Alycia Lane Is a Mommy Now

At his PhillyChitChat blog, our HughE Dillon reports that onetime Philly anchor Alycia Lane has given birth to a baby girl. It happened Sunday, the girl’s name is Averie — and, well, that’s all we know. Go to HughE’s blog if you’d like to see a pic of the precious arrival. [PhillyChitChat]

Alycia Lane Is Pregnant

The Daily News’ Molly Eichel reports that notorious former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane is pregnant.

The former embattled CBS3 anchor is expecting her first child, a girl, in June. Lane told me that she found out she was pregnant just as her contract was not renewed with KNBC in Los Angeles.

“I am so tickled pink!!!” Lane told me in message. “Feeling so incredibly blessed. I thought it might never happen for me. Thanking God.”

Eichel said Lane would decide her next career move after the baby is born. No word on the due date.

Alycia Lane Fired Again

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Weather guy John Bolaris hasn’t been any fun at all lately. And there’s not even a faint whiff of scandal or even a fun story surrounding NBC10 lovely Sheena Parveen. So we have to go all the way to the West Coast for news of anything notable surrounding a Philadelphia media personality, albeit a former Philadelphia media personality. Read more »

Alycia Lane’s Claims Against CBS Dismissed

A judge has dismissed onetime CBS 3 anchor Alycia Lane’s claims against her former employer. Lane sued CBS several months after she was released from her $750,000-a-year contract in 2008, after a series of public scandals, one involving her emailing a bikini shot to a married NFL Network anchor, and another being arrested for allegedly hitting an NYPD officer in the face. [READ: Philly Mag’s 2008 “The Very Public Self-Destruction of Alycia Lane”] Lane’s lawsuit against her former co-anchor Larry Mendte (a Philly Post contributor), who pleaded guilty in 2008 to illegally accessing Lane’s emails, isn’t over. [CBS 3]

Alycia Lane Thought About Returning to Philadelphia

Alycia Lane—the much-maligned, former CBS 3 anchor that left for Los Angeles after the station let her go amid a slew of controversy—recently considered a return to Philly. Lane’s agent reached out to Fox 29 and NBC 10 as the anchor’s contract was set to expire at L.A.’s KNBC. Sources tell the Daily News that neither station seriously considered hiring Lane, but Lane’s agent says that several stations showed interest in bringing the anchor back to Philadelphia. Ultimately, though, Lane decided to re-sign with KNBC. [Daily News]

Judge Stays Alycia Lane Case Against CBS, Larry Mendte

The “Latina Bombshell” is back! You may remember that former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane filed a $15 million libel lawsuit against CBS and onetime co-anchor Larry Mendte, currently a Philly Post contributor. That trial is currently scheduled to start in mid-March. Last week, after being unable to appear in court thanks to some medical condition (she gave the judge a doctor’s note), Lane showed up to testify at an evidentiary hearing to respond to accusations of spoliation, a fancy legal term that means destroying or suppressing evidence. In this case, the evidence in question is her laptop.

On Friday, gossip girl Marnie Hall posted a video report on, where she speculated that if Judge Allen Tereshko decided that Lane had purposefully destroyed evidence, this could lead to a dismissal. “No way, no how,” says prominent Center City attorney Chuck Peruto. “There’s no way that the judge would throw out the case if there’s evidence that the computer was destroyed. He would just give the jury special instruction that they could consider that, but that they don’t have to.” In any event, citing “the volume and complexities of the issues”, the judge issued an indefinite stay earlier this week, meaning the March trial date is in question.

In case you lost track, Lane has been working for NBC in Los Angeles, where a local media blog recently described her as “an afterthought.”

Vince Fumo vs. the Daily News?

Vince Fumo, you’ve no doubt noticed, is back in the news.

Hardly a surprise.

Even when he got carted off to the pokey, we knew we’d be living with Fumo moments like this one forever, or at least till somebody gasps their last, him or us. Read more »