STRIPPED: Personal Trainer Noe Espinosa

Graham Studios Inc.

Noe shows off his tightest black undies. Photo by Jim Graham.

My coming-out story is …
Sitting at dinner with my mother and suddenly telling her I was gay. She left the table, went to her bedroom, and I thought, She will never talk to me again. After a couple of hours she came out and said, “You are my son and I will love you no matter what.”

If I’m checking a guy out, chances are he has …
An athletic body, big arms, wide shoulders, thick legs, a nice butt, dark hair, big eyes, and a killer, mischievous smile.

I feel sexy wearing …
Briefs. The smaller the better.

I think love is …
Like a tree that you have to nurse and water every day if you want to keep it alive. When you stop watering the tree, it dies. You cannot expect to get love if you don’t give love.

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Mazzoni Center HIV-testing hub Washington West Project.

Mazzoni Center HIV-testing hub Washington West Project.

HIV TESTING: Washington West Project
Thanks to a $20,000 grant from Philly AIDS Thrift, Mazzoni Center’s HIV-testing hub recently spruced up its four-story digs to provide a more comfortable, streamlined experience, including rapid HIV testing, state-of-the-art STD screening and free treatment referrals. 1201 Locust St., 215-985-9206,

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