VIDEO: Jim Gardner Tracks Down Cecily Tynan’s Lost Earring on Air

6ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan was the victim of a minor wardrobe malfunction on Monday night’s telecast of Action News, but thankfully legendary anchorman Jim Gardner was there to pick up the pieces.

Tynan was reporting the weather forecast for this upcoming week during the station’s 6 p.m. broadcast when her earring fell out live on air. Hilarity ensues.

“I hope I didn’t lose that, I really like that earring,” Tynan said, trying to keep it together to finish her report. That’s when Gardner, the consummate team player, swoops in to help out his friend – cracking her up in the process.

Gardner’s still got it! Eyes like a hawk on “Gentleman Jim.” He’s not mistaking onions for apples anytime soon.

Tynan called the moment her “favorite ever on Action News.” The duo has shared plenty of laughs over the years on the network, and this isn’t the first time Gardner has crashed Cecily’s weather report either. Maybe Jim missed his true calling?

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This Photo of Adam Joseph’s Son on Santa’s Lap Has Gone Viral

Somewhere in the stacks of your mom’s old photo albums, there is definitely a photo of you in Santa’s lap crying your eyes out to get away. And yes, dad may have pulled it out a time or two to humiliate you in front of friends, but only a handful of people have seen it, right? 6ABC weatherman Adam Joseph’s little boy, Jacob, won’t have that luxury.

His pops dropped a photo of him on Facebook bawling his eyes out when he met Santa a few days ago. The photo has gone viral — like many of Adam Joseph’s updates do — at press time being liked by well over 10,000 people and shared by 82 more. (83 now, if you count me.) Check out the little guy below. The picture is adorable, capturing, as Joseph remarks in his status, a rite of passage for the family. “I was secretly happy he cried (can use as blackmail later in life) but the dad in me wanted to hold his hand,” he writes

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What to Expect at Philly’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

2009 Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia. Photo | AP/Matt Rourke

2009 Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia. Photo | AP/Matt Rourke

Philadelphians will be able to walk on by at tomorrow’s 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, as Grammy winner Dionne Warwick and a host of other celebrities headline the 96th annual festivities on the Parkway, billed as the oldest Thanksgiving parade in the nation. Read more »

WATCH: Adam Joseph Can Barely Handle This Local Haunted House

HalloweenWATCH A GROWN MAN SCREAM!Here is a piece for FYI Philly I did on the Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride. Does anyone look good when they are frightened? You can check it all out any day through Nov 1st.

Posted by Adam Joseph on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

6ABC weatherman Adam Joseph took a break from the doppler radar to tape a segment for FYI Philly at Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. The piece is more or less a good commercial for the Glen Mills haunted attraction (which I’m told is worth the trip), but the cameraman gets several hilarious shots of Joseph screaming his head off when he goes inside. Check out the video above, which he must have filmed the same time he did this weather segment live from the Bates Motel’s haunted cornfields.

Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia’s American Summer Experience


Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia held its annual fundraiser, American Summer Experience, at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, attracting international guests, students and notables from our area. Attendees enjoyed French and Italian wines, domestic and imported beer and a buffet dinner by Catering by Design. Funds raised from the event benefited CDI’s “Today I Met” Education Program and their State Department & Sister Cities Exchange Programs for the country and region. CDI is Citizen Diplomacy International, formerly the International Visitors Council of Philadelphia. More photos after the jump!

Adam Joseph Reflects On His Time Off As a Stay-at-Home Dad

UPDATE: Yesterday I reported that Adam Joseph will be returning to work this week, after a two-month leave of absence to take care of his son Jacob. I gleaned the information from a discreet comment on Facebook that a coworker pointed out to me, but today Joseph has taken to his page to make the official announcement, and share his experience of being a stay at home dad, which he calls “the hardest job I have ever tackled in my life.”

ORINGIAL: It looks like 6ABC meteorologist Adam Joseph will be returning to his day job tomorrow, after taking a two-month leave of absence to take care of his adorable son Jacob. He confirmed rather inconspicuously via a fan inquiry on his Facebook page that asked if he’d be turning to work tomorrow. His answer: “Yup! Happy/sad day.”

adam joseph returning to work

Now that we know he’ll be back on TV, that just leaves one looming questions: Will he go on air sporting his natural grey that he showed us in a photo last month, or will he go back to black? Silver fox, black, we’ll take him either way—as long as he tells us we’re going to have an unusually early spring.

Welcome back, Mr. Joseph!

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