The 69 Best Local Philly News Screenshots of 2016

2016 Local News Screenshots

I watch a lot of local news. Not only because it keeps me informed on the events of the day and on which programs are coming up that night on ABC, but also because it’s frequently hilarious. There are double-digit hours of local news on TV every day, and occasionally silly stuff is going to get through. Because I’m a huge dork, I save it.

And so in 2014 and 2015, I collected the best local news screenshots of the year. Below are the best of 2016, presented without comment. Happy new year!

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Why Philly Local News Is the Best During a Snowstorm

Philadelphia local news during Winter Storm Jonas

I turned on the 10 o’clock news on Friday night. The first thing I saw was someone falling on her ass.

Turns out the video wasn’t even in Philadelphia: It was from Washington, D.C., earlier in the week. (You can tell it’s not Philly from the street signs.) But it was an auspicious start to the local news’ nonstop snow coverage this weekend. I knew it was going to be great.

Philadelphia doesn’t really have celebrities. When people get famous nationally, they generally have to leave in order to continue their careers. So instead of celebrities, we have local news anchors. And for some reason Philadelphia has a huge attachment to its local news personalities. I can admit I do, too. (I wrote about Kerri-Lee Halkett — now Kerri-Lee Mayland, and sadly now in Connecticut — a lot when I was in my early 20s blogging for Philadelphia Weekly.) The local news is frequently stupid. Who cares? It’s also always entertaining. And never does the local news shine more than it does during a snowstorm. Read more »

The 38 Best Local News Screenshots of 2015

gardner-2 copy

The local TV news is great.

I am not exaggerating in any way. The local news — any channel, any time — is one of my favorite programs. In 2015, I easily watched hundreds of hours of local news. Like I did last year, I compiled some of my favorite freeze-frame moments of the last year, presented without comment. Enjoy! Read more »

The Best and Worst of Last Night’s TV Weather Madness


“A monster storm spanning half the country” was how Fox 29 anchor Iain Page kicked off Wednesday night’s 10 o’clock news. It hadn’t yet begun snowing, but forecasts were calling for between 4 and 6 inches. The radar showed that, yes, this storm was quite large. It has been cold this year, but we haven’t gotten a ton of snow accumulation. We were reminded quite often this snowfall could be larger than anything we’d seen in a year. “What could be our biggest snowstorm of the winter begins in just hours,” Page said. Read more »

The Best and Worst of Local News Snow Coverage

“Be sure to warm up before shoveling. You can walk around, or march in place.”

This was actual advice, delivered by Action News, on Monday afternoon. It was part of a segment that warned viewers not to eat, drink coffee or smoke before shoveling. The madness that grips the local news during a snowstorm — or, in the case of Monday, the threat of a snowstorm that didn’t materialize — gives viewers some of the best television there is. I mean, Action News had a four-person team covering the weather.


But 6 ABC was trumped by CBS 3:

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45 Best Philadelphia Local News Screenshots of 2014

last-name-means-snow copy

Philadelphia has a lot of television news. Several local stations produce hours and hours of local television content every day. Sometimes — often! — Philadelphia local news is my favorite show on television.

It’s also often the funniest show on television, and over the past year I’ve kept a note of some of my favorite moments on the Philadelphia news. I went back and found 45 of my favorite Philadelphia local news screengrabs of 2014. The one at the top is my favorite, and I believe sums up the winter of 2014 well: It snowed so much NBC 10 resorted to taking the angle of interview someone whose last name means “snow.”


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One of Us: Cecily Tynan

Illustration by Andy Friedman

Illustration by Andy Friedman

My name is … Cecily Tynan. I had a Great-Uncle Cecil in England, and they just added the “y.” My parents actually thought they invented the name, but I’ve met some other Cecilys since, including some named after me, which is very flattering.

I am a … perfectionist.

My standard Wawa order … is a turkey Shorti, wheat.

When I turned 45 this year … I felt better than I did when I was 25.

I live in … a stone house with a pool and a lot of woods for our three dogs to run.

Before I go on TV each night, I always … check my teeth. I like to eat spinach salads and pistachios, and let’s just say those aren’t good things to eat right before you go on the air.

On Sunday mornings … I love to cook bacon and eggs for my family, but I have to ration the bacon. My kids are big bacon eaters.

I am perpetually … 10 minutes late. But never for newscasts.

Each summer, I love to … water-ski. Slalom waterskiing is my new obsession. I am really sore every Monday morning in the summer.

If I weren’t doing this … I would probably be working at an animal shelter. I’m tempted to buy a big farm so I can adopt more, but I don’t think my husband is going to let that happen.

My worst subject in high school was … geometry. I still have nightmares about it.

I shouldn’t tell you this about Jim Gardner, but … he can sing most Broadway show tunes.

The first album I ever bought … was Bryan Adams. The one with “Summer of ’69” on it.

I drive … a Lexus SUV with close to 220,000 miles on it. I’m very practical.

One food I love to eat but shouldn’t … is I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! spray. I have to say, I like it on everything. I consider it liquid gold.

My workout routine … is a mix of running, boot-camp class and boxing.

I love buying … clothes for my kids at the Target across the street from the studio. My son likes anything Shaun White, and my daughter likes anything Hello Kitty. I buy a pound of coffee and a cart full of clothes.

My secret talent … is that I can write pretty well in cursive with my toes. But I have really horrible feet, because I went from ballet dancing to running. I have E.T. toes.

The farthest I’ve ever run … is 50k, 31 miles. It was years ago in Maryland, my first and only ultra. I won it because it was two loops, and after the first loop, all the other women kept going, but I stopped and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a Gatorade. Well, all the women in front of me bonked, and the peanut butter won the race.

The truth about predicting the weather … is that we are right most of the time. People say, “If I could be wrong 90 percent of the time and still have my job, I would love that.” But the truth is that we are almost always right.

Originally published in the August 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine.