Tom Corbett’s Campaign Photoshopped Him Next to a Black Woman


The above image is at the bottom of every page on Tom Corbett’s campaign website. But it turns out these smiling people were not all happy because they were meeting Tom Corbett: Some were happy because they were being paid to be in stock photographs.

Buzzfeed reported last night on the black woman directly next to Corbett, identifying her as a woman in the “Financial Advisor Talking To Senior Couple At Home” photo on Shutterstock (see below).

The Photoshopped black woman is what websites are leading with, generally, because it’s funny anD it makes a good contrast with some of Corbett’s quotes. And the Corbett campaign eventually ’fessed up, admitting the woman was Photoshopped into the footer image.

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Four Charts That Show Tom Corbett Doesn’t Understand Pennsylvania’s Economy

What? Me worry?

What? Me worry?

Tom Corbett seems determined to end his governorship the same way he arrived: By blaming the poor for their inability to find good work in Pennsylvania. 

He did it again this week, in a meeting with the PennLive editorial board, saying more people could find work in the state if only the could pass pre-employment drug screenings.

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Corbett Says Natural Gas Tax May Be in Future


After years of resisting a tax on natural gas production in the state, Gov. Tom Corbett now says a tax is an option. He does, however, have an alternative method of doing so in mind.

Rather than tax all the gas extracted in Pennsylvania, Corbett proposes to tax only the gas transported within the state, according to StateImpact Pennsylvania. Because the federal government regulates interstate pipelines, Corbett’s tax would be limited to pipelines contained entirely within the state.

“Maybe the tax instead of being at the wellhead, should be in the transmission line,” Corbett told StateImpact. “Now we can probably only tax it in the transmission line that is intrastate because if it goes into interstate, that is a Washington issue.”
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Pollsters Keep Trying to Pretend Tom Corbett Has a Sliver of Hope, Even Though Their Polls Show He Doesn’t

The best parts of watching polls come out about the Pennsylvania governor’s race is the quotes from the pollsters themselves in which they bend themselves into all kinds of crazy rhetorical shapes to pretend like Gov. Tom Corbett still has a chance to win re-election — even though their polls show he doesn’t, really.

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Pennsylvania Jobs Site Advertised Jobs for Strippers, Escorts

At Wednesday’s breakfast-time debate between Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett, the governor touted the state’s Job Gateway website.

The site appears to be a useful portal to start a job search in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for Corbett, though, it contains more jobs than he probably expected. After the debate, the Wolf-affiliated Campaign for a Fresh Start delivered to reporters some of the jobs on that website. They were not for the jobs Tom Corbett wants to bring to the state.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review explains:

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Watch This Ridiculous Ad College Republicans Made for Tom Corbett

Yesterday, the College Republican National Committee released a series of campaign ads for Republicans in gubernatorial elections this November. They’re all essentially the same and have the same theme: “Say Yes to the Candidate!” Yes, College Republicans made Say Yes to the Dress parody ads.

And, as luck would have it, Tom Corbett got one! Yes, if young women voters go with the Tom Wolf dress instead of the Corbett one, per the ad, they will face higher taxes, job loss and higher unemployment. How does this work? How does a dress come with “higher unemployment”? The idea’s there, but it doesn’t quite, ahem, fit perfectly. The voice-over also says that “sometimes it’s hard to let go of old styles,” which is weird: Corbett is the incumbent. Shouldn’t this ad be pitching to stick with the old style?

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Conservative Metcalfe Criticizes Gov. Corbett

Tom Corbett

If you needed a sign that Gov. Corbett’s re-election hopes appear dim — despite Dave Davies’ attempts to resuscitate them — one metric might be this: The number of high-profile Republicans who appear to be throwing him under the bus these days.

Last week, it was Sen. Dominic Pileggi, who said that one of Corbett’s leading agenda items — preventing a severance tax on natural gas operations in Pennsylvania — was a mistake.

This week, it’s Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, who went on the radio Tuesday with conservative host Chris Stigall and faulted Corbett’s failure to lead.
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Mr. Corbett, It’s Time to Clean House

Tom Corbett

It’s time for Gov. Corbett to clean house.

That’s an odd thing to say about an elected official who gives every sign of being a lame duck. But Corbett has got a few months and a little bit of power left, and he should use them to immediately rid state government of all his former subordinates who were trading pornographic images on their state computers while they were working for him in the attorney general’s office.

He should do this for a couple of reasons:

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