CAPA Principal Allegedly Created Fake History Class, Issued Fake Grades

Broad Street’s High School for the Creative and Performing Arts has a high-profile reputation for educating the likes of jazz greats Christian McBride and Joey DeFrancesco, Questlove and Black Thought from the Roots, and the members of Boyz II Men. But today, that reputation is being sullied by a bizarre scandal that schools reporter Regina Medina unfolds in the Thursday edition of the Daily News. Read more »

Chester, Montgomery Counties Are Hotbeds for Texting and Driving


The above chart comes from The Center for Rural Pennsylvania, a “legislative agency” of the Pennsylvania General Assembly that produces publications and reports for lawmakers. It recently published this map of texting-while-driving citations in 2013, showing that the 8th and 10th counties with the most texting-while-driving citations in Pennsylvania are Chester and Montgomery, respectively.

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Fed-Up SEPTA Riders Carry Rowdy Passenger Off Bus

NBC 10′s David Chang reports of an incident on the 20 bus in the Far Northeast on Friday: A passenger was acting out in the back, and the bus driver stopped the bus to ask him to get off.

The man wouldn’t, and the driver says the man then spit on him. While the driver waited for police, two passengers took matters into their own hands and lifted the dude up and out of the bus. Police arrested him a short time later.

“The big message here is that we’re not gonna take this crap against our operators,” [SEPTA Police Chief Thomas] Nestel said. “If somebody acts like that against an operator or a fellow rider, they’re getting arrested. We’re gonna hook them up with a cheese sandwich.”

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Interview: Bob Huber on Bill Conlin’s Final Days

april-2014-cover-315x399-220x300The April issue of Philly Mag features Bob Huber’s “The Last Days of Bill Conlin,” an examination of the decline and fall of the legendary Daily News baseball columnist who retreated from the public eye after child molestation allegations emerged in 2011. Conlin died last year.

Huber spoke this week to about how he reported the story, the demons haunting Conlin, and whether Conlin should retain the sportswriting award he received from the Baseball Hall of Fame before the allegations became public.

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Cops Looking for “Rat Retaliation” Suspects

Ugh. CBS Philly reports: “Philadelphia police are looking for several suspects in what appears to be a case of rat retaliation. Investigators said an ongoing dispute over a man escalated late Wednesday, when a woman in her 20s, her mother and a pack of eight or nine other women went to the victim’s house with a baseball bat and a box containing an unknown number of white rats. The group allegedly bashed in windows and the front door and then dumped the rodents into the home.

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