Art Museum Stunner With Four-Car Parking for $1.6M

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Pretty sure I’m not the only one who would have loved to grow up here! This completely redone home (renovated in 2011) is a century-old, looks fantastic, and is within walking distance of the Barnes and various restaurants and coffee shops. But for some reason, although maybe some of you will appreciate this, it includes private 4-car parking (I much prefer public trans).
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Fumo’s Halfway House Digs: Quite a Distance From His Fairmount Mansion

Here we have the building where Sen. Vince Fumo will stay now that he’s getting out of prison. The Kintock Group halfway house is such a bland building, it could have been built in the 1950s or 2010–it’s hard to say. It may be a step up from prison, but the neighborhood is probably not as good. Kintock is at 301 E. Erie Avenue, and as the photo demonstrates, it’s pretty desolate ’round those parts.

It’s a shame (for him) that Fumo can’t go back to his 29-room mansion in the Art Museum area on its loveliest street for his halfway house incarceration. He tried to sell the home, but it languished on the sale market. First listed at $5.5 million in 2008, it went on and off the market through 2010 at the same price with zero bites. But the IRS pounced on Fumo when he sold it to himself and his son in 2012. Still, the Office of Property Assessment website lists the home’s owner as Philadelphia Archbishop Dennis J. Dougherty, of 1723 Race Street–aka, the Basilica–who passed away in 1951.

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