Introducing Foobooz After Dark

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Foobooz is launching its own little dinner series. Really little. Twenty-five seats, total.

And this is how it’s going to work …


Openings Are Back

openings-mapMany of you reached out to express your distress that the Openings section of Foobooz had gone missing since the redesign of Foobooz and Philadelphia magazine. But I’m happy to say that the feature is back as of today. Revamped and better than ever. Each entry is linked to a listing that provides all the details we have on the business at the moment plus social media content when that is available.

So check it out, the Foobooz Openings are back.

Comments Are Now Fully Operational


It’s been a busy week at Philadelphia magazine, squashing bugs and adjusting to life on our new Foobooz web site. But I’m happy to say we’ve squashed our most frustrating bug of the first week, the propensity of old comments to show up on new posts. So comment away, confident that your comment will now scathe the right author or restaurant, instead of appearing as some dadaist and nonsensical exercise but kind of trippy blast from the past.

Next week, we promise our revamped Openings and Closings section will be back, better than ever.

We’ve Got a Brand New Look

Tada! Foobooz has a brand new look. After seven years sporting a lot of orange, Foobooz has a clean new logo and is visually part of the new

Even the URL has changed, you can now find your Foobooz content at (though your old bookmarks will automatically bring you here). The site is optimized for mobile use and will serve up content faster than ever.

The new site has been in the works for a long time now and really marks a new beginning of possibilities. So take a look around, I think you’ll find the changes pleasing.

To learn more about the redesign and about Philadelphia magazine’s two new blogs, read Editor Tom McGrath’s post about it all.

Ps. If you’re an RSS junky like I am, update your Foobooz feed to

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