Zoo Acquires New Stud Gorilla, All 432 Pounds of Him


The Philadelphia Zoo recently acquired a silverback gorilla, Motuba, in a breeding deal with the Henry Doorly Zoo of Omaha, Nebraska. It was set up by the Gorilla Species Survival Plan. Why, it’s the biggest acquisition this town has made since Chip Kelly signed on as Eagles coach!

The zoo is attempting to breed Motuba, 29, with 14-year-old Kira. Frankly, this is well out of the “half your age plus seven” general rule for dating — but since gorillas are endangered, I shall let it slide.

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Cat Disowned for Being Gay in Nigeria

gay cat nigeria

Side note: This is not the cat in question, but I bet he’s just as cute.

As if news from Nigeria couldn’t be any more atrocious, this comes along:

According to Leadership“Nigeria’s most influential newspaper,” a middle-aged woman in Lafia has put out a very public announcement that she wants to get rid of her cat because she feels that he is gay. She says that the cat — which she has owned for seven years — displays “an unnatural sexual behavior” that she describes as “a contradiction of the laws of nature.” More:

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Philly Was the First City in America to Have Squirrels


Philadelphia, squirrel pioneer. A paper by Penn’s Etienne Benson investigates the proliferation of squirrels in American cities, and finds that they are in no way indigenous to urban areas. City planners and squirrel enthusiasts introduced them to northeastern cities in the mid-19th century. And Philly, he finds, was likely the first to bring the critters to town.

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PSPCA’s First Annual Bark & Whine Gala

The evening's other honorees were Mickey and Larry Magid, who have collaborated with PSPCA board member Jen Utley and her husband, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley, to host the successful annual Utley All-Stars Casino Night at Magid's Electric Factory. The Magids also talked about the importance of giving a forever home to their two dogs who they adopted through the PSPCA.

Thursday night the PSPCA hosted its first annual Bark & Whine Gala at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center in Philadelphia. More than 300 people came out to advocate for animals. The generous support helps thousands of animals. In 2012, the PSPCA handled more than 10,000 reports of cruelty, found homes for more than 7,000 animals, treated more than 30,000 animals, and performed more than 12,000 spay/neuter surgeries.

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VIDEO: Apparent Sasquatch Sighting in PA

A 57 year-old man in Bradford, Pennsylvania claims to have seen two Sasquatches–or Big Feet, if you prefer. His findings were reported by an online nature show called Epic Wildlife. (Epic, bro!) The sighting occurred around the same time of another big Sasquatch Development. A program called the Sasquatch Genome Project announced on Tuesday that they had discovered DNA evidence of the elusive beast. Here’s where Bradford is if you want to go find out for yourself if these people are all messing with you.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 9.09.03 AM


h/t Patriot-News

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