PHOTO: Awesome Jim Gardner Photobomb of Alicia Vitarelli and Husband


Gotta love Jim Gardner, who photobombed 6ABC colleague Alicia Vitarelli and her husband at Hotel Monaco. Vitarelli looks great six weeks after giving birth, a delivery that resulted in the prettiest post-giving-birth picture ever.

6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli Has the Prettiest Post-Giving-Birth Picture I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve never had a kid, but I’ve already told my friends, family members and spouse that should the day ever come that I do have a kid, a sweaty, disheveled, post-birth picture of me cradling my bundle of joy best never find its way to the Internet. Because, guys, no one needs to see that.

So it should come as no surprise to you that I have spent the last 10 minutes staring at a photo of 6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli, who apparently just gave birth to a baby girl. Her coworkers have posted the photo on their Facebook pages, so I’ve seen it three times already.

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