Why Thousands of Philly’s Newborns Will Soon Be Sleeping in Cardboard Boxes

A newborn sleeping in a baby box from Temple University Hospital | Photo courtesy Temple University Hospital

A newborn sleeping in a baby box from Temple University Hospital | Photo courtesy Temple University Hospital

A Finnish tradition is making its way to Philly by way of Temple University Hospital. What’s the tradition, you ask? That would be baby boxes: Free cardboard boxes (sturdy cardboard boxes, I should say) given to all new mothers, filled with all sorts of useful items that someone who just gave birth to a tiny human might be a little too overwhelmed to go to the store and buy. Think: onesies, baby books, diapers, a thermometer, baby wash, booties, and more. Oh! And did we mention, the box also serves as a bassinet? Complete with mattress, tight-fitting sheet, and all.

I know, I know: Putting your newborn baby to bed in a cardboard box sounds a little strange, but the idea is that giving new parents these baby boxes — which they can keep right next to their beds —  will reduce risky behavior associated with infant mortality, especially co-sleeping. Read more »

The Checkup: Why Philly Could Have a Baby Boom in 9 Months

• If your friends were a bit dodgy about what they did to keep busy while they were snowed in over the weekend, this could be why: they may have been making a baby. Apparently, there’s a scientifically documented baby bump nine months after a major weather event — you know, when everybody’s trapped in their house for a few days with nothing to do. Go figure. [NPR] Read more »

These Intensive-Care Babies at HUP Are Philly’s Most Precious Trick-or-Treaters

Photo courtesy the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Photo courtesy the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Maybe it’s all the hormones I still have pumping after just having my own kid six months ago, but, man, I can’t help but be in love with these teeny, tiny costumed babies currently in the Intensive Care Nursery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The nurses and care staff threw the families a little Halloween party yesterday and dressed up the little ones for the occasion.

“It’s nice to have something to look forward to,” said mom, Kayla, who gave birth to baby Wyatt at 25 weeks and two days. Wyatt, who was dressed as a pirate, has been in the ICN for just over two months. “There are definitely a lot of ups and downs and little things to celebrate day to day, but something like this was a little more exciting.”

Check out more precious photos of Wyatt and his friends below.  Read more »

Philly Couple Make Epic Halloween Baby Announcement Video

Soon-to-be parents Leslie "Les" Rivera and Megan Mazarick.

Soon-to-be parents Leslie “Les” Rivera and Megan Mazarick.

In the old days, when you were pregnant, you’d get on the phone and call everyone you knew to give them the good news, maybe email your close friends, the old college roommate. Hell, an ultrasound postcard would have been really, really innovative. But these days, the world demands more of you, and one Philadelphia couple has stepped up to the plate in a major way, releasing a two-minute baby announcement in the style of a horror movie thriller. And it’s awesome. Read more »

The Evolution of Birthzilla: Why Women Want a Crowd in the Delivery Room



First came Bridezilla—the self-obsessed center of attention who pitches fits if every single detail of her wedding day isn’t to her liking. Then, heaven help us, came Birthzilla—the mom-to-be who had to have her husband and her mom and her mom-in-law and her doula and all her besties gathered together to witness the miracle of birth. Pure silliness, right? How can doctors and nurses do their jobs with all those people crammed around the bed?

Not so fast. According to a professor at the University of Delaware, the way boomers gave birth—alone with their physicians in sterile operating rooms—is the evolutionary outlier, and the cocktail party in today’s birthing suites is a return to our roots.

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Want to Consume Your Placenta? Local Doula Will Prepare It for You

Some of you might remember our piece from last year about a woman who chose to eat her own placenta after giving birth, in pill form, and totally loved the experience. Well, it looks like the placenta-eating craze is still around, but it’s gotten a bit more gourmet: Earlier today, our friends over in Philly Mag’s news department, made us aware of the fact that placenta prepared in a ceviche-like fashion is indeed a thing, and you can have it made for you right here in Philadelphia, if you so please.

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This Philadelphia Woman Will Prepare Your Placenta for $200

placenta-ceviche-doula-philadelphiaThere’s a fascinating article on Al-Jazeera today about the financial struggles of adjunct professors in Philadelphia and beyond. (In short, non-tenured professors make very little money, can’t pay off their student loans, etc.)

But the thing that really jumped off the screen to us was the story of Melissa Degezelle, a Philadelphia adjunct professor who makes ends meet by taking new moms’ placentae and lemon-curing them into a ceviche-like substance before turning them into capsules for swallowing. Read more »

New Onesie Body Monitor Tracks Baby’s Health on Your Phone

Photo via Mimo Baby

Photo via Mimo Baby

Anxious new parents everywhere can breathe a big sigh of relief, thanks to Rest Devices’s new “smart baby monitor.” Adorably dubbed the Mimo Kimono, the smart baby monitor is a sensor-based onesie which, when worn, conveniently tracks a baby’s respiration, sleep position, activity level and body temperature. So essentially, it’s a fitness tracker for infants. Parents are updated in real-time through a web and mobile app. Doesn’t technology just blow your mind?

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MontCo Couple Has Identical Triplets, Beating Odds

The New York Daily News reports on a MontCo couple who had identical triplets earlier this month, beating million-to-one odds to do so.  “Allison and Wes Rhoa welcomed tiny daughters Ava, Avery and Alissa into the world at Abington Memorial Hospital earlier this month. Born by C-section just 33 weeks into the pregnancy on Feb. 5, each bundle of joy weighed just 4-pounds. And the proud pop added that they would have their work cut out for them when the trio return home. ‘As soon as you’re done feeding all three and the other ones are rested you’ve got to start all over again.  So it’s non-stop,’ he added.”



6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli Has the Prettiest Post-Giving-Birth Picture I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve never had a kid, but I’ve already told my friends, family members and spouse that should the day ever come that I do have a kid, a sweaty, disheveled, post-birth picture of me cradling my bundle of joy best never find its way to the Internet. Because, guys, no one needs to see that.

So it should come as no surprise to you that I have spent the last 10 minutes staring at a photo of 6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli, who apparently just gave birth to a baby girl. Her coworkers have posted the photo on their Facebook pages, so I’ve seen it three times already.

See the photo for yourself »