Here’s Why Philly Businesses Will Gladly Pay Millions for the Pope and DNC

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Fact: If the Democratic National Committee decides to hold its 2016 convention in Philadelphia the cost could range anywhere from $50-$75 million dollars. While the federal government would pick up most of this cost, as much as $10 million could fall on our local government (at least, that’s what New York’s mayor predicts if the convention came to his town).

Fact: When the pope visits Philadelphia in 2015 as part of the World Meeting of Families the estimated cost could be another $13 million, (the city of Milan paid 10 million euros when it hosted the event in 2012).

Fact: $10 million plus $13 million means the city could be on the hook for up to $23 million in additional expenses for these two events. Maybe even more.

Fact: It’s likely that Philadelphia’s business community will step up and raise the money to pay this bill so that taxpayers are not out of pocket. “We’re the fifth largest city in America,” Comcast’s David Cohen recently said in a radio interview. “And I think our civic leadership has the capacity to be able to raise the money to host these two pretty special events in consecutive years in Philadelphia.”

Great!  The city needs $23 million, and the business community will likely step up.

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Cohen Says City Leaders Will Open Checkbooks for Pope, DNC


Wondering where Philly will get the money to pay for a visit from Pope Francis and to host the Democratic National Convention? David Cohen, vice president of Comcast, isn’t worried at all.

“We’re the fifth largest city in America,” Cohen told KYW Newsradio, “and I think our civic leadership has the capacity to be able to raise the money to host these two pretty special events in consecutive years in Philadelphia.”

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Philly Is Putting On Quite a Show for the DNC Site Selectors

The official City Government of Philadelphia Twitter feed is really on board with efforts to bring the Democratic National Convention to Philly in 2016. Whoever runs the feeds has been documenting the site selector visit — replete with actual cheerleaders (and not just the rhetorical, civic kind played by Ed Rendell) — all morning.

Yes, cheesesteaks are already involved.

Some highlights:

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5 Reasons Philly Is Better Than Brooklyn for the DNC

Brooklyn doesn't have this kind of history, man.

Brooklyn doesn’t have this kind of history, man.

It’s make or break day for Philly.

Today, site selectors for the 2016 Democratic National Convention hit town to take the full measure of Philadelphia and to see how we stack up against other finalists to host the convention. The early betting suggests that Philly has an advantage in this race, but we’ve still got to put our best foot forward.

If the New York papers are right — possibly a big if — Philly’s closest competition for the honor is Brooklyn. Which means that this is now another New York-Philly confrontation that risks exacerbating our city’s occasional Little Brother Complex. But it shouldn’t.

Here are five reasons that Philly is better — or at least as good — as Brooklyn:

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Mayor Nutter’s 5 Best Reasons for Philly to Host the DNC

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The best place for a convention, amirite? | Jeff Fusco

Mayor Nutter has given a big “exclusive” interview to the Daily News about why Philly should be home to the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

No, not our Daily News. The other big one. In New York.

It’s so expansive, in fact, that instead of trying to sum up, we’ll give you the mayor’s Top 5 New York Daily News quotes about why Philly should get to host the DNC.

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