Sixers to Play on Christmas Day AND in London

Photo illustration by Joe Trinacria.

Big day for Philly basketball fans with reports that the 76ers will make their long-awaited return to Christmas Day action, as well as the official announcement that the team was chosen to participate in the NBA London Game at O2 Arena just after the new year. Read more »

These 4 Startups Landed a Spot in the New Sixers Innovation Lab

Photo | Haley Weiss

On Tuesday, the Sixers Innovation Lab officially opened its doors, solidifying the franchise’s new mission to back go-getting entrepreneurs. The 8,000-square foot lab space located at the Camden-based Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex, will be home to four up-and-coming startups, three of which were revealed for the first time on Tuesday.

The four companies will receive office space in the innovation lab furnished by Kimball Office. They’ll also have access to industry experts, and third-party consulting from advisors like Penn’s Wharton School; they’ll get legal services through a new partnership with Pepper Hamilton and website, graphic design and branding help through the lab’s partnership with Maven Creative. Entrepreneurs will even get an opportunity to pitch investors and venture capital firms through the Innovation Lab that says its open to investing in the four companies. And what differentiates the space from other incubators is its emphasis on speed and flexibility, the leadership team says. They’ve also developed an individualized approach to supporting the companies—the startups aren’t forced to meet blanket growth deadlines, for example.

Innovation Lab managing director Seth Berger, told Philadelphia magazine that another purpose of the hub, aside from helping the companies grow, is to bring and attract more talent to southern New Jersey and Philadelphia that will continue the region’s upward trend in innovation. Because the Sixers have “forward-thinking” team members and executives, Berger said, the franchise is in a position to move these entrepreneurs ahead.

The Lab’s inaugural portfolio of startups features companies in a wide variety of industries from esports and daily fantasy sports to pet care and digital media. Here are the four companies that landed the lab’s first spots:  Read more »

Why Sixers Owner Joshua Harris Met With President Trump

New Philadelphia 76ers owner Joshua Harris laughs before the start of a news conference at the Palestra Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, in Philadelphia. The ownership group also includes David Blitzer, Art Wrubel, and Jason Levien. The sale ends Comcast-Spectacor's 15-year run of ownership. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

New Philadelphia 76ers owner Joshua Harris laughs before the start of a news conference at the Palestra Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, in Philadelphia. The ownership group also includes David Blitzer, Art Wrubel, and Jason Levien. The sale ends Comcast-Spectacor’s 15-year run of ownership. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Philadelphia 76ers owner Joshua Harris was one of several business leaders who met with President Donald Trump yesterday to discuss the president’s infrastructure plans.  Read more »

Report: Sixers to Pay Pelicans $3 Million for Breaking NBA Rules

sixers-logoThe Sixers hired Sam Hinkie in May 2013, but The Process really didn’t start until the NBA Draft the next month. That night, Hinkie traded Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans. At the time, it came as a shock: Holiday was expected to be the team’s point guard for years.

The haul, it turned out, was pretty good: The Sixers got the sixth pick that season (Nerlens Noel) and another first rounder in 2014. The Sixers turned that first-rounder into Dario Saric, two second-round picks and also got the Orlando Magic to waive the pick the Sixers owed them sometime in the future. Jrue Holiday has played just 74 games over two seasons in New Orleans, missing time in both seasons due to stress fractures in his legs. He had surgery in 2014.

The Inquirer reports Holiday first suffered stress fractures in his last season in Philadelphia, and that the Sixers have to pay $3 million to New Orleans for failing to disclose the injury. A Sixers team source disputed the report. The paper’s Keith Pompey also said the Sixers were looking to get compensation from the Lakers over the Andrew Bynum trade. Read more »

Clap Your Hands, Everybody. Larry Brown’s House, Has Been Sold

Images by TREND

Images by TREND

It’s only Tuesday and the Sixers have been all over the news this week. Not only did KJ McDaniels throw down a serious dunk-of-the-year candidate the other night, the 1-2-3-4-5-6ers also announced they’re finally getting a new mascot (Sorry, fans of Phil E. Moose).

Now comes word that Larry Brown’s pad in Bryn Mawr has finally been sold. Re-listed back in April for $5.09 million, it looks to have been sold for $4.02 million–what a steal!

Dubbed Linden Hall, the estate featured 7-bedrooms, 9-bathrooms, a soda fountain/game room, home theater and a pool with stone terraces and pool house. Because you simply can’t mention one without talking about the other, especially in this town, Allen Iverson’s former Villanova mansion recently sold for $2.19 million back in mid-December.

Here’s the gallery from April. Please note the Space Jam pinball machine in the soda fountain/game room area.

Read more »

The Sixers and the Media: Tanks for Nothing

Illustration by Gluekit

Illustration by Gluekit

This is Bob Cooney’s sixth season on the Sixers beat for the Daily News — he’s a puppy compared to his legendary predecessor, Phil Jasner, who lasted almost 30 — but he’s a lifelong Philadelphia-area resident, and he’s amazed at what he’s seen from the franchise this season. Earnest players and coaches are no match for a front office that has deliberately turned the team — which just three years ago was one win away from the conference finals — into an NBA laughingstock. Read more »

Top 28 Philadelphia Sports GIFs of the Year

It was not a good year for Philadelphia sports. The Eagles lost a playoff game a few days into the new year, and the only other Philadelphia team to make the playoffs was the Flyers — who lost in the first round. This fall’s Eagles started 9-3 and missed the playoffs, the Sixers gutted their roster intentionally in order to be bad and the Union missed a wide open net in the final minutes and lost in extra time of the U.S. Open Cup. And the Wings moved and became the New England Black Wolves! Ugh.

But it was a good year for sports GIFs. One was Twitter’s introduction of inline GIFs in tweets. Never before was it so easy (for me, at least) to share stupid little sports moments with the world instantly. It became so easy to share GIFs one of mine was retweeted an obscene amount of times.

The Buccaneers’ Danny Lansanah preventing the Steelers Le’Veon Bell from making a first down gesture was undoubtedly the sports GIF of the year. But there’s no way to connect this to Philadelphia — Lansanah went to Harrisburg, which as close as I can get it — so it will have to remain outside the scope of this column.

Despite the bad year for Philadelphia sports, there was no shortage of great sports GIFs. If this sounds familiar, it’s pretty much the same spiel I did in 2012, when I last did this feature. It has not been a great few years for Philly sports. But the GIFs this year were, perhaps, better than ever. Presenting the best ones I made in 2014.

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Wilt Chamberlain Stamps Debut Today

chamberlain stamps-940x540

As if you needed another reason to go see the suddenly red-hot 76ers: Tonight, when the team hosts the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Wells Fargo Center, there will be a first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony for the much-anticipated Wilt Chamberlain postage stamp honoring the Philly hoops legend.

Put another way: Tonight, at the first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony for the much-anticipated Wilt Chamberlain postage stamp, there will be a basketball game.

The pride of Overbook High is the first NBA player to be immortalized in the hallowed halls of philately. Punneth the USPS:

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The Outrage Meter for the Week Ending November 14, 2014

Although there’s been some residual anger over accused sexual assaulter Bill Cosby and the couple charged with torturing and killing a three-year-old boy, a rather heated debate over where the best veggie burger can be found in Philadelphia (talk about First World Problems), nausea brought on by the Sixers (but, really, that’s nothing new), a scuffle over stores being open on Thanksgiving, some talk about spitting in public, embarrassment for the guy who spent $82,000 on a lame proposal scheme that involved iPhones, and disappointment over LeSean McCoy’s lackluster performance, it seems that the only thing that people here are really outraged about en masse is…

…the same thing that people everywhere are outraged about: the naked ass of a fame whore who is married to one of the biggest pieces of crap in society, whether said outrage is over the mere existence of the photo, outrage over the Photoshopping of the photo, outrage over the fact that people are sharing the photo more often than the common cold, or feminist outrage at the people who are outraged at said fame whore for posing for the photo. Frankly, we’d much rather have people sharing this photo of a girl than that one.

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