The Checkup: A Full Year’s Worth of Totally Doable Weight-Loss Tips

• BuzzFeed is an unlikely treasure trove of weight-loss tips. And being the kind people they are, they’ve compiled a bunch of their useful weight-loss posts full of totally doable tips — think: ban mindless couch eating (done!) — into a GIANT master list featuring 333 doable weight-loss tips. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, maybe read a tip a day as food for thought. Skipping weekends (because you gotta give yourself a break), that’s a full year’s worth of tips to take in! [BuzzFeed]

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The Checkup: Your Drunk Personality Isn’t Really That Different From Sober You

• You might think you behave wildly different than your sober self after a couple of margaritas, but new research published in Clinical Psychological Science found that others might not perceive your drunk personality to be all that different from sober you. We can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. [Science of Us]

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The Checkup: The Most Convincing Reason to Ditch Booze for a Month

• It’s Friday. On Fridays, I tend to tell myself that “I will go out for one drink with friends after work,” only to end up twerking (er, well, trying to twerk) at some bar in Fishtown at 1 a.m. and having a damn near heart attack when I look at my bank account balance the next morning. If your weekend nights unravel in a similar fashion, this writer’s account of his Dry January just may convince you to go the hermit route for a month this year — mostly because he saved over $200 in one month by avoiding drinks and ended up eating out less in the process. (The weight loss that comes along with it doesn’t hurt, either.) [Bon Appétit]

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Why Alcohol Makes You Poop (And How to Avoid a Bathroom-Filled Morning After)

A little over a year ago, we asked this question: Why does running make you poop? (Here in Be Well Philly Land, we’re never afraid to ask the truly tough questions.) So naturally, we were intrigued when we saw a post on Thrillist delving into a similar subject: the question of why a boozy night leads to a morning filled with trips to the bathroom.

Gross? Maybe. But admit it: You can probably relate.

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Pop-Up Beer Garden to Open in Liberty Observation Deck

Max Headroom-style Ben Franklin sculpture at the top of the Liberty Observation Deck; the view from the top

Photos | Dan McQuade

You’ll soon be able to get drunk higher than you ever have before.

Starting next week, the One Liberty Observation Deck will open up an indoor beer garden on Thursdays on the 57th Floor of One Liberty Place. Surpassing the well-reviewed SkyGarten, the new Bar 57 will be the new tallest beer garden in the city. You’ll have to sneak beer to the top of the Comcast Center to drink any higher in this city.

“Sunset is the most beautiful time of day at the Observation Deck,” observation deck GM Evan Evans said in a release. “We wanted to provide an experience where guests can come after work to unwind with friends, preferred beverage in hand, overlooking these gorgeous vistas.”

The Bar 57 beer garden will run on Thursdays from September 27th to October 27th. Tickets for the experience are a tad pricey, however: Normally $19, tickets for the beer garden will be discounted to $14 at the door and $12 purchased in advance. Read more »

You May Soon Be Able to Buy Wine in Pa. Grocery Stores

Wine for sale in grocery store

This may soon be a reality in Pennsylvania. (Photo by Dannielle Blumenthal, used under a Creative Commons license)

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a bill that would allow some grocery stores, restaurants and hotels to sell take-out wine.

House Bill 1690 passed in a 157-31 vote. It permits restaurants, hotels and grocery stores with existing licenses to also sell wine for consumption off the premises. Up to four bottles will be able to be purchased at a time.

“This is a very significant step for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in terms of privatization,” House Speaker Rep. Mike Turzai, a Republican, told reporters after the vote. “I’m very excited, I have to tell you. This is outstanding. It’s a historic opportunity today, and I think the governor’s going to sign it.” Read more »

The Philadelphia Zoo Is Opening a Beer Garden

Philadelphia Zoo beer garden - The Watering Hole

A plan for the Philadelphia Zoo’s new beer garden, The Watering Hole, which will open in late June or early July. (Courtesy Philadelphia Zoo)

You can now drink at the zoo.

The Philadelphia Zoo began selling alcohol at two stands, Tiger Terrace and Eagle’s Roost, on Memorial Day weekend. But that’s not all: The zoo is planning a late-June or early-July launch for a beer garden, The Watering Hole, which will be adjacent to Eagle’s Roost.

Amy Shearer, the zoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, says the reversal of a longstanding policy came after talking with visitors and Philadelphia Zoo members over the past year. “We talked to our guests and members all throughout the year in many platforms,” she tells Philadelphia magazine. “Through all of these conversations, one thing that our guests had been largely vocal about is that, ‘Hey, the zoo is so great for all ages and families as well but there’s some things that we adults want, too.’”

Outside alcohol remains banned at the park, but beer and wine will not be confined to the sections where they are sold. Guests will be free to roam the park drinking the glass of beer or wine they’ve purchased from one of the zoo’s stands. Alcohol sales are being handled by its food vendor, Aramark, which has a liquor license for the zoo property. Read more »

Soon, You May Be Able to Drink on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City beach bar sign

A beach bar in Atlantic City. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

Soon, you might be able to stroll down the boardwalk in Atlantic City with a beer in your hand.

If you’re a regular visitor to Atlantic City, there’s a chance you’ve already done this — maybe during the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, or maybe just with a drink you snuck out of a boardwalk-adjacent bar. But you’ve actually been breaking the city’s open-container law.

The city may soon vote to allow the drinking of alcoholic beverages on the boardwalk, under certain conditions, between Albany Avenue (south of the old Atlantic Club/Hilton casino) and Metropolitan (just north of the old Revel casino). That’s the entire casino stretch of the boardwalk. Read more »

House Passes Bill to Permit Out-of-State Booze



Philly, you’re one step closer to buying alcohol in New Jersey or Delaware, then bringing it home.

PennLive reports the Pennsylvania House voted today to strike down the prohibition against bringing booze bought out-of-state back home across state lines. Philly residents, a stone’s throw away from two state lines, were thought to be particularly vulnerable to the law. Read more »

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