Awesome Fest Pays Homage to 80s and 90s TV at the Fillmore

Awesome Fest founder Josh Goldbloom has had an odd tune stuck in his head for the past, say, two decades: the theme song to Perfect Strangers.

Sometimes, when you just can’t get something out of your system, the best thing to do is give in to it. That’s exactly what he’s doing starting at the end of this month, when he kicks off a free weekly gathering at the Foundry in the new Fillmore Philadelphia that pays homage to all things TV from the 1980s and early-90s. The event, called Thank God It’s Monday!, promises “nostalgic overload of curated sitcoms, commercials, oddities, rarities, VHS movies, sweatpants & TV dinners.”

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Awesome Fest Hosting Horror-Themed Sleepover at Prince Theater


I never actually watched a single A Nightmare on Elm Street movie, but all it took was one peep at Freddy Krueger to keep me rattled for years. I spent nights wide-eyed in my sheets, jumping up to flip on the lights so I could check under my bed and in my closet to make sure he wasn’t there. I knew he only visited people in their dreams, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I eventually grew a pair and pushed those thoughts out of my mind, but I wouldn’t be lying if I said I still turn away when Krueger pops on the TV screen.

With that being said, you can be sure that I won’t be anywhere near Awesome Fest’s upcoming sleepover at Prince Theater that will feature six of the seven films in the Wes Craven-created Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, plus a handful of others from the thriller king’s catalog. It’s taking place on Halloween day, October 31st. 

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12 Great Places to Catch an Outdoor Movie in Philly This Summer

All summer, organizations across the city are setting up their projectors to host free screenings of American classics, mega blockbusters and even a few Philly premieres. Spray on the bug repellant and lay out under the stars. If you’re looking for a cheep date or an evening activity the whole family can enjoy, here are some options to choose from.

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Awesome Fest No Longer Suspended, Announces Summer Film Series at Liberty Lands

Awesome Fest logo

It was barely a month ago when we posted that Awesome Fest was suspended indefinitely due to a nasty legal battle, but it looks like indefinitely didn’t last very long. Creator Josh Goldbloom announced today that Awesome Fest is back with a new outdoor film series at Liberty Lands.

Every Friday at sundown from June 26th to August 14th, Awesome Fest will roll out a 40-foot screen for a free outdoor viewing at the public park in Northern Liberties. The festival returns thanks to a grant from the Penn Treaty Social Services District, which Goldbloom tells me he received over Veteran’s Day weekend.

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Awesome Fest Suspended Indefinitely

Awesome Fest logo

For everyone looking forward to this year’s Awesome Fest, this isn’t good news. Founder and Artistic Director Josh Goldbloom announced today that all Awesome Fest events—free movies in Clark Park, the Kevin (Bacon) Fest, everything—have been canceled indefinitely.  Read more »

How Awesome Fest Devolved Into an Ugly Lawsuit — Putting Its Future in Doubt

Awesome Fest logo

Awesome Fest was created in 2010, per its website, to “showcase innovative and cutting edge independent cinema in unique and non-traditional spaces throughout the City of Philadelphia.” The past few summers, the festival has screened films and put on musical performances in spaces (primarily outdoors) in and around Philly. Last year, it hosted a wide variety of events: A Karate Kid screening and Q&A with Ralph Macchio, a concert by Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground band, a Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon mashup at Clark Park and the Second Annual (Kevin) Bacon Festival. Some of these cost money, but all outdoor screenings were free. The festival even held an event in Chicago last year.

Now, the partnership behind Awesome Fest is in turmoil. Founder Josh Goldbloom sued partner Joanna Pang (who also owns the Trocadero) in February for alleged “misappropriation and mismanagement of Awesome Fest finances and for her secret usurpation of total control of the company and its assets” after she refused to give him Awesome Fest equipment — including a $25,000 projector, a $12,000 screen, $5,000 in audio equipment, and a van — that Goldbloom claims he intended to use to host events under the Awesome Fest banner.  Read more »

5 Gay Things to Do in Philly This Week: Toga for MANNA, Darienne Lake at Drag Wars, Queer Books Pop-Up and More

PHOTOS: Pizza Underground at The Oval

“Do you guys like pizza? Do you like punny songs about pizza? Good! Because that’s all we got.”

So began Velvet Underground cover band The Pizza Underground’s show at Eakins Oval on Friday. They were there to headline before The Awesome Fest’s screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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7 Things To Do In Philly This Week: Free Concert at Spruce Street Harbor Park, A Popera, Classics and Crackerjacks, And More

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