Artist to Install Major Art Installation Along Philly-to-NYC Amtrak Route

Photo by Stefan Klüter

Photo by Stefan Klüter

A stretch of industrial waste and suburban blight navigated by passengers on SEPTA, NJ Transit or Amtrak’s Philly-to-NYC rail corridor is getting a makeover, thanks to a new initiative from Mural Arts. The project, titled “psychylustro,” will feature murals from artist Katharina Grosse in seven locations along the passage, decorating warehouse walls, small buildings, and green spaces. Grosse’s art is intended for viewing from a train, so movement and time play heavily into the work. Grosse and her team of Berlin-based artists begin the installation process on April 29th, promising bold colors and design in lieu of the usual gray-on-gray palette.

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Amtrak Suspends Trains from NYC

From NBC 10:

All westbound and southbound Amtrak trains are being held at New York’s Penn Station due to electrical problems.

Officials say the problem is due to electrical system issues in the Trenton, N.J. area.

No word on whether these ‘electrical system issues’ are weather-related, but if you’re looking to be even more freaked out about POLAR VORTEX than you already are, go right ahead and make that assumption. Meanwhile, check out these 10 Awesome Selfies That Will Make You LOL, courtesy of Amtrak.