Democratic Party to Endorse Openly Gay Council Candidate for the First Time Ever

Sherrie Cohen | Photo via Cohen's Facebook

Sherrie Cohen | Photo via Cohen’s Facebook

It looks like history will soon be made in the upcoming election for City Council. Our sister blog Citified writes that Philly’s Democratic party is expected to endorse City Council At-Large candidate Sherrie Cohen. This would be the first time in Philadelphia’s history that an openly LGBT council candidate will win the Democratic party’s endorsement. More from Citified.

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3 Quotes That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About the City Council Election

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

When Bill Green became the School Reform Commission chairman earlier this year, he left an open seat on City Council that will be filled during Tuesday’s primary election. (To be clear: Even though it’s a primary, Philadelphians of all parties are eligible to vote for Green’s replacement.)

The three candidates are Ed Neilson, a Democrat; Matthew Wolfe, a Republican; and N.A. Poe, a Libertarian marijuana activist. It’s assumed that Neilson, the Democrat, will win — but Wolfe has picked up a few endorsements along the way (including the Inquirer’s) and, well, who knows?

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7 Ridiculous Political Ads From the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

Election Day is almost here! Tuesday is Pennsylvania primary day, so politicians will be ceding television commercial breaks back to their usual occupants (ads for drugs, beer, cars, etc.) for a few months — until general election commercials start.

For the past month, seemingly every commercial break has been clogged with ads that are ridiculous in one way or another. (Another possibility: I just happen to watch a lot of TV that’s generally aimed at old people.) I guess I’m tired of them, but I’m going to miss the ridiculousness of a lot of the spots. Maybe it’s because they all use the same cliches, but there’s something about political commercials that is just hilarious. Here’s a roundup of some of the more notable ones from this election season.

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Criminal Charges No Deterrent to Competitive Races for PA House, Senate


If you want to kick the bastards out of office, now’s probably as good a chance as any.

Tuesday’s primary election features 13 contest primaries in Philadelphia for state senate and state representative offices. All of the contest primaries are in Democratic races — which makes sense, since this is such a heavily Democratic town. What that means, practically, is that you’ll want to vote Tuesday to have any chance of deciding who your state-level representative will be.

Those contest primaries include some — but not all — elected state officials from the area who have made the news lately thanks to brushes with the law:

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The 5-Minute Guide to the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

Surprising Winners and Losers in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race So Far

Corbet photo, Jeff Fusco |  Wolf photo, AP/Chris Knight | Others, AP/Matt Slocum

Corbett photo, Jeff Fusco | Wolf photo, AP/Chris Knight | Others, AP/Matt Slocum

As things stand now, the race for Pennsylvania governor this fall should be extremely anti-climatic, a foregone conclusion as predictable as the 76ers missing the playoffs.

That said, several developments in the Democratic primary could significantly affect what will be a nationally watched U.S. senate election in 2016.

Here are the winners and losers so far:

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