Adsum to Become Tapestry

Kar Vivekananthan is in demolition mode as he converts Adsum into a gastropub. Yesterday he revealed the name would be Tapestry. He’s also posted a couple of pictures of the destruction of the bar which will make way for an even longer bar with twelve taps (hence Tap-estry, get it?).

The bar is looking to reopen by October 1st and the menu will conceptualized by Vivekananthan and partner Rich Rivera.

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Adsum Closed, Gastropub Coming

Adsum has closed and will be replaced by a gastropub.

Adsum opened in July 2010 to much fanfare with Matt Levin in the kitchen of his own restaurant. The restaurant was an immediate darling of critics and off-duty chefs. Kool-Aid pickled watermelon and foie gras poutine were the talk of the town. A special dinner pairing Levin’s cooking with the now banned Four Loko drew national attention. But the restaurant never quite lived up to its stated goal of a refined neighborhood bistro. Co-owner Kar Vivekananthan lamented too many Queen Village neighbors would tell them they were intimidated by the menu.

In July Levin left and Vivekananthan went about remaking the restaurant into something more appealing to the neighborhood. Now the plan is to turn the space into a full-fledged gastropub with an expanded bar and a twelve tap draft system. Vivekananthan has brought in Rich Rivera (Agiato, Agiato Bread Co., Main Street Market and the upcoming Cervisia, Dos Vatos Tacos and the still promised Rubb) as a partner. In a twist we don’t quite understand yet, Rivera was originally going to do Rubb with Levin.

The goal is to reopen in three weeks.

Adsum is closed. But there’s more to it than that [The Insider]

Around the Web: On and Near South Street

Veggicurious checks out the vegetarian options on the new happy hour menu at Adsum. [Veggicurious]

Foodzings tries out the the Doner Kabob at Brauhaus Schmitz. Biggest complaint, too much meat! [Foodzings]

Penn Appetit visits Supper and declares the environment and service are what make the South Street restaurant a winner. [Penn Appetit]

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Weiners, Unemployment, Makeovers and Beer Floats

We know. The picture (of the Farmers Market #2 dog at Hot Diggity) is distracting. And we would’ve totally understood if you spent the whole week doing nothing but chasing down tube-steaks through the steamy streets of Philadelphia. But while you were doing that, we were keeping an eye on the scene and putting together all the week’s best news into this convenient digest.

Why? Because we’re looking out for you, that’s why. Also, we were kinda hoping you might share that hot dog…

Thai Kuu Gets Kneecapped Want to know what it takes to get a zero star/bell/fork review these days? Here’s a how-to.
Shakeup at Talula’s Garden Playing musical chefs in the Olexy empire
Shakeup at Adsum We find three of these things, it’s a trend
McCrossen’s Gets a Makeover It’s amazing what a (metaphorical) haircut and a boob job can do
Cook Goes Live Audrey Claire Taichman’s cooking school/chef’s playground starts taking reservations
Birra Sets a Date And makes a video!
Beer Floats I’m only gonna say this once: Eww

Adsum’s Wild Week(s)

Even at the very beginning of this story, something seemed…off.

It started back in July with the announcement that Matt Levin, chef and owner (along with partner Kar Vivekanathan) of Adsum, was going to be stepping back from the stoves. This was at toward the end of the month, and word on the street was that Levin was easing his way out in order to focus on some new project he had his eye on. There were promises that he was still going to be involved in the restaurant–that he was still going to be kicking around the joint and acting as an “inspiration” for the kitchen–but not, you know…cooking anymore.

A couple days after that, there was another announcement. Levin had named his sous chef, Rah Shabazz, as his successor and chef de cuisine. This seemed like a wise move: Shabazz had been there since day one, working alongside Levin, and was a man who understood the sometimes bizarre notions that whipped through the Adsum kitchen. You know, like making Tastykake sliders or doing a dinner based around the much-maligned 4 Loko. Shabazz got it, in other words. And even though his style was not quite so extreme as Levin’s, he vowed to maintain some of that spirit of weirdness that had animated Adsum under Levin. He worked up a new menu. He did tastings for the staff and for Vivekanathan. Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly.

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Worst of Philly, Jose Garces, Milkshakes and Soylent Jell-O

So this was a big week. What with the Best of Philly hitting the stands (along with Worst of Philly), the competing reviews of Talula’s Garden, the big news rumors from Jose Garces and more openings than you can shake a stick at (Crumbs! Nomad! Aksum and Milkboy!), I can understand how you might’ve let a few things slip past you here at Foobooz.

But that’s cool. We’ve got you covered. Check out the mix-tape of this week’s greatest hits.

Adsum Shuffle: Meet the New Boss Not quite the same as the old boss…
Jose Garces Goes On A Spree The rumors say 5 new restaurants in two new towns.
News For People Who Like Bad News Fires, closures and a shipwreck
Milkshakes at Village Whiskey They’re better (but no less embarassing) than you think
Human Jell-O No, really. HUMAN JELL-O

Adsum Shuffle: Meet the New Boss

That delicious looking plate there? That’s poutine, as envisioned by Matt Levin at Adsum–the Canadian drunk-ass comfort food of french fries, gravy and cheese curds jacked up with duck fat, a massive slab of seared foie gras and bacon lardons.

Levin was also the man behind the (brief) madness for sliders mounted on Tastykakes–a bit of high-tone gourmet junk food that had slashfood and the Huffington Post calling. He got a nice bit of national ink for that little trick, but his menu at Adsum has always been full of crap/haute juxtapositions and strange diversions. Really, that’s how he made his name–offering food that was so over-the-top, so addictively weird, so bad-for-your-body-but-good-for-your-spirit that it couldn’t help but bore its way into the Philly food consciousness.

And a few days ago, chef Matt Levin announced that he was going to be leaving Adsum.


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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Fried Chicken, Fat Chefs, Cheesemongers and A World Record Attempt

Just because it was a short week, that didn’t mean it was a slow one. Between the new summer menu at Opa, the free drinks at Adsum, Michael Solomonov doing fried chicken at his Down the Shore party (a picture of which is above, thanks to the folks at Bridges, Burgers & Beers) and the controversial revealing of one of the city’s best hidden salad joints we had plenty to talk about. And that’s not even counting the news of a second restaurant from the folks behind Trio. Or the announcement of Chicken.Org–a new organic chicken restaurant coming to 4th Street whose name we did not make nearly enough fun of.

Not enough for you? Here’s what else you might’ve missed:

Outdoor Dining Guide Update Everything you need to know if you’re the kind of person who likes to share your dinner with mosquitos and homeless people
New “Docu-Series” Casting Fat Chefs For Cooking/Weight Loss Show I really wish I was kidding about this, but I’m not
Almanac Market Closes And wins award for most passive-aggressive closing announcement EVER
Cheesemongers: The Food World’s Newest Celebrities Because, seriously, what’s sexier than a pale, cave-dwelling obsessive who smells like Gorgonzola?
Pizza Brain’s World Record Attempt Not bad, considering the restaurant is still months away from opening
The Mystery of Le Bec-Fin Or I guess we should say the most recent mystery, anyway

Tonight: Free Drinks If You Hustle

Adsum is celebrating its first birthday all month with a special deal. If you’re one of the first five outside tables seated, your first round of happy hour drinks are on them. Happy Hour runs everyday from 5 to 7 p.m.

Happy Hour at Adsum has recently become a seven day affair with $5 appetizers, $4 glasses of wine, $3 for a shot and a beer and $2 cans of beer.

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