PHOTOS: Meet the Adorable Baby Red Pandas at Philadelphia Zoo

Photographer HughE Dillon did us a solid this morning by going to the Philadelphia Zoo to take photos of the two brand new baby red pandas. Today was the first time the yet-to-be-named furballs have been set free in their sanctuary, in full sight of the public. They were born in June to 5-year-old parents Spark (mom) and Basil (pops). I’m going to stop typing now so you can look at the pictures. Gets your awwwwwwws ready:

Up until today, the mother has been caring for the cubs. I’m told they are super active, and are currently able to eat a diet of fresh bamboo, grapes, apples and biscuits on their own. When they are old enough, the cubs will move to other institutions to breed with other red pandas.

Similar to the social media campaign they held in 2014 to name their new lion cubs, the Zoo is encouraging fans to chime in about what the cubs should be named. To put in your two cents, visit their Facebook page here, or email

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Red Panda Cubs Debuting Tomorrow at Philadelphia Zoo


Not the actual red panda cubs at Philly Zoo. Photos will be released after their debut. | Matthieu Photoglovsky via

Two red panda cubs that were born this summer will get their grand debut tomorrow morning at the Philadelphia Zoo. At 10:30 am on November 18th, zoo keeps will bring out the little guys, who were born to 5-year-old parents, Basil and Spark. So far, the cubs — one boy and one girl — don’t have names.

The Zoo couldn’t be more thrilled about the new members. Reps say that red pandas, which are found in the Himalayas, have been classified as vulnerable because of loss of habitat, fragmentation, poaching and climate change.

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Planet’s Largest Known Tarantula Coming to Academy of Natural Sciences

Courtesy of Outhouse Exhibit Services

Courtesy of Outhouse Exhibit Services

Shut down this page right now, arachnophobes, or risk not resting easy from around February to May of next year. That’s how long Drexel’s Academy of Natural Sciences will host a massive exhibition on what is arguably the world’s most chill-bump-inducing creature in “Tarantulas: Alive and Up Close.”

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Podcast Explores Wildlife You Wouldn’t Expect to Find in Philly and Beyond

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

It may be hard to believe, but urban wildlife extends far beyond subway rats and cockroaches. Local nature nuts, Billy (aka Bernard) Brown and Tony Croasdale, launched the Urban Wildlife Podcast on July 1st. The podcast focuses on obscure critters that share our home and even wonder city streets when we’re not looking.

Brown and Croasdale talk with some of the region’s renowned wildlife brainiacs and prove that you don’t have to off-road the Serengeti to interact with fascinating creatures. “There is great stuff to treasure close to home, even as close as our backyard,” says Brown. The podcast covers a wide range of topics that aims to surprise and educate. Listen as Brown and Croasdale delve into the secluded life of urban coyotes, and discuss the overlooked yet still captivating history of sidewalk plants.

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Holy Sea Cow! Manatee Spotted in Delaware River

The manatee spotted in the Delaware. Photo | New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The manatee spotted in the Delaware. Photo | New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The waters of the Delaware River received an unexpected guest this past week.

A manatee, the large marine mammal known to thrive in warmer waters, found its way into the northern Delaware River next to Bordentown City, New Jersey, the Burlington County Times reported yesterday.

The creature, often referred to as a “sea cow” because of its docile manner, was spotted at the mouth of the Crosswicks Creek on Tuesday, but has not been seen since, the paper reports. Read more »

5 Coolest Things About the Cape May County Zoo

toco toucan

A toco toucan at the Cape May County Park & Zoo (Photo: Dan McQuade)

Trip Advisor recently released its annual list of the best zoos in the world, based on average user ratings. The San Diego Zoo ranked first overall, unsurprisingly. Number two was Loro Parque, on the Canary Islands. Zoos from places like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Vienna and Prague were in the top 10. And 13th? The Cape May County Park & Zoo, in Cape May Court House, New Jersey.

Yes, really! The little zoo in Cape May is rated the 13th best by Trip Advisor readers. In the United States, it’s the fifth best. The Philadelphia Zoo did not rank in the top 25 in the U.S. rankings.

“On behalf of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, we are very proud of all of you,” Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders director Gerald Thornton actually said in a release “Really WELL DONE! You make our small County SHINE!”

With support like that, I had to check this place out. Here are the five coolest things about the Cape May County Zoo. Read more »

Treat Your Pooch to the Dog Days of Summer Festival in Chestnut Hill


Courtesy of Chestnut Hill Philadelphia

Our canine companions have shed their winter coats and are so eager to get out; they may just paw down the front door. Take them to the Dog Days of Summer festival! Chestnut Hill celebrates mans’ best friend with a day-long event that offers an abundance of activities catered to dogs and dog lovers, alike.

Look forward to caricaturists, music, and a photo booth. If the pooch just can’t seem to get that whole, “sit, stay, and roll over,” bit, professional instructors will be on-hand to help him figure it out. Once Sparky tires of obedience training, take him over to the pet psychic booth to get his paw read. Then head to one of the Chestnut Hill restaurants for “Yappy Hour” specials from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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Michael Vick’s Camp Still Sensitive About the Whole Dog Torture Thing

Michael Vick

Photo | Jeff Fusco

It has been six years since Michael Vick walked out of federal prison, where he was locked up for his involvement in a dogfighting conspiracy, and I — like most law-abiding people who don’t beat animals — haven’t forgotten about those charges. So when I received an email on Tuesday inviting me to a James Bond-themed “Michael Vick Weekend,” complete with a black-tie gala and golf outing, I took a moment to respond.

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