BizFeed: Josh Innes, Tony Bruno Fight Boiling Over, Report



1. Where is Tony Bruno?

The News: Regular listeners of 94 WIP have likely realized that something has been missing from their afternoon sports radio show over the past two days — host Tony Bruno. And it doesn’t appear to be a summer vacation.

Instead, he’s in a cooling off period over a rift with co-host Josh Innes, according to Crossing Broad. Apparently, Bruno “was put off by Innes’ constant badgering and trolling of his own audience – a conclusion that is obvious to just about anyone listening,” said Crossing Broad. “Things may have come to a head a couple of weeks ago when Innes made fun of a caller who was clearly under the influence and had an admitted coke problem.” Read more »

BizFeed: The Apple Watch is Underwhelming Customers


1. Many Don’t Recommend Apple Watch

The News: The Apple Watch has a long way to go before becoming a mainstream success. In a new study by UserTesting, just 38 percent said they’d recommend the device. Meanwhile, 35 percent were passive and more than a quarter (27 percent) were detractors. Read more »

Philly-Area Developer Bets Big on Apple Watch

Det Ansinn (left) and Daniel Wood of Brick Simple are developing apps for the Apple Watch.

Det Ansinn (left) and Daniel Wood of Brick Simple are developing apps for the Apple Watch.

Will the Apple Watch be a game-changing success or a grand flop? Is it the next yo-yo or the next Arch Deluxe?

Det Ansinn is betting big on the highly anticipated wearable device. The president and founder of Brick Simple in Doylestown, Pa., Ansinn is developing several Apple Watch apps and seems sold on its place in mainstream America. (In fact, he’s the only local developer I could find who’s creating apps specifically for the device.) Read more »