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We’ve instituted DISQUS comments. Now comment using your Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ accounts, or you know, keep it anonymous.

Check Out the Best of Philly Winners

We’ve been tweeting the Best of Philly winners over the last couple of days and will continue to do so today and beyond. Follow @Foobooz on Twitter to get your sneak peek or head to the newsstand and pick up a copy of the magazine. There’s also the first review of Le Bec Fin 2.0 within.

We’re Tweeting #BestofPhilly Winners

Today we’re tweeting the Best of Philly Readers’ Choice winners in food and drink. Check Twitter to see who has won for Best Bar, Best Brunch, Best New Restaurant and more.

#BestofPhilly [Twitter]

Foobooz Flickr Group Winning Shot

Cheese Tasting Plate - Talula's Garden

Since we started our Foobooz Flickr Group we’ve enjoyed looking through the excellent shots that have been contributed and thought we should periodically award a favorite shot. So we tasked the Philadelphia magazine photo department with picking the best of the initial bunch. So congrats to Dave Garonzik, your shot of the cheese plate at Talula’s Garden gets you a very sought after Sriracha inspired Foobooz t-shirt.

Contribute to our Foobooz Flickr group and maybe you too can be featured on Foobooz.

Photo by Dave Garonzik from the Foobooz Flickr Group



Updated for Mobile

We’ve just upgraded our mobile site and it is faster than ever. Check out Foobooz from your smart phone for specifically formatted mobile content including maps of what’s opening and our Top 50 Bars list.

We’re Trying To Get Our Numbers Up

It’s the end of the year and we’re trying to get our numbers up. Like us on Facebook where we post the highlights of the day. And don’t forget Twitter where we post all our stories as well as retweet the best of Twitter.

While we’re being social, follow Foobooz on foursquare where we offer fun lists to follow like Best 20 Drinks in Philadelphia and our Best Bars of 2011.

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