Shop Sixty Five Opens an Online Store (And Lets You Easily Calculate Cost Per Wear)


Some of the brick-and-mortar’s online offerings.

Shop Sixty Five, the Doylestown fashion stalwart, is branching out: First, owner Linda LaRosa Bidlo opened a Glawyne outpost back in 2013, and now the boutique has launched an online store via Shoptiques.

The collection right now is small — only 16 items are available — but it’s worth taking a spin over there (do so here!) to check it out. My picks: an architectural Halston Heritage cocktail dress, a dreamy wrap top by IRO, and a Raquel Allegra frayed-edge tie-dye tee. Tip: Use online code SHOPNOW to get $10 your purchase until May 31st. But the coolest part is that cost-per-wear calculator.

The Revisit: Has Nordstrom Rack Gotten Any Better?


Nordstrom Rack on opening day. | Tim Haas.

The first time I went to Nordstrom Rack, it was over-stuffed, over-crowded and a complete mess. The second time was a tad better, but war stories from other shoppers (including a woman I shared an elevator with who, out of the blue, proclaimed her disappointment in the store: “It’s just crap”) kept me away. But third time’s a charm, right? So I gamely wove myself back into the off-price fray to see whether things have started looking up for the store.

In a word: Nope.

There were a few bright spots, though. Let’s dig in.  Read more »

Market Report: The Everything Guide to Shopping for Swimwear Online


Bathing suit nirvana. | Shutterstock.

  • Can’t make it out to Cameo Water Wear or Everything But Water? Here is your everything-guide to buying swimsuits online, whether you’re looking for quick shipping (you know, for that last-minute getaway), great selection, plus sizes or under $100 picks. [Racked]
  • A website called Nudevotion helps you find the best nude-colored clothing for your exact skin tone. Because not all nudes are created equal. [PopSugar]
  • Yikes: Target is in hot water for allegedly stealing a T-shirt design from a young Etsy designer. (We’ve heard this before.) [Katu]

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Rent the Runway Adds Casual Clothing and More Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The recently-opened Chicago outpost of Rent the Runway. | Instagram.

The recently-opened Chicago outpost of Rent the Runway. | Instagram.

Fans of Rent the Runway’s affordable cocktail and formalwear rentals can now get their hands on slightly more casual work- and brunch-appropriate clothes. Last Thursday, Rent the Runway rolled out a selection of summer-y pieces like this Mara Hoffman romper ($50 rental; $242 retail) and this charming Elizabeth and James crop top ($45 rental; $225 retail) that veer from their typically formal offerings.  Read more »

Beauty PSA: You’ve Probably Been Applying Your Concealer All Wrong


Dab, don’t smudge. | Shutterstock.

Apply your makeup for enough years and it becomes a mindless routine. Mine is so engrained that I can do it in less than 10 minutes. On the train. So introducing a new product or application method is difficult (it took me about six months to learn to apply my liquid cat-eye on the train without any major mishaps) — even when you’re dealing with something as basic as concealer.

Think about how you apply it: a dab on your finger, then a smear under your eyes, a swipe around your nose, and maybe another smear on your chin. Here’s the problem with this application: No matter how great your concealer is, when you smear instead of tap it on, it doesn’t last as long, doesn’t blend as well, and uses more product than necessary. Need proof?  Read more »

We Found Your Perfect Planters for a Dreamy, Vintage-Inspired Floral Display

Pile your crate high with gorgeous florals. | Shutterstock; Three Potato Four

Pile your crate high with gorgeous florals. | Shutterstock; Three Potato Four.

Now that it’s May 12th and a balmy 85 degrees, we hope you’re well into your gardening phase (the “pollen tsunami” suggests you are) of spring. But for those of you who are less about sowing an eight-by-eight foot plot in your backyard and more inclined to simply observe your beauteous blooms from afar, lemonade in hand, we found the fuss-free planters you’ve been searching for. Read more »

A Day in the Life of Midtown Maven Valerie Safran

If there’s anyone whose goings-on we want to know, it’s entrepreneur and queen of Midtown Village Valerie Safran. As if co-owning nine businesses — Open House, Lolita, Verde, and Barbuzzo are among them — isn’t enough, she’s also in the throes of building a new business venture, American restaurant Bud & Marilyn’s. Here, she shares her favorite things, from vintage haunts to secret hideaways and everything in between.

Safran's favorite sips, spots and goods | All photos by Courtney Apple

Safran’s favorite sips, spots and goods | All photos by Courtney Apple.

Read more »

Market Report: How to Become the Online Shopper Who Never Has to Return Anything

End the return process once and for all. | Shutterstock

  • A luxury fashion buyer weighs in on the best tips and tricks for online shopping (like how to predict if an item will go on sale), so you never have to return anything again. [The Zoe Report]
  • A Tel Aviv-based winery just rolled out a new set of plates that make Instagramming your meal easier than ever. We’re still wavering on whether this is absurd or brilliant. [Fast Company]
  • Someone thought it would be a good idea to trademark “TransJenner” for a novelty line of clothing. According to TMZ, the creator “swears to [them] his intention is not to be salacious.” ’Kay. [TMZ]

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This Is How to Wear White Jeans This Summer (Hint: Please No Skinny Jeans)

white flares are the look for the summer. check out these @jbrandjeans!

A photo posted by Knit Wit (@knitwitonline) on

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not the biggest fan of skinny jeans in general, at least on me. They feel a tad same-old, the everyman’s go-to because bellbottoms feel weird (they’re not!) and boyfriends feel boring and no one wears bootcut and, guys, it’s really, really hard to pull off mom jeans (exhibits A, B, C and D). But take skinny jeans and make them white and you’ve got the summer wardrobe recipe of every single woman on earth, ever. Yawn. Read more »

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