Janeen Thomas Would Like to Apologize for Those Philly Restaurant Incidents

Photo courtesy Janeen Thomas

Photo courtesy Janeen Thomas

Last summer, I had a chance encounter with a woman named Janeen Thomas, whom I caught redhanded stealing my belongings from atop the bar at a local restaurant. It turned out that this wasn’t Thomas’ first time causing mischief in our local eateries, and shortly after my run-in with her, Thomas was arrested for trying to dine and dash at Vedge. She quickly became Public Enemy Numero Uno on the Philly food scene.

Eight months later, Thomas has been through the court system. She’s had time to reflect on her actions. And this week, we spoke on the phone about where she was then and where she is now. This is that conversation.

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Video: Woman Threatens Barista at B2 Cafe Over Cell Phone Incident

Keep all products containing bleach away from the woman seen here.

Keep all products containing bleach away from the woman seen here.

It’s been quite a week down at a certain coffee shop in South Philadelphia. First, we told you about The Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe, which… Oh, you better just go read the story here. Then we called B.S. on the whole situation. And now, we’ve obtained surveillance footage of a woman threatening the barista involved in the original debacle. Read more »

We Call B.S. on the Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe

The verdict is in.

The verdict is in.

UPDATE: We got a copy of the video showing the woman who comes into the cafe and threatens the barista with a bottle of spray cleaner. To view it, click here.


On Thursday, we told you about The Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe in South Philadelphia. In short, B2 Cafe customer Francesca Depasquale took to Facebook to complain that a female B2 employee snatched a cell phone from the hands of her 3-year-old daughter, who was listening to Pink on it without headphones while other customers were in the cafe.

The mom’s post was shared hundreds of times, and an irate vigilante squad went on Yelp and other sites in an effort to tank B2’s ratings. One concerned citizen even showed up at the cafe, grabbed a bottle of spray cleaner, and threatened to bleach the barista’s eyes out. The enraged, bleach-toting woman seemed to say that the barista punched the girl, an accusation that was alluded to in some of the social media posts. But now that we’ve secured video footage of the mom’s entire visit to B2 Cafe, we can safely say that this was blown way out of proportion. Read more »

A Toddler, a Cell Phone, and One Big South Philly-Style Brouhaha

A scolding server (left arrow) and troublesome toddler (right arrow) clash at South Philadelphia's B2 Cafe.

A scolding server (left arrow) and troublesome toddler (right arrow) clash at South Philadelphia’s B2 Cafe.

UPDATE 2/12/2016 1:50pm: We watched the entire surveillance video of Francesca Depasquale’s 45-minute visit to B2 Cafe, and we call bullshit. For our full report on that video, click here.

We also got a copy of the video showing the woman who comes into the cafe and threatens the B2 Cafe barista with a bottle of spray cleaner. To view it, go here.


In most places in these United States of America, an unpleasant experience in a restaurant is forgotten by the next morning. Maybe it leads to a bad Yelp review. Maybe. But in South Philadelphia, where shoveled-out parking spots are protected by an unspoken promise of bodily harm and where conflicts sometimes take the form of the “I’m funny how … like I’m a clown?” argument in Goodfellas, things are handled much, much differently. And so we bring you the story of what heretofore will be known as The Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe. Read more »

Former Neshaminy Basketball Coach Pleads Guilty to Harassment


Former Neshaminy High School varsity basketball coach Jerry Devine, who was removed from his coaching position by the school board last Tuesday, has pleaded guilty to harassment charges stemming from a physical confrontation with a referee during a game in early January.

According to the Bucks County Courier Times, Devine reportedly pleaded guilty by mailing in his summons, along with $455.99, on January 27th. He paid a $300 fine in addition to $155.99 in court fees. Read more »

Neshaminy Coach Returns to Classroom


The Neshaminy basketball coach who drew national attention for apparently head-butting a referee during a game has returned to his teaching position, officials said, but remains suspended from coaching.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports that Jerry Devine is returning to his teaching position “effective immediately.” But the Jan. 5 incident in which he sent a referee tumbling to the ground is still under investigation by the Bucks County District Attorney, and his suspension from coach remains indefinite.

6ABC offers the full statement from the Neshaminy school district:

“Neshaminy High School teacher Jerry Devine is returning to his teaching position at the high school effective immediately.

“Mr. Devine had been on administrative leave since an incident at a varsity basketball game on January 5, 2016 involving himself and a referee. At that time he was also indefinitely suspended as head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team. His status as coach remains unchanged.

“As this is still an ongoing personnel matter, the District will not be releasing any additional information about this case at this time.”

No timeline for determining possible charges has been announced.

Montco Woman Charged in Applebee’s Macing

The Pottstown Applebee's | Google Street View

The Pottstown Applebee’s | Google Street View

A Gilbertsville woman who inadvertently discharged a can of mace she was carrying in her purse inside an Applebee’s restaurant in Upper Pottsgrove has been charged with disorderly conduct for the incident last Sunday night. Twenty patrons of the place began coughing and choking after the mace went off, and the restaurant was evacuated. Read more »

AG: No Charges in Penn State Frat Suicide


There will be no charges against a Penn State Altoona fraternity accused of hazing one pledge so badly he committed suicide.

Marquise Braham was 18 when he killed himself in March 2014 — the result, his family says, of a punishing cycle of hazing at the hands of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. But on Tuesday, Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced that a grand jury had declined to bring evidence in the case, even though it found troubling examples of behavior in the matter. Read more »

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