Hey, Avocado Lovers! Here’s How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

The news of the avocado shortage, which has led to sky-rocketing avocado prices, got us thinking: How can we maintain our avocado-loving habits without totally blowing our budget? Because let’s be honest: At this point, it’s not like giving up the beloved green fruit altogether is really an option.

We figure it comes down to making sure we’re getting the most out of every single avocado — stretching an avocado, if you will. If you too are wondering how to best maintain your avocado addiction, refer to the list below, where we’ve collected recipes, tips and tricks for getting the most of each and every avocado, from minimizing the amount of avocados you need for guacamole to salvaging an overripe avocado. Read on for your guide to surviving this avocado crisis.

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Why Avocados Are So Freakin’ Expensive Right Now

If you’ve been wondering why the price on your beloved avocados has been creeping up at the grocery store, mystery solved: As the Wall Street Journal reports, some bad years for avocado harvests in both California and Mexico, paired with an increase in demand (Americans’ consumption of avocados has quadrupled since 2000), has led to a shortage that’s pushed avocado prices to record highs.

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