Your First Look at Concrete Polish’s New Jewelry Collection


Pieces from Concrete Polish’s latest collection.

When I think of my jewelry collection, I think of it in tiers. Tier 1: Jewelry that I love (my vintage bangles). Tier 2: Jewelry that I love so much I wear it nearly every day (my Lee Hale rose thorn stud earrings from Egan Day). Tier 3: My wedding band stack—an engagement ring sandwiched between two thin diamond bands. To make it to the first two tiers isn’t too hard, but to break into that third tier, well, that’s pretty much impossible. Enter Concrete Polish, Angela Monaco’s line of sculptural jewelry, which secured a prime spot right smack-dab in the middle of my diamond stack.

Really? It’s that cool?

The Edit: 11 Spring Sunglasses Under $150


Sunglasses can be an accessory staple if you want them to be. They can also be the perfect way to test out shapes and color in moderation. We’re proponents of the latter, so we rounded up the best spring shades under $150. Because really, what’s better than actually being able to wear sunglasses? Being able to to buy them on a budget. Here, 11 ways to do just that.

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This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry

This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry

Nine times out of ten, when I compliment someone on her wedding or engagement rings, I get this response: “Ugh, thanks, but it’s sooo dirty.” It’s like the jewelry version of “Oh, this old thing?” and it leads me to two questions:

1. Why the heck can’t we ever just take a compliment?

2. Why are we all walking around wearing filthy jewelry?

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The Edit: 8 Backpacks to Wear Right Now


Backpacks are back, people (and we’re not talking Jansports). What this means: handy exterior (and interior!) pockets to store all your purse necessities, leaving both hands free while still wielding all your belongings, and a spring bag that’s fresher than the boring totes of yesteryear. With these picks, you’ll look more like Miroslava and less like Michelle Tanner a la Full House.

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Covet: 4 Reasons We’re Obsessed With Orange


Orange gets a bad rap in the color family. “It makes me look like a pumpkin” is a comment we’ve heard more than a few times. (Really.) But let’s be honest: You can make that type of statement about any color, and it certainly hasn’t stopped us at Shoppist (hello, highlighter yellow). So in order to celebrate this new incarnation of orange, we’ve chosen four different ways to look decidedly un-pumpkin: Stella McCartney Clara Whispering lingerie set, $65 and $125 at Net-a-Porter; Alice & Olivia Gianna strappy sandals, $345 at Shopbop; lock clutch, $295 at Loeffler Randall; Valentino macaramé dress, $5,599.88 at Far Fetch.

The Edit: 8 Tropical Fashion Buys We’re Loving Now

8 Tropical Fashion Buys We're Loving Now


Let’s get the obligatory acknowledgement of the weather out of the way: It’s freezing cold and ridiculously windy. Now let’s move on—specifically, to these tropics-inspired pieces that have us thinking gentle island breeze rather than crazy-harsh city wind tunnel. Embrace texture (fringe, raffia) and patterns (palms, flowers) and let’s spring forward, my friends.

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10 Best Spring Buys at Omoi Zakka Shop



Yes, it’s snowing. No, I can’t believe it either. Here’s how I suggest you ignore it and move on to spring thinking: Pick up any one of these cheery, colorful, bright-and-happy buys at one of Philly’s coolest import shops, Omoi Zakka, located right at 1608 Pine Street. Don’t want to brave the slush? Each of these items is available on Omoi’s site. Tip: Buy three and score free shipping. Take your pick and let’s say it together: It’s spring. It’s spring. It’s spring!

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Philly’s Most Underrated Shoe Store: Head Start Shoes


Boots (and sandals, and mules, and heels) for all! Photo via Head Start Shoes on Facebook.

As a shopping editor, it’s imperative that I keep my stuff organized. The retail scene in Philly is always changing, and I need to stay abreast of what’s opening, closing, relocating, expanding, etc, etc. (Organization tip: I have a massive binder filled with business cards I collect from my scouting trips; each organized by retail category, with notes on why I liked—or did not like—each store.) But with all the changes, there are some spots that remain total gems. I think of these as The Stalwarts, the stores that stay steadfastly cool, but sometimes slip out from my radar. Stalwart #1: Head Start Shoes.

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8 Best Spring Clutches Under $100



The simplest way to punch up an outfit is with a bag. And spring’s collection of cool arm candy doesn’t disappoint. Go bright and bold—I’m partial to interesting materials and textures like straw ( #7), rubbery semi-sheer plastic (#8) and see-through acrylic (#6). Keep reading for the prices—you won’t believe how much bang you can really get for your buck.

Keep reading for prices and where to buy.

Covet: 4 Ways to Wear Green That Work After St. Patrick’s Day

4 Ways to Wear Green That Work After St. Patty's DayAs I walked around the city on Saturday, I witnessed a lot of bad fashion. (Thanks, Erin Express.) Bad green t-shirts. Bad green knee socks. Bad green shamrock headbands. Bad green makeup. It’s safe to say that it’s easy to do green very, very wrong on St. Patty’s Day. I get it: You don’t want to wear satin Marc by Marc Jacobs kicks when you’ll most likely be standing in puddles of beer (and puke). But you also don’t want to wear any of this. Here’s how to the holiday right. (First, though, start by avoiding the Erin Express.) Otswald Helgason dress, $990 at Browns Fashion; Natasha Couture iPhone 5 case, $48 at Nordstrom; Marc by Marc Jacobs satin Mylo sneakers, $215 at Stylebop; Holly Ryan ring, $265 at The Grand Social.

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