Michael Vick’s Camp Still Sensitive About the Whole Dog Torture Thing

Michael Vick

Photo | Jeff Fusco

It has been six years since Michael Vick walked out of federal prison, where he was locked up for his involvement in a dogfighting conspiracy, and I — like most law-abiding people who don’t beat animals — haven’t forgotten about those charges. So when I received an email on Tuesday inviting me to a James Bond-themed “Michael Vick Weekend,” complete with a black-tie gala and golf outing, I took a moment to respond.

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PHOTOS: Gorilla Treeway Opening This Weekend at Philadelphia Zoo

The latest addition to Philadelphia Zoo‘s Zoo360 program, an initiative that seeks to get visitors up close and personal with the animals like they’ve never seen them before, is set to open this weekend. That addition is Gorilla Treeway, a 300-foot, mesh overhead system of tunnels that lets the gorillas stroll around the Zoo grounds more freely—and at times right over our heads. The Treeway extends 12 feet above the visitor path and gives the animals a 5-foot by 6-foot expanse to stretch their arms and get peeks at parts of the Zoo—and their animal neighbors—that they may not have seen before.

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There’s a 900-Pound Gorilla Sculpture Made Out of Car Hoods at Philadelphia Zoo

"Blue Gorilla" by Don Kennell

“Blue Gorilla” by Don Kennell

The Philadelphia Zoo is home to a whole new crew of creatures, thanks to a new exhibit comprising animal sculptures made with recycled, renewed, reused and repurposed materials.

“Second Nature: Junk Rethunk” is on display now at the Zoo. Twelve artists from across the globe got together to make the 70 eco-friendly artworks that are made out of everything from burned-out spark plugs and recycled plastic bottles to wads of chewing gum.

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The Strange Connection Between Harrison Ford and Snowy Owls

If you’re going to crash an airplane, you damned sure want to crash it on a golf course, as Harrison Ford did on Thursday. Why? Because there’s sure to be any number of doctors out on that golf course, doing that thing doctors do on golf courses and have done, there, down through history. In Ford’s case, he was lucky enough to have an attending spinal surgeon, Sanjay Khurana, on the links, and Khurana led a team of doctors in stabilizing Ford’s spine and neck. Good thinking, Indy! Who else would manage to crash a plane straight into a thicket of medical professionals?

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Watch This Live HD Stream of a Bald Eagle Nest in Pennsylvania

Earlier today on the Hanover, Pennsylvania, Eagle Cam.

Earlier today on the Hanover, Pennsylvania, Eagle Cam.

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission once again set up a camera focused on a bald eagle’s nest near Codorus State Park in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Now, there appear to be a pair of eggs in the nest on the adorable HD bald eagle cam, which is done in partnership with a company called HDontap, Comcast Business Services, Friends of Codorus State Park and other partners. Read more »

Are Zoos Inhumane?

Last month the Philadelphia Zoo announced plans to build a “Gorilla Treeway” for its primates, to allow them to swing from branch to branch to branch inside caged walkways outside their “enclosure,” a.k.a. cage. The Gorilla Treeway joins the Big Cat Crossing as the zoo’s latest attempts to stave off general public recognition that zoos, well, suck.

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Family Dogs Kill Rabid Raccoons in New Jersey


A raccoon stuck in a Mt. Airy dumpster resists help from residents. Philadelphia also has a large raccoon population. Photos by Bradley Maule.

Camden County has put out two alerts regarding rabid raccoons in the past two days, serving as a cautionary tale for those who are drawn to the animals’ large eyes, expressive paws and comical presentation. The lesson? Stay away. Many raccoons carry rabies and pose a danger to both humans and domestic animals.

In both of these New Jersey cases — one in Haddon Township, one in Camden City — it was family dog vs. raccoon in the backyard. Though the dogs emerged victorious, both raccoons tested positive for rabies at the New Jersey Public Health & Environmental Laboratories in Trenton. One of the dogs had an up-to-date rabies vaccination, and so only had to get a booster shot. The other dog had not been vaccinated against rabies, so it will be confined and observed for six months.
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Philadelphia Zoo Expands Zoo360 Trail to Include Gorilla Treeway

Via Shutterstock.


The Philadelphia Zoo‘s Zoo360 Program is nothing new: The initiative is a one-of-a-kind series of animal trails allowing various species to roam freely throughout the Zoo’s campus to explore a variety of environments and travel longer distances. Last year saw the opening of Big Cat Crossing, but this year the gorillas get their chance at a little extra elbow room. In the spring, the Zoo will revamp its Great Ape Trail to include a Gorilla Treeway, an enclosed network of walkways that allow the beasts the chance to explore the grounds—and animals and spectators—from high up in the trees. A rendering of the project:

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