Actor from Tom Wolf Ad Was In Torture Porn Called Breeding Farm


This is a screenshot from a Tom Wolf for Governor television commercial that was removed from YouTube on Monday afternoon. The man seen here is Alan Benyak, a Pennsylvania actor who is also an attorney. And his previous screen credits include a torture porn called Breeding Farm.

BuzzFeed reported on the unfortunate work history on Monday. In the Tom Wolf commercial, Benyak was seen talking about Wolf’s past in the Peace Corps.

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Governor Tom Corbett’s Campaign Aides Met With Him in Office

In what has to be the early frontrunner for the most boring scandal of the 2014 Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, Tom Corbett is now under fire for meeting with campaign aides in his office numerous times since taking office in 2011. Oooh!

People, obviously, may be upset by this. But even a lawyer for former House Democratic Whip Mike Veon, still imprisoned on a 6- to 14-year term after the “Bonusgate” scandal prosecuted by Corbett, can only muster up that it “certainly is an appearance of impropriety.” Veon was convicted of using taxpayer money to reward campaign workers. Certainly Corbett should probably avoid meeting with campaign workers in his office so articles like this aren’t written. But will this particular small fact sway anyone’s vote? Probably not.

Corbett, for his part, says he’s done nothing wrong. His campaign manager says his behavior is laudatory! He “continues to set an example of how to balance his political and office schedule,” Mike Barley said. Campaign staffers and the governor talk most often by phone, anyway, he says.

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As Pa. Budget Turns: Where’s Tom Wolf?


So where is Tom Wolf, anyway?

The Democratic nominee for governor has been pretty quiet in recent days as Gov. Tom Corbett and the GOP-controlled Pennsylvania Legislature tried to wrestle the state budget into submission through a mix of bad priorities and morally dubious tactics.

Wolf — probably wisely — has stayed on the sidelines: His campaign’s last press release was June 19; its last blog post on June 27. When your already mortally wounded opponent insists on shooting himself in the foot publicly (does anybody think Corbett comes out of this process looking good?) it’s wise to shut up and let him reload.

Politically, at least, it’s wise. But Pennsylvanians shouldn’t let him get away with it. They should be demanding Wolf offer his ideas about how to put this year’s state budget together in the face of a $1.5 billion deficit.

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Corbett, Wolf to Make Joint Appearance Tonight in Philly

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf, will appear in the same place for the first time in the campaign when they deliver remarks at a Pennsylvania Environmental Council dinner in Philadelphia,” AP reports.The men will speak after a 6:30 p.m. award ceremony Wednesday at the Crystal Tea Room.”

It’s not a head-to-head debate, and clearly it’s not open to the public, but: Campaign season has started!


PA Senate Will Vote on Medical Marijuana

“A measure to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania could be ready for a state Senate committee vote this month, supporters say,” Newsworks reports. “The bill would set up state oversight of doctors to prescribe marijuana for a range of illnesses, said Sen. Mike Folmer, R-Lebanon, the Republican leading the charge for medical marijuana.”

Senate approval is expected, but the plan is expected to meet opposition — and perhaps failure — in the House. (Newsworks)

Pro-Corbett Donation Violated State Law

You may have heard of Sheldon Adelson. He’s the Las Vegas gambling mogul who basically subsidized Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign long past the point of Gingrich’s viability, and he’s increasingly the deep-pocketed donor of choice sought out by GOP candidates for every type of office.  In Pennsylvania, though, his campaign donations break the law. Which turns out to be a pain for Gov. Tom Corbett. 

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