Photos: Punk Bands Rock Out With Their Food Cans Out at Electric Factory

On Thursday night, Punk Out, a local nonprofit with a mission to empower the lives of LGBT musicians and fans, held a food drive at Electric Factory. The event was a benefit for the Attic Youth Center, a fantastic organization that provides safe space, learning tools and more to Philly queer and transgender young people. The drive generated two boxes of non-perishable good for the Center and some cash collected through a raffle.

That was all well and good, but the centerpiece of the evening was a concert featuring five punk bands from across North America: SilversteinSenses Fail, Boysetsfire, Capsize and Hundredth

Local photographer Colleen Stepanian was capture the event. Check out her shots below:

For more information on how to support Punk Out and the Attic Youth Center, go here and here.

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Mural Arts Teams Up With LGBTQ Organizations to Present “Showing Face”

Images from the "Showing Face" project.

Images from the “Showing Face” project.

Next Wednesday, June 24th, Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program will dedicate a project a year in the making called Showing Face at the John C. Anderson Apartments. However, this isn’t just another art show: It’s a collaboration between youth from The Attic Youth Center and seniors from the Anderson Apartments, along with participants from William Way Community Center, that tries to bridge the cross-generational gap in the LGBTQ community. Read more »

Faces of Philly Pride 2015: An Instagram Photo Essay

One of the most beautiful things about Pride is that, no matter where in Philly you celebrate, it’s an annual reminder that it really is a full community of so many different types: Every gender, sexuality, color, and social status come together for the same reason. Sure, at first glance, there’s a heck of a lot of half-naked dudes strutting on stages, but when you pull back the layers, you can see the faces of Pride are so varied and so beautiful, that it’s hard to ignore. We were keeping a close eye on your Instagram pictures today and selected a collection to share with you that we think captures that essence of variety, and what Pride is all about. Read more »

Today is National Give OUT Day

Give OUT Day Rainbow Flag

Today, Thursday, May 21st, is Give OUT Day, a national, 24-hour campaign that rallies donors for LGBTQ-specific causes. Samantha Giusti, executive director of local nonprofit-championing Delaware Valley Legacy Fund explains more: “For 24-hours, the LGBTQ community and its allies from across the country will come together to raise critically needed funds to support the diverse array of LGBTQ nonprofits including community centers, arts groups, organizers, clinics, student clubs, sports leagues and more.” Last year, she says, 13,000 people donated to raise more than $1 million for over 500 LGBT causes nationwide.

There’s no denying that there are a plethora of worthy organizations all across the country that deserve our dollars, but, naturally, we’d like to see some of our local organizations rack up some serious cash, too.

By doing a simple search for “Philadelphia” on the Give OUT Day site, I found a handful of statewide non-profits set up to receive donations. Here they are (with links to their giving pages.):

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Top Resources for Transgender People in Philadelphia

Attic Youth Center

255 South 16th Street
The Attic creates opportunities for LGBTQ youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society. It provides myriad creative outlets for local youth, such as poetry, print screening, drag, art and more.


1207 Chestnut Street
GALAEI (Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative) is unwavering in its commitment to promote queer Latin@ social justice in the Philadelphia area. It’s outreach projects include everything from promoting sexual health in the Philadelphia Latin@ community to stumping for equal rights. It also fosters a program for trans folks in Philadelphia called the Trans-Health Information Project (TIP).

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Youth Voices: Marcha Pieces Talks About Stereotypes in LGBTQ Youth and Views on Political Justice

G Philly presents a new collaboration with youth from The Attic Youth Center to spotlight the creative magic and cultural contributions of Philly’s LGBTQ youth of color. Today, we present Marcha Pieces as he talks about being the “Grandmom” of The Attic, stereotypes in LGBTQ youth, views on political justice and more.

youth voices marchaWhat is your favorite thing about you?
My ability to press on, regardless of the situation. I like to have a great insight on whatever happens. I’m very optimistic. I like helping people, and that’s why I got the name, “Grandmom” at The Attic, because I’m like the cheerful person that wants to know “How are things going? How’s life?” I’m always upbeat and look on the positive side, even when there’s not a positive side.

What do you think is a common misconception about youth?
That we are just young and wild, and that we take things for granted. We’re stereotyped very fast and easy, especially as LGBTQ youth. We’re stereotyped and put into these categories and people don’t know that those stereotypes effect how people look at the world and how they develop into something.

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Flooding Wrecks Attic Youth Center’s Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Attic Youth Center.

Photo courtesy of Attic Youth Center.

The Attic Youth Center is in quite a pickle. During the snowstorm earlier this month, a pipe in their building South 16th Street froze and burst, sending water gushing all over the second floor and into the kitchen below. As a result, the entire kitchen was destroyed—the ceiling, walls, floor, counters, cabinets, appliances, everything.

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Youth Voices: Nicole on Her Journey of Self-Acceptance and the Need for Better Laws for Trans Women of Color

G Philly presents a new collaboration with youth from The Attic Youth Center to spotlight the creative magic and cultural contributions of Philly’s LGBTQ youth of color. Today, 18-year-old Nicole talks about her journey of self-acceptance and the need for better laws for transgender women of color. 


What is your favorite thing about you? I’m outgoing. I’m really friendly, happy, and always looking forward to meeting new people.

What are you up to right now? I’m almost finished with high school. I’m a senior right now. I graduate in June.I’m trans* identified, and my transition is going the way I want it to. So, I’m happy about that. For a whole year I was going back and forth, because I was suppressing my feelings about my identity. I felt pressure from my family and things like that. I wasn’t able to say that I was trans* until last summer. I just realized that I wasn’t going to fight it anymore. I finally came to terms with that and I accepted myself. I love myself now. I’ve been on hormones for six months, consistently, and I should be changing my legal name and gender markings soon.

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