EDITOR’S PICKS: My Top 10 LGBTQ Movies on Netflix

Oscar winner Michael Douglas won an Emmy award for his role as flamboyant entertainer Liberace.

Michael Douglas won an Emmy for his turn as flamboyant entertainer Liberace.

1. The Kids Are All Right (2010)

This Oscar-nominated comedy/drama stars acting heavyweights Julianne Moore and Annette Bening as they navigate lesbian parenting and love in one of the most reflective gay films of the decade.

2. Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Hillary Swank won her first Oscar for this emotional biopic on the troubled life of Brandon Teena, a transgender lover who lost his life due to a hate crime in a Midwestern town. Read more »

OPINION: LGBTQ Entertainers Deserve Better From Hollywood

Actress Mya Taylor speaks onstage during the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 27, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Actress Mya Taylor speaks during the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 27, 2016, in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

As I watched the Academy Awards on Sunday, my mind was split in two places.

One, as a black American, I was baffled by the controversy surrounding #OscarsSoWhite and how comedian Chris Rock trivialized the sentiment while hosting. But being gay as well, I was also reminded of how much hasn’t changed in seeing both of my identities advance in Hollywood.

As much as we can argue that the Oscars were so white this year, it was also so straight this year too. But depending on how you view it, you might argue it wasn’t. Read more »

NATIONAL NEWS: HRC Speaks Out on the Death of Philly Transwoman Maya Young

Maya Young, 25, was murdered in Frankford on February 20th.

Maya Young, 25, was murdered on Frankford on February 20th.

The Human Rights Campaign publicly acknowledges the recent death of a Philly transwoman.

As Philly continues to reflect on another tragic death of a transwoman of color, the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization joins the city in solidarity. Maya Young, 25, was stabbed to death on February 20th. The Human Rights Campaign released a public statement about her death to their huge following. The momentum continued this past Saturday at the HRC Greater Philadelphia Gala when national president Chad Griffin asked guests to “take a moment to remember the life of Maya Young” and said, “Congress needs to act with a greater sense of urgency to protect the lives of transgender Americans.” Over the past year, there has been an alarming number of deaths of transwomen of color across the country. Last October, Philly native Kiesha Jenkins became the 20th reported transwoman of color murdered in the U.S. in 2015. Read more »

Sylvester Stallone Loses Oscar, but Gets Praise from Arnold

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin arrive at the Oscars on Sunday.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin arrive at the Oscars on Sunday.

Sylvester Stallone is still not an Academy Award winner.

Despite many people pegging him to get an acting win in what’s probably his best acting performance ever, Stallone did not take home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor last night at the Oscars. Mark Rylance won the award for his role in Bridge of Spies.

But no matter! Sly got a nice runner-up prize from none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, once Stallone’s bitter rival and now, apparently, a friend who offers pick-me-ups. Read more »

OSCAR SUNDAY: Filming The Danish Girl

Rebecca Root in a scene from The Danish Girl.

Rebecca Root in a scene from “The Danish Girl.”

Trans actors Rebecca Root and Jake Graf play cisgender characters in the Academy Award–nominated film The Danish Girl. Watching the film carefully, one would have not noticed their identities until they revealed them later to the press. In an interview, both actors discuss their experience on set and their newfound fame. Read more »

Rocky Is the Best Picture Winner That Says Its Title the Most


Yo, Adrian! Guess which Best Picture winner says its title in the movie more than any other?

At the 49th Academy Awards, Rocky beat All the President’s Men, Bound for Glory, Network and Taxi Driver for Best Picture. That’s pretty amazing in and of itself. That win allowed it to claim another title: Rocky is the Best Picture winner that says its title in the film more than any other. “Rocky” is said in Rocky 73 times, narrowly defeating 1982’s Gandhi (which says “Gandhi” 68 times).

The list was compiled this weekend by West Philadelphia resident Ryan Godfrey, who compiled a spreadsheet of every Best Picture winner — from 1927’s Wings to 2014’s Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) — in the order of times they say their title.

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2015 Academy Awards Roundup: And The Winner of Most Boring Awards Show Of The Year Goes To…

Neil Patrick header crop

Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick during the Oscar’s opening number.

Neil Patrick Harris: I love you, but you were just dreadful last evening, despite your brief stint (no pun intended) in your underwear. Patricia Arquette totally rocked out major girl power. Gaga wore strange red gloves and then surprised the hell out of people later when she totally nailed an entire medley from The Sound of Music. People were uncontrollably bored as a whole. That essentially captures the highlights of last evening’s Academy Awards ceremony, which dragged on and on and on and on. The show finally came to life during a rousing performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common during the last hour of the night, and the aforementioned Gaga number. Here, to save you the trouble of watching the first two and a half hours of the show on your DVR before things got really good, are our picks for the good, the bad, and the ugly of the night. Read more »

8 Places to Watch the Oscars Live in Philly



This Sunday, February 22nd, Philadelphia is rolling out the red carpet for those of us not fortunate enough to attend the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. We’ve rounded up several local venues hosting Oscar-viewing parties so your experience watching the ceremony on Eastern Standard Time feels at least somewhat like the real thing.

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Oscar Face-Off: Marion Cotillard vs. Julianne Moore

julianne moore marion cotillard

Oscar nominees Julianne Moore and Marion Cotillard have films opening in Philly this weekend. Who deserves the golden statue for Best Actress?

Every year, Academy Award nominations produce at least one “group of death” involving a hyper-competitive category with many worthy candidates. Arguably, one of the toughest this year is in the Best Actress tilt, which offers up perennial populist fave Reese Witherspoon (Wild), audacious Brit Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything), and relative newcomer Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl). But the two early frontrunners are clearly French actress extraordinaire Marion Cotillard, for her role as a wounded, suffering wife and mother in the Dardenne Brothers brilliant Two Days, One Night; and longtime indie darling Julianne Moore, who plays the titular character battling early-onset Alzheimer’s in Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland’s Still Alice. The two women give absolutely scintillating performances the films, both of which open in Philly this weekend. They’re so good in their respective roles, it’s difficult to imagine either of them losing out on a statue, so how do we break it down? Let’s go to the tale of the tape!

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Bradley Cooper Scores Oscar Nod for American Sniper

american sniper bradley cooper

After being snubbed by the SAGs and Golden Globes, Bradley Cooper finally gets his day in the sun. The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and the Jenkintown native scored a nod for Best Actor for American Sniper.

The film, which is opening this weekend with an expected $50 million-plus box office, got five other nominations, including the coveted Best Picture. See the full list below, courtesy of Washington Post:

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