Audrey Claire Turns Twenty

Audrey Claire turns 20

Audrey Claire turns 20

In 1996, Audrey Claire Taichman opened Audrey Claire on 20th and Spruce. Taichman has expanded her reach since then, and now owns and operates two other businesses: Twenty Manning Grill and COOK. But now, twenty years later, her original BYOB will be celebrating it’s anniversary this coming Tuesday, June 28th.

To celebrate two decades of Audrey Claire, the crew will be hosting a five-course meal with some of the best dishes from their opening menu. The prix fixe menu will cost $40 per person, and the best part? 20% of all proceeds from the event will be donated to the OneOrlando Fund which supports victims of the recent Pulse nightclub tragedy.

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The Tale of Audrey Claire Taichman

Audrey Taichman at Twenty Manning Grill. Photograph by Chris Crisman; hair and makeup by Megan Ambroch.

Audrey Taichman at Twenty Manning Grill. Photograph by Chris Crisman; hair and makeup by Megan Ambroch.

THE THING ABOUT trying to tell an Audrey Taichman story is that it’s very hard to know where to start. Or, more precisely, which Audrey Taichman story to start with, because good Audrey stories are legion.

Once, Audrey’s dad took her to an orientation at a culinary school in Philadelphia at which the school’s director got up and asked the crowd: “How many of you here want to open up your own restaurant?” Audrey and a few others raised their hands. “Well, that’s not going to happen,” he said, in what was probably meant to be some real talk aimed at a room full of naive kids. Audrey looked at her dad, who grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s get out of here.” And then Audrey went and opened a restaurant. Read more »

The Six Degrees Game of Love, Philly Celebrity Edition

Ever notice how for the bold-faced and famous here, Philadelphia’s social scene resembles a high school? The dating pool is shallow, everyone knows everyone else, and a stroll down the hall (or around Rittenhouse Square) can lead to a memory-lane disaster. Maybe that’s why A-list magnet Roseanne Martin’s latest well-to-do beau is an out-of-towner. Smart move, girlfriend — and a departure for Martin and others whose love connections are local, notable and, like, totes complicated.
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March of Dimes Signature Chefs Gala

This Friday, November 16th, a star-studded line up of restaurants and chefs are coming together to benefit the March of Dimes for their Signature Chefs Gala at the Please Touch Museum. The event will have the best dishes of the featured chefs of some of Philly’s favorite spots. The lineup includes Philly stars like Michael Solomonov of Zahav and Federal Donuts, Peter McAndrews of Modo Mio and Paesano’s, and many more. You can meet the chefs and eat their food while bidding on special auction items.

Audrey Claire Taichman, of Twenty Manning Grill, Audrey Claire, and COOK, is receiving this year’s Culinary Excellence award at the event. She’s also a featured chef so you’ll get to taste her award-worthy cuisine. The March of Dimes aims to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality, so you’ll be dining to ensure generations of healthy babies to come. Tickets are $150 per person. 

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Food & Drink Innovators in Philadelphia

In addition to the Stephen Starr defense in November’s Innovators cover story in Philadelphia magazine; the following men and women who have a large impact on Philadelphia’s  food and drink scene were also given props:

  • The Urban Planner – Paul Levy
  • The Philly Promoter – Meryl Levitz
  • The Culinary Powerhouse – Audrey Taichman
  • The Veggie Activist – Yeal Lehmann
  • The Barroom Progressive – Lêe
  • The Iconoclast Chef – Michael Solomonov
Check them all out in Philadelphia magazine.

The Smartest People in Philadelphia [Philadelphia magazine]

Sneak Preview: Cook Goes Live

So this is it.

We’ve been talking about it on and off for months, but today is finally the day when Cook, Audrey Claire Taichman’s new experiment in collaborative cooking, finally becomes a thing.

Today at 4pm, the website and reservation system will go live, allowing everyone in town to finally see what Cook has cooking–who the chefs are, what the classes will be, how this mystery space will actually be used.

But what’s that you say? You don’t want to wait ’til 4 o’clock? Well then you came to the right place, friend, because we’re offering a sneak preview of the September schedule right here.

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Cook Gets Ready For A Launch

Yes, we’ve been waiting a long time for the opening of Cook (the cooking school/demo space/collaborative show kitchen/mad scientist’s laboratory being opened by Audrey Claire Taichman at the corner of 20th and Rittenhouse). We’ve talked about it and speculated about it because we think it has a chance at being one of the coolest things to come to Philly in a long time–a kind of ground-level version of Barbara Lynch’s Stir in Boston (something we’d say even if our corporate masters weren’t involved in the promotion of it).

But now, there’s finally some news. An opening date has been chosen. The first dozen or so classes and chefs have been scheduled. And come Wednesday of next week, the list will go live and tickets will officially go on sale.

One of the benefits of Philadelphia magazine’s involvement with Cook? We here at Foobooz HQ will know the full schedule and all the ticketing information as soon as the Cook crew does. Which means we’ll be able to hip you to the best classes and the coolest chefs the minute they are booked.

So stay tuned…

Cook [Official website]

Cook blog [Official blog]

Get Ready for Cook, Coming to Rittenhouse in June

Here’s one of the coolest projects we’ve heard about in a long time (and no, we’re not just saying that because our overlords are the official sponsors). In June, restaurateur Audrey Claire Taichman will open Cook, a collaborative kitchen, demo space and free-flowing forum for food-lovers, along the lines of chef Barbara Lynch’s Stir in Boston. It will occupy the building at the corner of 20th and Rittenhouse Streets (pictured) that was, up until last month, Snackbar. Taichman also owns Audrey Claire and Twenty Manning Grill, both located on the same block of 20th Street.

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