City Council Might Ban Waving Inflatable Tube Men

City Council will soon consider sealing the fate of Philly’s inflatable tube men – you know, the bright, blown-up guys that flop and flail all over car dealerships and other desolate-looking parking lots in the city.

Sixth-district Councilman Bobby Henon has introduced a bill that would amend the city’s zoning code to enact new regulations on signs – but the only change that really matters (to us, at least) is that inflatable tube men would be no more.  Read more »

Advertising on Public Buildings Is a Sad, Terrible Thing



On Wednesday morning, the Philadelphia Art Commission rejected a proposal to put five vinyl billboards on two public buildings in the civic heart of the city.

But the rejection appears to be only temporary. Unfortunately for the commission, and for the rest of us, the fix is already in. Read more »

5 Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials, Picked by Philly Ad Agency

Which Super Bowl commercials were a hit and which ones were just lame and bizarre?

Which Super Bowl commercials were a hit and which ones were just lame and bizarre?

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers weren’t the only ones fighting for supremacy on Super Bowl Sunday. Advertisers were battling for the top spot, too. With a $5 million price tag on a 30-second commercial, the stakes were high. Did advertisers take advantage of the 115 million people watching, or did they waste their money? Here are the spots that scored, and the ones that dropped the ball. Read more »

Meet the Philly Ad Agency Promoting “Joy,” the Brand Behind the Movie

"Joy" and Joy.

“Joy” and Joy.

Rarely does a brand have such a prime opportunity to go from niche retailer to household name. But such is the case for Joy — the brand of mops, steamers, pillows and other household items created by founder Joy Mangano.

Not only was she played by Jennifer Lawrence in the film Joy, but Lawrence just won a Golden Globe and got nominated for an Oscar for her performance. If that weren’t enough, Joy-the-brand is in the midst of a huge rollout in the full footprint of TargetBed Bath & Beyond, Container Store and Macy’s locations. Some stores like Target and Macy’s are even creating store-within-a-store concepts that will basically be their own “Joy” sections.

So Joy and her company went on the hunt for an advertising agency — and chose Philly’s Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners. In January, RTOP just launched an ad campaign including TV commercials, digital ads and social media posts. If it’s successful, Joy could become the next Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. If it fails, the business will likely remain most visible on the Home Shopping Networkwhere Joy has been selling products for years. Read more »

Comcast, Cosby Make List of 2015’s Top Branding Scandals

Comcast Cosby

It’s never too early for a “Best Of The Year” list, and a new one from Inc. magazine caught my eye. It’s a list of the Top 10 Branding Scandals of 2015.

The top scandal involved Amazon and the blistering expose from the New York Times reporting that the company has a “bruising” and “harsh” corporate culture. It also detailed how the cut-throat environment makes grown men cry at their desks, and encourages people to tattle on each other. Amazon called it a misrepresentation and issued this strongly worded response. Read more »

How Businesses Are Celebrating Back to the Future Day


The future is now.

Whether you care or not, you’ve probably been bombarded with articles and social media coverage of Back to the Future Day — October 21, 2015. That’s the day in the far-off future that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in Back to the Future II. As an 80s kid, 2015 seemed like a lifetime away — so needless to say, I’m feeling a whole lot older today than I did yesterday.

But where there’s a trending topic in social media, there are businesses ready to capitalize on it. Yes, local and national companies are using Back to the Future Day to promote their products and events (shocker, right?)

Here’s a list, starting with the locals and ending with big national brands: Read more »

Campbell Soup Ad Features Gay Dads and a Famous Line From Star Wars

Campbell Soup Gay AdCampbell Soup took a bold advertising step this week, releasing a series of commercials featuring non-traditional families.

The ad that’s gotten the most attention features two real-life gay dads. In the commercial, a man is seen feeding his son the company’s new Star Wars-brand chicken noodle soup using the iconic phrase: “I am your father.” Soon after, his partner feeds his son a spoonful of soup and says “No, no, no. I am your father.” Check it out: Read more »

Love the Eagles Hype Videos? Meet the Branding Agency Behind Them

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, there’s nothing quite like the team’s hype videos. You know the ones — where Bradley Cooper calls an Eagles-Giants game “Wall Street against Broad Street” and Brian Dawkins screams about how “good enough, doggone it, isn’t good enough!”

Here’s the newest video to kick off the 2015 season — just try to watch it without getting hyped up: Read more »

How Selling Ads Can Save Philly’s School System



School Superintendent William Hite needs more money, and we’re all in agreement with him.

City Council has rejected the district’s latest funding plan and remains resistant to Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposal to increase real estate taxes. Governor Tom Wolf is behind allocating more dollars from Harrisburg to Philadelphia’s schools. Unfortunately, no one is proposing any further cuts to healthcare or pension costs because the unions are too powerful and give too much money to our politicians. Our population has been taxed to the extreme, and more taxes are very, very unpopular. And people living in Western Pennsylvania are understandably not thrilled to watch their hard-earned tax dollars be sucked down the Philly school system vortex. Read more »

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