WATCH: Philly Man Fires Shots From Moving Minivan

A man in Rhawnhurst fired a gun into the air multiple times from a moving minivan while leaving a restaurant, police say.

Surveillance footage from May 3rd shows a group of men walking into a minivan in the parking lot of the Mediterranean 2000 Restaurant at 8026 Bustleton Avenue, near Solly. One of the men fired several shots into the air while the van exited the parking lot. Read more »

Clementon Park Party Gets Wild, Park Apologizes

Screenshot from Instagram video of fight inside Clementon Park.

Screenshot from Instagram video of fight inside Clementon Park.

Normally, South Jersey’s Clementon Park is a peaceful, fun place to be for families. OK, that’s not actually true (I’ve been there a few times in the last several years and it is even more rambunctious than Six Flags Great Adventure on a Saturday in the summer), but last Saturday’s Summer Splash party at Clementon Park definitely raised (lowered?) the bar for misbehavior there. Read more »

No More Iniquity Inequity!

woman stealing


Last month’s “Equal Pay Day”—the day that’s set aside to demonstrate how much extra work women must do to earn what men earn—touched off a tsunami of back-and-forth over the causes of inequality in the workplace. Do women make less money than men do because they take time off to have kids? Choose careers with less stress and responsibility (and easier college majors)? Are battered down by the male patriarchy?

These questions are way too thorny for me to answer. And anyway, I’m much more outraged by a new report that highlights a differential just as disturbing when it comes to gender relations. It provides incontrovertible proof that women lag far, far behind men when it comes to employee theft. Read more »

Montco Senior Citizen Smuggled Booze to Pay for Prostitutes



A 70-something Montco man has lost his spot at an assisted living facility after a prostitute was discovered under his bed, The Intelligencer reports via the Morning Call.

That discovery led authorities to realize the man — unidentified in news reports — had been making “booze runs” for his fellow, less-mobile residents of the home, selling liquor to them at a profit. As for the profits… Read more »

Carpenters Union Sued for Racketeering

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The battle between the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the ousted carpenters union has taken another ugly turn: Thursday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority (PCCA) filed a federal RICO complaint against the union, as a whole as well as against specific members.

Named defendants are Edward Coryell Sr., Edward Coryell Jr., J.R. Hocker, Richard Rivera, Ronald Curran, Kenyatta Bundy and Richard Washlick, as well as 10 John Does.

The complaint outlines the entire history of the conflict, starting with the carpenters’ initial refusal to sign the new customer service agreement that the other unions signed. (The carpenters later signed the agreement, but after a center-set deadline to do so.) The suit characterizes Ed Coryell Sr.’s negotiations as “belligerent brinksmanship,” and says when that failed, the union launched “a campaign of illegal violence and intimidation” including “illegal and disruptive mass picketing and protests; physical intimidation, harassment, stalking, and assault and battery; verbal intimidation, harassment, race-baiting, and threats; and the destruction of property.”

Such behavior, the suit alleges, did serious harm to the Convention Center financially “in the form of property damage, lost business, and added expenses for security, customer and exhibitor relations, and legal fees.” The center seeks more than $1 million and a total end to the union’s alleged bad behavior.

The carpenters wouldn’t comment on pending litigation.

So that’s the case, in a nutshell. But the complaint, as it must, gets into some pretty extensive detail about what, allegedly, the carpenters did. Let’s break down the allegations:

Read more »

WATCH: Toddler Rescued From Philadelphia Roof

Cleaira_BellThis is Cleaira Bell, the 22-year-old woman being charged with child endangerment because, police say, she left her 2-year-old boy at home, alone, with another woman’s 1-year-old boy — a fact discovered when the 2-year-old was seen crawling on the roof of a three-story residence.

Police say they were called on Monday afternoon to the 4700 block of Leiper Street in the Frankford section for a report of a toddler on the roof. The officers on scene ran to the third floor and forced their way into the apartment — rescuing the 2-year-old as well as the 1-year-old, “who was attempting to climb out of the window.” Read more »

Why I Won’t Watch Floyd Mayweather Fight

Floyd Mayweather gets a FaceTime call from Tom Brady before hi media workout at his Mayweather Boxing Club on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Salangsang)

Floyd Mayweather gets a FaceTime call from Tom Brady before hi media workout at his Mayweather Boxing Club on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Salangsang)

On May 2nd, Floyd Mayweather will go up against Manny Pacquaio in a much-publicized fight available at a premium price on Pay-Per-View. Mayweather has evolved into something of a pop-culture phenomenon with his flashy Money Team brand and bravado. As a fighter, his dedication to the sport means that he has often taken his work home: Deadspin has done fantastic reporting on Mayweather’s history as an alleged domestic abuser.

This is why I won’t be paying the hefty price tag to watch him pulverize anyone else. It’s why you shouldn’t, either. Read more »

Three Philadelphia Cops Arrested, Charged


From left: Christopher Hulmes, Christopher Jackson and Roderick Walton.

Three Philadelphia Police officers — including a narcotics officer who admitted he lied under oath in a drug case — were arrested and charged in separate cases, prosecutors said today.

“The vast majority of Philadelphia Police Officers are nothing short of good men and women who are dedicated to protecting the citizens of the City of Philadelphia within the law,” District Attorney Seth Williams said in a press release. “Unfortunately, there are a few like these three officers, who have decided to break the law.”

The arrested officers included: Read more »

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