Why We Should All Start Carrying Baskets Instead of Purses


Though the Hermès Birkin is the crown jewel of purses, it seems few remember that the bag Jane Birkin usually carried was far more humble. Birkin actually spent much of the sixties and seventies with a wicker basket slung over her arm (and Serge Gainsbourg on the other). The basket-as-bag defined Birkin’s insouciant style — never try-hard, always chic —and I think of it as one of the best accessories in sartorial history.

But in the muddle of the past few decades, the basket has played second fiddle to the now-iconic Birkin bag — and it’s a shame. The wicker bag is unassuming, a perfect accompaniment to breezy summer looks. (Or you can take a cue from Birkin, who carried hers in all seasons, pairing it with floor-skimming dresses or a fur coat and flared jeans). Pinnacle of luxury it’s not, but what it does telegraph is certainly more important: an easy sense of style, one that doesn’t pin itself to labels and price tags.

It’s rather difficult to track one down; your best bet is to look on Etsy, or in fair-trade shops like Ten Thousand Villages. (I’ve found nine options for you; buy them below!) Once you’ve settled on one, don’t be afraid to pair it with outfits both high and low. It adds a bohemian flair to casual looks, but also takes fancier frocks down to earth.

Dare I say the basket is the new status bag?

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Look For the Tie Bar Bus in Philly Today

It was lasted spotted outside of Parc yesterday | Image via Instagram

It was lasted spotted outside of Parc yesterday. | Image via Instagram.

Stylish guys, we have a challenge for you: Find The Tie Bar bus! As part of its ‘ultimate style road trip’ men’s tie and and accessory haven The Tie Bar has hit the road and is visiting Columbus, New York City, Washington DC, and, today, Philadelphia. The VW bus’s team of well-dressed dudes is doling out style advice, debuting new pieces, and giving out lots of free stuff like socks and mystery gift cards. Want to score free stuff? You’ll need to find ‘em. But be quick: They’re leaving after today. Read more »

The Edit: 10 Sorbet-Sweet Bags for Spring


After an almost t0o-brutal winter, it’s finally time to lighten up. This means shedding layers, ditching the heavy coats, and swapping out dark colors for sweet pastels. To get you in the mood, we’ve rounded up some sorbet-hued bags — in every price point! — to help soften your look for spring. Carry on!  Read more »

Monday Obsession: Pom-Pom Beach Basket

MO-wicker-bagIt’s time to start thinking summer, which means ditching the heavy leather bags and swinging something a bit lighter over your arm. My pick? This be-pom-pommed wicker beach basket from Everything But Water, which begs to be whisked away to some sandy-beached spot. Or, you know, to Sunday brunch. (Why not?)  Read more »

The Perfect Spring Carryall Bag Is by Chadds Ford-Based Arden & James

Image via Arden & James

Image via Arden & James.

Our new favorite local discovery? Chadds Ford-based Arden + James, a line of bags by industrial designer Bri Brant, who creates each piece entirely by hand. Brant’s bag collection includes totes, crossbodys and clutches, all made of raw, natural materials (linen colored with natural plant dyes, sturdy waxed canvas,  hand-cut and -hammered copper rivets). But what’s best is the fact that most of the bags are roomy enough to hold basically a small child, which is pretty much the equivalent of what we lug around on any given day.

Your best bet: Opt for one of the earthy raw linen totes (like this or this!), or invest in a leather carryall for a bag than can transitional into cooler weather.  Read more »

Finally! Fitbit Jewelry We Actually Love

Finally Fitbit jewelry that totally makes the cut. | Image via Bezels & Bytes

Finally, Fitbit jewelry that totally makes the cut. | Image via Bezels & Bytes.

Ever since the wearable tech craze took hold, there’s been a breathless race amongst designers to create the most stylish product.  So far, nothing’s really caught on and designs for wearables and concealing accessories have fallen short (ahem, we’re lookin’ at you, Tory Burch). Up until this point, it seems the bulk of Fitbit users — even the most style-savvy of the bunch — wear their fitness trackers au naturel, thick rubber band and all. It’s a source of pride, perhaps, or a conversation-starter, but it’s most definitely not chic.

Until now. Behold: Bezels & Bytes. Read more »

Buy This Now: The Coolest Bracelets Ever at TownHome

We’ll take them all, please. | Images via TownHome.

This week’s current item to covet: these insanely cool bracelets at TownHome. The simple beauties — hammered silver and gold-plate on a silk cord — are handmade by Parisian designer Nilaï (warning: the site’s all in French).

The bracelets are $95 each, and TownHome currently has only eight in stock (two gold, four silver, and two silver on a chain instead of the cord).  Read more »

This Is the New Way to Stack Bracelets On Your Arm


Image via Ritual Ritual.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of wearing full arms of bracelets. (I even have a huge dish next to my computer at work where I take off my dozens of bracelets, so that I may type without injuring myself.) But then the term ‘arm party’ was coined and everyone started to clang around with their bangles and cuffs up to the elbows. It seemed, suddenly, basic. So I invested in my earring gameRead more »

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