We Found the Coolest Line of Baby Clothes in Philly


North West wears Balmain. Blue Ivy wears Dior. Toddlers have Instagram pages documenting their style. We’re looking at a whole new baby style game, and it’s getting dicey out there.

The baby-clothes landscape has changed a lot since we waddled around in onesies. It’s gotten progressively trendy with each decade (it’s come to this) and more and more extravagant (this little one has a mini Céline bag). Though I don’t recommend swaddling your kid in Chanel — or hot pink zebra stripes — there are plenty of great shops and designers, both online and local, that bridge the gaps between too-prim and too-trendy, and between ultra-cheap and crazy expensive.

To wit: Sweet Luka Mo, a Philly-based line of baby clothing that is helping style-starved parents find appropriately modern gear for their wee ones.  Read more »

The Oscar Fashion Rundown: 11 Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks


My assistant editor and I chatted about the Oscars fashion this morning over coffee. Our main takeaway from this awards season? One big fat yawn.

There was nothing truly remarkable that stood out at the Oscars. Sure, the massive pink cloud Rihanna wore to the Grammys was divisive, but it was, at the very least, a look. This year, the Oscars were very nude, very tight and very boring. No one really knocked it out of the park, and no one failed tremendously. (Also, where were the rest of the movie stars? Clooney? Jennifer Lawrence? Angelina?) Still, there were some small standouts in an otherwise lackluster field.

See our best and worst here.

Monday Obsession: The Most Major Earring We’ve Seen In a Long, Long Time


While the Oscar dresses were relatively ‘meh’ last night, the jewelry was on point. Margot Robbie donned fringe; Cate Blanchett wore a pile of turquoise; and Naomi Watts dazzled in a pair of massive sapphires. It all left us craving some bling for ourselves. Playfully art deco in green and sapphire, this statement ear cuff from Stone & Strand (it was founded by a Wharton grad) fits the bill. Plus, you don’t even need a Dior gown to wear it.  Read more »

Bradley Cooper’s Mom Got Her Oscars Earrings at This Abington Boutique

Image via abc.go.com

Image via abc.go.com

J.K. Simmons, we hate to admit it, but Bradley Cooper one-upped you last night. While you were imploring the Oscar audience to call their moms, local boy Cooper was already sitting right next to his mom, who just happens to be his usual awards-show date.

His mom, local resident Gloria Cooper, looked stunning in a black and teal embellished gown, which she complemented with a smattering of sparkly accessories. Of the baubles, her gorgeous statement earrings were a recent buy from Abington boutique Artware. Yep, that means you can go buy a pair for yourself. Read more »

Market Report: 27 Charts That Will Solve All Your Beauty Conundrums

Image via Beauty Snoop

  • Bookmark this—stat. These 27 charts and infographics have all the answers to your makeup dilemmas. [Buzzfeed]
  • We knew we weren’t supposed to grocery shop while hungry, but who knew it applied to clothing shopping, too? Studies show hungry shoppers spend more money. [Huffington Post]
  • Nüwa Parfum smells “warm, dry, spicy, leathery and sensual.” And it costs $1,150. And it’s made with real gold. [The Cut]

Next: Quirky, optical illusion bags that are inspired by cartoons. You need to see ‘em.

10 Best Store Return Policies in Philly

Regretting your purchase? | Image via Shutterstock

Regretting your purchase? | Image via Shutterstock

It happens: You’re in the store and you fall in love with the perfect sweater … only to realize a few weeks later that it makes you look like a sack of potatoes. Most people don’t even bother trying to return unwanted garments because they know it’s going to be a huge hassle. But that doesn’t hold true for every store. So we saddled up and searched for the stores with the best return policies in the area, and here’s the top ten stores we found. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse. Shop with no regret at these 10 local stores.

Why I Am Actually Pumped That JNCO Jeans are Coming Back

Images via Buzzfeed, Gallery Hip, Customized Girl and Complex

Images via Buzzfeed, Gallery Hip, Customized Girl and Complex

The texts came pouring in yesterday, dinging in one after the other: “JNCO jeans are BACK?!” “Nooooo.” “OMG, are you dying?”

Yes, I am dying. But not for the reasons you think I am.

JNCOs, an LA-based company that soared to popularity amongst the skater and rave set in the ’90s, is being revived after a positive response at a recent trade show. As I’ve written before, I was a fan of outrageously large pants in middle school. I never actually wore JNCOs — I don’t think I was allowed to — but I did wear some slightly pared-down version of them (no 50-inch leg opening for me).

My pairs had tiny studs on the back pockets. We discovered later that as I slouched angrily at the dinner table (I was a very angsty teen), these studs carved deep valleys into the seats of my parents’ antique dinner chairs. (The chairs have since been refinished, but my parents held this over my head for a very long, difficult time.)

Sure, those pants were ridiculous. How did we walk? We all looked insane, an entire generation of kids suffering from elephantiasis of the legs.  Read more »

Rittenhouse Kenneth Cole Closes, Lululemon to Open Temporary Store There

The Lululemon store on 15th and Walnut Street is still reeling from the roof collapse it suffered a few weeks ago. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel — our sister site Be Well Philly reports that the store will soon open a temporary location in the old Kenneth Cole space on the 1400 block of Walnut.

Wait, Kenneth Cole closed?

South Philly Boutiques Home and Occasionette Combining Stores

 Just one of the awesome shops you can shop this Saturday | Images via Occasionette Instagram

Images via Occasionette Instagram

This is the perfect retail storm if we ever saw one. Former neighbors, South Philly boutiques Home and Occasionette are joining forces and combining spaces at 1825 East Passyunk Avenue. But not so quick, the stores are still remaining separate. Occasionette owner Sara Villari explains, “We’re not getting married, we’re just living together. We’re basically roommates.” Read more »

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