Six Signs It’s Tech Week

Philly Tech Week is now in its seventh year.

Philly Tech Week is now in its seventh year.

Philly Tech Week is back (April 28-May 6), promising fun events, hands-on workshops and rare access to some of this city’s most interesting hives innovation (and the brains behind them), occasionally with a beer in your hand. The full schedule is here, but let’s look at some highlights:

Innovation Crawl @ Center City | Friday, April 28
See what’s cooking at several downtown hives of the tech industry at your own pace. Maybe start at Technically Media HQ where you can pick up a map and a drink, and check out Quadratron Games and Super Rock Blasters, whatever they are. See also: augmented and virtual reality at PhillyCAM, kinetic backpacks at MakeOffices, a cell counting device for chemo patients at CultureWorks and more stuff all over the placeRead more »

New Philly-Based Fitness App Makes Incentivizing Workouts Its Mission

A workout without added incentive — you know, aside from the endorphin rush — is a workout many people probably (definitely) won’t end up doing. So added workout incentive is just what the new Philly-based app Vea Fitness, launching this weekend in conjunction with the Philly Free Streets event (who else is excited??), is aiming to give folks.

As Vea co-founder Jonathan Maxim, a former graphic designer who started putting his all into the app about two years ago, tells us, “I was really inspired by my own fitness journey and realizing how much fitness does for your confidence, wellbeing and state of mind. I wanted to be able to share workout motivation on a grand scale.” And what’s the way to do that nowadays? Software, he says.

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Photos: Philly Is Apparently Really, Really Good for Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, the app that actually forces its users to wander into the world in order to catch ’em all, has beaten Tinder as the No. 1 most-downloaded App on iTunes.

And according to data from SimilarWeb, the augmented-reality smartphone game could soon surpass Twitter in daily active users. That’s saying something.

People all over the world are caught up in a mad Pokémon frenzy, and now they’re wandering throughout the city as if it actually is the safe little world projected on their screen.

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Philly Entrepreneur Wants to Change the Way You Watch Concerts

Decibly Co-Founder Brad Denenberg and two screen shots of the product.

Decibly Co-Founder Brad Denenberg and two screen shots of the product.

Playing on your phone while you’re at a concert? That’s fine by Brad Denenberg. In fact, he’s banking on it.

Denenberg just launched a new app called Decibly, a fan-engagement tool which allows users to share photos, communicate across multiple social media channels and buy merchandise — all while inside a concert venue. Perhaps its most important functionality is the ability for bands to push content directly to fans — leading to more media impressions, more downloads and more merchandise sold. Read more »

Poncho Personalized Weather Alerts Come to Philadelphia

Bye, Sheena Parveen. Hello … Poncho?

Philadelphians may no longer need to watch the morning and evening newscasts for the weather report. Nor, for that matter, check their weather apps ever again.

This is not to say these services will become obsolete (Cecily, Sheena, Hurricane, Wunderground and the like will always have a place in our hearts), but their impersonal approaches have a challenger in Poncho, a new weather service arriving in Philadelphia (and all of Pennsylvania) today. Read more »

World Meeting of Families Announces Film Festival, Mobile App

The World Meeting of Families is really embracing the culture Philadelphia has to offer.

In a press release today issued by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, it was announced that the World Meeting of Families (WOMF) will host a film festival during the week of the WMOF Congress (Sept. 22-25). A partnership with IBM has also led to a mobile application designed to improve visitor experience for those coming to Philadelphia for the WMOF Congress and papal visit (Sept. 26-27).

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We Live in Amazing Times: In NYC, “Looie” Offers Access to Pristine Bathrooms … for $25 a Month



Ever since the City Toilet on the north end of Dilworth Plaza died a quiet death in 2007, Philadelphians have been on their own when nature calls in Center City. Seasoned pedestrians know better than venturing out absent-mindedly without a mental map of publicly-accessible bathrooms. There’s the Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse; the Central Library; just about any Trader Joe’s; Starbucks. Thank god for Starbucks.

But aside from George Costanza, we’ve all had to white-knuckle it at some point.

New York, though, has made huge strides in its bathroom-related technology. They’ve crowd-sourced potty map. They have ample listings on Airpnp (Airbnb for bathrooms only), while there’s an utter lack of participation in Philly. The Big Apple is so spoiled that a few hundred people are now paying $25 a month for private access to penthouse-quality toilets. Read more »

Uber Launched its Own Video Game


So, Uber just launched a new video game. Seriously.

But it’s not just meant to be a good time — it’s meant to recruit new drivers.

Called UberDRIVE, the game takes place in San Francisco and tasks users with making pickups and delivering passengers safely to their destinations. Here’s how the company describes it in a recent blog post. Read more »

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