Bill to Rename 30th Street Station Passes the House

30th Street Station. Photo | Jeff Fusco

30th Street Station. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Congress cannot find a solution to the situation at the border, but it’s nice to know they can still agree on some things: On Monday, the bill that would rename 30th Street Station after Bill Gray passed in the House by voice vote. We told you last month about the plan to rename it William H. Gray III 30th Street Station.

Gray, who died last July, was the first African-American to serve as majority whip in the House of Representatives and the first to chair the House Budget Committee. The bill was introduced by Chaka Fattah, Gray’s successor, with the entire Pennsylvania House delegation signing on as co-sponsors.

“Renaming this historic station in Bill Gray’s honor would be a fitting tribute for a man and leader who did so much for the Philadelphia community—not only as a public servant, but as a businessman, friend, father, and minister,” Fattah said in a release last month. “His dedication to his constituency knew no bounds, but he was particularly passionate about investing resources in America’s infrastructure, and gave undue time and commitment to making 30th Street Station one of the finest train facilities in this country.”

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9 Golden Rules of Amtrak Etiquette

Darn! I missed National Train Day on May 10th. But in reality I have a lot of train days. That’s because I’ve been using Amtrak frequently over the past few months. And I’m not alone: Amtrak reportedly carries 31.5 million passengers a year and if trends continue, by 2040 ridership could reach 43.5 million. And I’m pretty sure all of those passengers were on the 6:25 Northeast Regional with me last night coming home from New York.

Were you on that train? Well, you snore. And also, please, out of respect for me and all the other 31.5 million fellow passengers, I hope you follow these 10 rules of etiquette.
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PHOTOS: First Look at Outdoor Installation Along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor


A while back we told you about “psychylustro,” a major project by Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse and Mural Arts that seeks to decorate Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor railway with enormous, colorful artworks. In the end, there will be seven vibrant installations in various locations between 30th Street and North Philadelphia stations, showing up on everything from warehouse walls and small buildings to patches of open green space.

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Amtrak Tells Young People to Visit ‘Fishtown, Pennsylvania’

A Buzzfeed post by “brand publisher” Amtrak has identified six neighborhoods you should visit — presumably on Amtrak — and one is in Philadelphia! It’s Fishtown, obviously, Philadelphia’s current hip neighborhood.

This list is hilarious. It opens with “If you’re free-spirited, you should visit Hell’s Kitchen, NYC” and by the time it gets to the end it’s telling you to go to Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut, if you’re “artsy.” Also, there’s one that tells people who want a “luxurious lifestyle” to go to a neighborhood in Baltimore.

Anyway, Amtrak’s blurb for Fishtown is maybe the best:

If you’re an adventurous young professional, you should visit Fishtown, Pennsylvania.

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Wire Problems Delay Philly-to-Baltimore Amtrak Service

There were significant delays for Amtrak riders in the Northeast Corridor Tuesday morning as wire problems led to a suspension of service between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Amtrak says limited service is now restored, and commuters should still expect heavy delays.

Amtrak, who dropped its Clippers sponsorship this week, says power lines came down between Baltimore and Wilmington, near Perryville, Maryland.

[Amtrak | Fox 29]

Artist to Install Major Art Installation Along Philly-to-NYC Amtrak Route

Photo by Stefan Klüter

Photo by Stefan Klüter

A stretch of industrial waste and suburban blight navigated by passengers on SEPTA, NJ Transit or Amtrak’s Philly-to-NYC rail corridor is getting a makeover, thanks to a new initiative from Mural Arts. The project, titled “psychylustro,” will feature murals from artist Katharina Grosse in seven locations along the passage, decorating warehouse walls, small buildings, and green spaces. Grosse’s art is intended for viewing from a train, so movement and time play heavily into the work. Grosse and her team of Berlin-based artists begin the installation process on April 29th, promising bold colors and design in lieu of the usual gray-on-gray palette.

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Amtrak Suspends Trains from NYC

From NBC 10:

All westbound and southbound Amtrak trains are being held at New York’s Penn Station due to electrical problems.

Officials say the problem is due to electrical system issues in the Trenton, N.J. area.

No word on whether these ‘electrical system issues’ are weather-related, but if you’re looking to be even more freaked out about POLAR VORTEX than you already are, go right ahead and make that assumption. Meanwhile, check out these 10 Awesome Selfies That Will Make You LOL, courtesy of Amtrak.