted story of Ed Savitz aka “Uncle Eddie” emerged, a story that involved the Center City attorney paying children and young men for sexual favors, which included buying their feces, smelly socks, and soiled underwear. And now a Philadelphia-area filmmaker has set out to make a documentary about Savitz, not only retelling the old story but also exposing new details about the case. Read more »

Jersey Man Arrested After Peeing on Casino Slots



A New Jersey man was arrested Friday after he peed in the coin tray of a slot machine at a Pennsylvania casino.

William Compton, a 53-year-old man from Manalapan, New Jersey, reportedly was taken into custody after he refused to leave Parx Casino, and additionally charged resisting arrest by Pennsylvania State Police. Read more »

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