Hey, Avocado Lovers! Here’s How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

The news of the avocado shortage, which has led to sky-rocketing avocado prices, got us thinking: How can we maintain our avocado-loving habits without totally blowing our budget? Because let’s be honest: At this point, it’s not like giving up the beloved green fruit altogether is really an option.

We figure it comes down to making sure we’re getting the most out of every single avocado — stretching an avocado, if you will. If you too are wondering how to best maintain your avocado addiction, refer to the list below, where we’ve collected recipes, tips and tricks for getting the most of each and every avocado, from minimizing the amount of avocados you need for guacamole to salvaging an overripe avocado. Read on for your guide to surviving this avocado crisis.

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Why Avocados Are So Freakin’ Expensive Right Now

If you’ve been wondering why the price on your beloved avocados has been creeping up at the grocery store, mystery solved: As the Wall Street Journal reports, some bad years for avocado harvests in both California and Mexico, paired with an increase in demand (Americans’ consumption of avocados has quadrupled since 2000), has led to a shortage that’s pushed avocado prices to record highs.

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The Checkup: The Meal-Prep Trick That Will Get You to Eat Way More Salad

• Tell us if this sounds familiar: From the age of three you’ve constantly been told to eat your greens, but it always seems like by the time you’re actually going to make a salad, your greens, well, aren’t so green anymore. Here’s the trick to stop neglecting those good-for-you leaves: Next time you hit the farmers’ market, pick a few greens you know you love and create (and bag) your own DIY salad mix — one that you’ll actually enjoy — then stick a paper towel inside the ziplock. Boom: Easy-to-grab fresh greens that you’ll actually want to eat, at your fingertips for the week!  [Bon Appétit]

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Aussie-Style Cafe Bluestone Lane Opens Today in KOP Mall

Bluestone Lane King of Prussia/Photo by Ben Hider

King of Prussia now has its own Aussie-inflected coffee shop. Today, New York-based Bluestone Lane opened its third Philly-area location in the mall’s Savor King of Prussia expansion. And to celebrate, they’ve rolled out some new menu items.

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Monday Morning TL;DR: Speaking of Last Meals…

It’s Monday morning, and if you’ve found yourself here yet again, it’s probably because you want to know about eating dogs in China, gas station botulism, and how avocado toast is ruining the housing market (at least according to one idiot).

But let’s start this week with something that you’ve always wanted to know: What they were eating on the Hindenburg right before…well, you know.

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The Checkup: Starbucks Has Finally Caved to Your Avocado Toast Obsession 

• BREAKING NEWS: Starbucks now slings a packaged avocado spread that you can put on anything and everything, from a bagel to make your own avocado toast to the feta egg wrap to, well, whatever else you want avocado on. (Everything? Okay then.) That said, it looks kind of weird in that it’s dark green and appears watery in photos, so maaaaybe don’t get too excited until you actually try it. [Eater]

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The Checkup: The Problem With Eating Avocado Toast for Breakfast

• According to dietitian Leslie Langevin, the ideal weight-loss breakfast includes protein, fiber and healthy fat. And avocado toast, my friends, doesn’t quite make the cut, since it’s lacking in the protein department. The nice thing is, it’s an easy fix: Throw a scrambled egg or some hemp seeds on top and you’ve got a bangin’ breakfast that your waistline will appreciate. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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Move Over, Avocado Toast: 10 Sweet Potato Toast Recipes You Need to Try Now

sweet potato toast
Breakups can be hard, there’s no doubt about it. But if you don’t let go of the old, you’ll never know how great something new can be. It’s not always easy, but sometimes you just have to say goodbye to a relationship that’s gone stale (we’re lookin’ at you, avocado toast), so you can welcome something much sweeter into your life.

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about our latest obsession and Instagram craze, sweet potato toast. Yep, that’s slices of sweet potato you put into the toaster (a few times over), then top with whatever you please, from poached eggs to peanut butter.

If you’re unsure about how to make the transition from avocado toast addict to sweet potato toast devotee, fear not: We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up 10 must-try sweet potato toast recipes that make for Pinterest-worthy breakfasts, desserts, and all the meals in between. (And if you can’t quite let go of avocado toast — we get it — don’t worry: We’ve included an avocado-topped sweet potato toast recipe or two, too.)

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10 Ways to Take Your Avocado Toast to the Next Level

avo toast lead
Avocado toast is loaded with healthy fats (great for your skin, by the way!), it’s versatile (evidence below), it’s oh-so-easy to make, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So when it comes to go-to meals, there is really nothing better. That said, plain ol’ avocado toast can get a bit boring day after day. That’s where these recipes come in.

Below, 10 recipes to take your avocado toast to the next level, from the simple — a perfectly runny egg, for instance — to the unexpected (hi, Mexican grilled corn avocado toast). Bonus: All these recipes will make your avocado toast more Instagram-worthy, too. Don’t lie: We know you totally Instagram your avocado toast on the regular. Read more »