Manco & Manco Pizza Owners Arrested on Tax Charges in New Jersey

UPDATE [3:50 p.m.]: According to the Inquirer,  Manco & Manco Pizza owners Charles and Mary Bangle have been released. They’ve been ordered to surrender their passports, and Charles must turn over an arsenal that includes “12 handguns, two shotguns and two rifles” by tomorrow afternoon.

Original: On Thursday morning, Charles and Mary Bangle, owners of Manco & Manco Pizza (formerly Mack & Manco’s), were arrested at their home in Somers Point, New Jersey, on 30 counts of tax evasion and other charges. Read more »

Bar Manager: Penn Women Lax Players Trash Fado, Tip 4% on $1,300 Tab

I apologize for keeping you waiting on the summary of this oh-so-important story: Casey Neff, the general manager of Fado, sent an email to the Penn women’s lacrosse coach, the athletics department, and The Daily Pennsylvanian “among others” describing the reign of terror the Penn women’s lacrosse team went on at Fado on Saturday night.

In the email, the bar owner complained that the team members intentionally broke facilities such as a light fixture which caused a “broken glass hazard.” The students also allegedly stole a bottle of liquor from the bar and attempted to steal a six-pack of beer. Neff claimed that the lacrosse players also smoked marijuana in the bathroom and exposed a young woman’s genitals to the “adulation of the rest of the party.” They also allegedly tipped less than 4 percent on the $1,300 tab.

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Philly Cop Edward Sawicki III Charged With Making Threats and Harassment

edward-sawicki-philly-cop-charged-threats-2On Wednesday, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office announced that it had charged Philadelphia police officer Edward Sawicki III with simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, and making terroristic threats stemming from an October 2013 incident in South Philadelphia.

According to a statement by the DA’s office, Sawicki, who is 34, was off-duty at the time of the altercation. Sawicki lives in Northeast Philadelphia.

Sawicki turned himself into police on Wednesday.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has suspended Sawicki for 30 days and intends to fire him. Of course, we all know how complicated firing a Philadelphia police officer can be.

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DuPont Heir Raped Daughter, Got Probation

Hope you’re ready to feel disgusted and angry. Gawker reports that Robert H. Richards IV — great grandson of  the late Irenee DuPont, family patriarch —  was convicted in 2008 of raping his 3-year-old daughter … and got probation because the judge in the case thought the rich guy couldn’t handle the rigors of prison. Why is this coming to light now? Richards’ ex-wife now alleges he raped their son, as well.

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Chris Christie Tells Diane Sawyer: No Bridgegate Responsibility

ABC US News | ABC Business News

NJ Gov. Chris Christie was interviewed Thursday night by ABC’s Diane Sawyer, and made the case that he shouldn’t be blamed for the “Bridgegate” scandal afflicting his administration — not even to the point that his abrupt personal style might’ve accidentally influenced the staffers who sought revenge on a Democratic mayor by creating traffic problems near the George Washington Bridge at Fort Lee.

But he feels bad about the affair: “You don’t sleep, you don’t eat,” he said.

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