Phillies Cancel Pete Rose Weekend That Never Should Have Existed

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

On Wednesday afternoon, the Phillies announced that the team will not be celebrating Pete Rose this weekend. Originally, they were going to be handing out Pete Rose bobblehead dolls and Pete Rose commemorative prints and bestowing the team’s “highest honor” on the former hitting star by making him the 39th inductee into the Phillies Wall of Fame. But why did it ever even get this far? Read more »

Woman Claims Pete Rose Had Sex With Her Before She Turned 16

Pete Rose photo via Wikimedia Commons

Last year, Philadelphia Phillies legend Pete Rose sued attorney John Dowd for statements Dowd made suggesting that Rose had had sex with underaged girls, an accusation that Rose has denied. And now, Dowd’s attorney has produced a signed declaration from one woman who alleges that Rose had sex with her when she was a minor and he was in his mid-30s. Read more »

Bartenders at Pink Show in A.C. Believe Thousands in Tips Went Missing

The crowd at last week’s Pink concert on the beach in Atlantic City. (Photo courtesy

Last week, tens of thousands of Pink fans crammed onto the Atlantic City beach for a concert by the Grammy-winning singer. With tickets priced at $72 for general admission and way higher for VIP access, Pink and the concert producers no doubt walked away with a ton of money. But the bartenders who worked the concert say they didn’t make out quite so well. Read more »

Dear Philly Bars: Watch Out for Aspen James

Left: Aspen James in his Philadelphia Police Department photo. Right: Aspen James photographed by a bartender at Manny Brown’s on Thursday night.

It’s been a while since we had a good tale of a person allegedly dining and dashing (or drinking and dashing) from Philly bars and restaurants. But lo and behold, we give you Aspen James. Read more »

Colleen Campbell: I’ve Received Thousands of Threats

Colleen Campbell at her 2016 Temple University commencement (left) and in a selfie. Photos provided by attorney Wayne Pollock.

When we first published the embarrassing video of since-fired PHL 17 on-air talent Colleen Campbell from outside Helium Comedy Club, we thought the story would be forgotten by the next morning. But that’s not what has happened. More than 3 million people have viewed the video on Facebook alone, and Campbell is feeling the repercussions of her newfound notoriety. Read more »

Police: Colleen Campbell Later Assaulted the World’s Most Patient Cop

Left: Colleen Campbell in a Philadelphia Police Department photo. Right: A screengrab from the viral video taken outside of Helium Comedy Club on Sunday night.

By now, you’re probably familiar with the viral video of since-fired PHL 17 reporter Colleen Campbell ranting and raving and getting arrested outside of Helium Comedy Club on Sunday night. Earlier, we told you that the 28-year-old South Philadelphia woman had been charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct, but now the Philadelphia Police Department is saying that it’s worse than we originally thought. Read more »

Fired PHL 17 Reporter Colleen Campbell Speaks About What Happened at Helium

Left: Colleen Campbell in the studio. (Photo courtesy Colleen Campbell) Right: A screengrab from Wil Sylvince’s video of Sunday’s incident outside Helium Comedy Club on Sansom Street.

UPDATE: Philadelphia police now say that Campbell assaulted the cop after the video ended. For the full story, click here.

As we told you on Monday, Sunday night was pretty rough for 28-year-old Temple grad Colleen Campbell, who started working as a reporter for PHL 17 in 2016. The South Philly resident got arrested after becoming positively unhinged and going off on a cop outside Helium Comedy Club, as documented in a bystander video that already has well over 1 million views. Before deleting her social media accounts, Campbell took to Facebook, stating that she’d had only one drink and suggesting that she might have been drugged. We got her on the phone to get her side of the story. Read more »

WATCH: PHL 17 Reporter Becomes Unhinged Outside Helium Comedy Club

PHL 17 reporter Colleen Campbell did not have a very good Sunday. Screengrabs from video by Wil Sylvince

UPDATE: Colleen Campbell has spoken with Philly Mag about the incident captured in Sunday’s viral video taken outside Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. To read the full interview, click here. Meanwhile, Philly police now say that Campbell assaulted a cop after the video ended.

You know that feeling you get after you do something really, really stupid, when you wish that you’d wake up and realize that it was all just a bad dream? Well, we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what PHL 17 on-air talent Colleen Campbell is feeling today. Read more »

Here’s the Guy Who Hit a Kid With an SUV in Kensington

Left: SUV driver Vince Broomall in a state photo. Right: an image from the surveillance video that shows the SUV driving down the sidewalk just after hitting a young boy.

If you see Vince Broomall behind the wheel of a car, you might want to get out of his way. Philly Mag has learned that the 26-year-old Aston resident was the one driving the SUV (his mom’s SUV, by the way) that hit an 11-year-old boy in Kensington on Tuesday, May 16th. And while Broomall hasn’t been arrested or charged in last week’s incident, he has had some run-ins with the cops related to his driving. Read more »

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