Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Turns Four, Opens Its Upstairs


Today marks the fourth anniversary of Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Ah we remember the first days so well, Arthur Kade requesting flavored vodka, followed by vodka, followed by a very puzzled look. And now after four years, the bar is no doubt a success story. And to celebrate, head bartender Al Sotack tells us they will be offering $9 daiquiris for the next month, right through July 18th.

We asked Sotack what’s the deal with the upstairs expansion of Franklin and received a surprising answer. The upstairs has been very quietly open for the past three weeks. And this weekend you can find Sotack and bartender Catherine Manning upstairs working the new bar. In addition to the extra room, the Franklin will experiment with reservations upstairs at the end of July.

So, go celebrate four years with Franklin Mortgage and if you go on a weekend, check out what’s happening upstairs.

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. [Official Site]

New Cocktail Menu At Franklin Mortgage


The one constant at the Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.? Change. And today, head bartender Al Sotack is releasing the cocktail bar’s 14th menu–which features 8 classics and 20 new staff submissions from the likes of Sara Justice (the Florence Kelley Club) and Colin O’Neill, who started at the Franklin as a barback, now has his own night (Thursdays) and a mutant Old Fashioned called the Boss Lady on the new menu.

Check out the full board below. It goes into effect starting tonight for the customary 3-month run.

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New Drink Menu for Fall at Franklin Mortgage

It isn’t just restaurants that change menus for the season. Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company’s menu changes are always worth taking note of. This one more than most because it is the first since Colin Shearn has left for St. Charles Exchange in Louisville. Head barman Al Sotack says “this menu more than any other illuminates the varied talents and interests of our staff as a whole. Every bartender is represented.”

Sotack says new GM Christina Rando’s “Fevre Dream” is one of his personal favorites. It’s “a delicate swizzle that plays Tanqueray off of Cocchi di Torino vermouth and a house apple mango chamomile tea.” Also look for some Autumnal favorites of prior menus to make a return such as the Sam Hain (a brandy Old Fashioned with house pumpkin syrup) and the Dolly Rocker (a gin cooler with house lemon thyme shrub.)

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. Fall 2012 Menu (PDF)

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. [Official Site]

About Last Night: Oh, Bartender…

So last night was out first-ever Open Stove cocktail night–in which we took the Open Stove formula of public competition, secret ingredients, surprise twists and loud smack-talking and applied it to the craft of drink slinging. By the time the night was done, two of the city’s best barmen had gone toe-to-toe in COOK‘s culinary Thunderdome, everyone in the joint was swimming in high-test happy juice, and a victor had been chosen.

Here’s how it all shook out–in pictures, courtesy of COOK’s #1 shooter, Yoni Nimrod.

Hey, what are those guys doing with that sack full of kittens…?

Franklin Celebrates Anniversary with Throwback Menu

As of May 21st The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. is now three years old. To celebrate this milestone The Franklin, lead by Head Bartender Al Sotack, has come up with a special “Best Of” menu. The “Best Of” will feature drinks from the first and second of The Franklin’s quarterly-changing menus from back in 2009.

Offered from June 4th to June 30th the list starts with the usual “Required Reading”, but now with a selection of classics from when The Franklin was just starting out, like the Champs Elysses. Followed by the “Easy Going” section (for softer cocktails like Main Line Wine) and “The Flowing Bowl” – returning three punch bowl favorites – the menu revives all The Franklin’s best concoctions. “Rebellious Spirits” get two pages of the menu, as usual, but brings back everything from the Inland Julep to the Royal Burgh. The list finishes up by adding cocktails like Restraining Order and Cowboy Killer (one of Philadelphia magazine’s 20 best drinks in Philadelphia) back to the “I Asked Her For Water, She Brought Me Gasoline” menu.

Congratulate The Franklin by trying some of their throwback offerings, but do it before July 1st, when they change once again to the Mid-Summer menu.

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. [Official Site]