2015 Grammy Awards Recap: The Good, The Bad, and the Extremely Ugly

Tony Bennett and Gaga

Madonna looked like a hooker and Lady Gaga was best dressed (no, she wasn’t wearing a gown made of meat). Annie Lennox essentially owned the night and Kim Kardashian donned something that looked like she pulled it out of a Best Western closet and Bedazzeled it. Yes, this all sounds like an alternative universe, but it pretty much captures the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday evening. Sure, there were dozens of performances, but, let’s be honest: Who watches the Grammys for the music? Below you’ll find our picks for the evening’s most memorable moments, including the Material Girl’s assless outfit and a certain celebrity who looked like a defunct Muppet.  Read more »

20 Greatest Instagrams From the Golden Globes


Golden Globes, behind the scenes. | Photos via Instagram.

There’s nothing better than the Monday after a major awards show, when you can enjoy your morning coffee with a side of fashion slideshowshilarious recaps, incredibly awkward clips, and answers to all your burning questions from the night before (yes, Melissa McCarthy’s awful dress was in fact two different pieces from her closet sewn together).

For you, dear readers, I spent my morning getting sucked into the black hole that is Golden Globes Roundups, and finding for you the best Instagram posts from the night. Because you can easily find for yourself the red-carpet shots, but it’s a bit harder to unearth pics of Lupita putting on lipstick, Kerry Washington in her pre-Globe PJs and Chrissy Teigen post-Globes getting ready to dig into a burger. Here’s what you didn’t see from the night.

Click here for glam squads and a bonus Joshua Jackson.