The Checkup: How to Make the Perfect Omelet — Without Having to Wash ANY Dishes After

• I hate nothing more than scraping burnt egg bits off of a pan. Which is why I was flabbergasted to learn I never have to do that again — but I can still have ALL the omelets I want. The trick? Cook the omelet in a plastic bag. Sounds weird, I know, but you’ll understand after watching PureWOW’s tutorial. [PureWOW]

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The Checkup: The Most Efficient Exercise to Strengthen Your Entire Core

• A recent study put folks to work, having them perform a slew of of abs-strengthening exercises while hooked up to electrodes to determine which exercises worked the core muscles most efficiently. The winner when it came to the entire core? A fancy plank with legs on a stability ball and arms on the ground, paired with alternating leg lifts. Here’s to saving time at the gym! [Women’s Health]

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3 Tweaks to Make Your Ab Workouts Way More Effective

Getting strong, sculpted abs is often the number one item on everyone’s fitness wish list. As a longtime Pilates instructor, I’ve fielded hundreds of questions from my students about how they can strengthen their core and tone up their abs. Usually, after their ab work to date has failed them, they’re left wondering if there’s some magical exercise they just haven’t found yet.

The thing is, though, many people are frustrated that their ab work isn’t working because they’ve gotten incomplete or inaccurate information, leading them to do exercises that aren’t very effective. Don’t worry: If you’re in this camp, it’s an easy problem to fix — it just requires a little understanding about how the body works. Below, the three keys to making your ab work actually work. Read more »

The Checkup: To See Results, Is It Better to Work Out on an Empty Stomach?

• The workout question of all workout questions: Is it better, when it comes to seeing results, to work out on an empty stomach or not? Here, an expert gives the pros — for one, fasted cardio can be good for short-term weight loss — and the cons, like your body having less protein available to rebuild muscle post-workout. [Ace Fitness]
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