Iverson and McNabb: A Tale of Two Retirements

The tale of two retirements speaks volumes about Philadelphia and our relationship with our sports stars.

Allen Iverson is finally calling it quits after running out of teams and countries that want his diminishing skills. The Philadelphia 76ers are sure to retire AI’s number 3 at a game this year.

The Philadelphia Eagles will retire Donovan McNabb’s No. 5 at halftime on Sept. 19, when former Eagles coach and McNabb mentor Andy Reid comes to town with his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Allen Iverson Set to Retire From NBA…Really Soon

Ever since his mozzarella stick-heavy trip to Turkey, it’s kind of a foregone conclusion that Allen Iverson’s NBA days are over. But he hasn’t officially retired. Until…very soon, apparently.

Allen Iverson is prepared to officially announce his retirement from the NBA in the coming days, a source close to the native of Virginia told SLAM.

Take all anonymous sources with a grain of salt–especially when their news concerns a guy as mercurial and unstable as Iverson. Still, given his recent family difficulties and cathartic reunion with the Sixers a few months ago, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him try in earnest to move on from his past. [SLAM]

Allen Iverson Finally Pays His Child Support, Avoids Jail

Phew. Allen Iverson, last seen appearing on horrible reality shows/appearing to kidnap his children, has finally done something quasi-laudable. He paid his child support under threat of imprisonment!

Iverson’s ex, Tawanna, has been trying to collect child support from the b-baller since their divorce was finalized in February, but no cigar. Then, last month she asked a judge to throw him in jail, if he continued to dodge the bill: $8,000 / month for the last 5 months. In new court docs — filed last month in Fulton County, GA — Iverson said he never paid the money because he was led to believe he and Tawanna would reconcile.

Mm-hmm. Now, says his lawyer, he’s finally forked over the $40,000 he owed. He’s turning over a new leaf. I can just feel it. [TMZ]

Allen Iverson, Looking Depressed, Contemplating Russian Roulette

If you’re chronicling the slow, steady demise of Allen Iverson (we are), here’s a new data point: Hanging out with the “stars” of a crappy reality show about a young boxer, toying with the idea of playing Russian Roulette. With a loaded gun. He’s been self-destructing for several years now, but this sort of loose talk takes it to a whole new level. Jump to the 1:50 mark to witness the bleakness. And try not to watch the rest of this jaw-dropping train-wreck of a program.

WATCH: Allen Iverson Not Pleased With Child-Abduction Allegations

The Washington Post reports:

Allen Iverson denied an accusation by his ex-wife that he has abducted their five children and is holding them in an Atlanta hotel room.

Later Monday, Iverson denied Tawanna Iverson’s accusation, which was filed in court Monday, when when an Atlanta TV reporter found him at the hotel mentioned in the filing. Iverson, 38, and his children were walking to his Maybach when the reporter approached them. (The children are deliberately not shown.)

“They say I stole my kids? That’s what they say?” Iverson told Jeff Hullinger, who offered to show him the court papers. “…If that’s what you believe and people think I’m crazy enough to do, then so be it.”

The kids are reportedly back in mom’s custody, and now it seems a good as time as any to offer a simply prayer: Please, God, make Allen Iverson’s seemingly endless cycle of self-destruction end. It’s just too painful to watch.

Allen Iverson May or May Not Have Kidnapped His Children

It’s been a couple months since Allen Iverson popped up on our radar. Welcome back, man. Iverson’s ex-wife Tawanna says she granted him permission to take their five kids on a five-day vacation in Charlotte, NC in late May. It’s June 17th, they’re still missing, and now she’s filing suit. (Tawanna thinks he’s got them holed up in a Georgia hotel.) TMZ, in addition to breaking the story, tosses in this immortal sentence, nonchalantly: “Tawanna claims she’s especially concerned because Allen’s an alcoholic who drinks around their kids.”

h/t Crossing Broad

Allen Iverson Has Already Become A Sad Cautionary Tale

We got so caught up watching Boston terrorism developments last week that we missed the Washington Post’s profile of post-basketball Allen Iverson. It’s not pretty.  (And also not all that new: Check out Robert Huber’s 2011 profile.) Iverson is broke, divorced, and unresponsive to old friends (and nemeses) like Larry Brown,who have received no responses when they try to reach out to him.

Iverson kept living as if another contract was imminent, and Tawanna struggled to curb his spending. According to a bank statement submitted in the divorce, the couple’s checking account was overdrawn by more than $23,000 in July 2011. In a single day, $23,255.36 was deducted – at a diamond store, a hat shop, a steakhouse and a hotel.

Tawanna testified that her checks bounced that month when she paid for housing and electricity. She sold jewelry and Tiaura’s car to pay for household expenses, including school clothes and supplies.

Before their home in Denver was foreclosed, Tawanna testified, she sold more jewelry at a pawn shop to pay toward debt. Iverson owed thousands to a Georgia home builder, was hit with tax liens, and his wages were garnished to settle a nearly $860,000 balance with a jeweler.

One bright side: Under the terms of an old endorsement deal, Iverson has $30 million in a trust fund waiting for him when he turns 55. Assuming he survives that long—or hasn’t gone, you know, $30 million in debt by then—he’ll probably end up ok, unlike most people you know who willfully keep making bad decisions. Even at his worst moments, it seems, Iverson is living a semi-charmed kind of life.

Desperate Sixers Sign Jrue Holiday’s Brother; Brotherly Promos Sure to Follow

Andrew Bynum isn’t coming back this year. Nor are the Sixers making the playoffs. There’s nothing left to play for except the draft lottery, and that means not playing well at all. So to sell tickets, it appears the Sixers are making a last-ditch effort to appeal to their fans’ predilection for nostagia and feel-good family affairs.

1. Damien Wilkins, nephew of the great ‘Nique, became a starter.

2. A.I. came back to town for his own Bobblehead night.

3. Now, Jrue Holiday’s older brother Justin, star of the Idaho Stampede, has been called up from the D-League.

So cute!

[CBS 3]

Actual Iverson Returning to Philly for Iverson Bobblehead Night

AI has accepted the Sixers offer to show up at the Wells Fargo Center for his own bobblehead night, tomorrow evening. Here’s the manic announcement from team C.E.O. Adam Aron.

The bad news: the matchup could be more enticing, as the Sixers are playing the lowly Charlotte Bobcats. The good news:

The team will also honor AI with a video tribute. From the team’s perspective, this is a nice opportunity to honor the former face of their franchise, and generate some buzz in an otherwise depressing season. But AI? I think this is all part of the plan to get himself back in a Sixers uniform.

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