Snow Day Perk: Duross and Langel is Having a Major Winter Storm Sale


It already feels like Valentine’s Day at Duross and Langel. | Photo by Emily Goulet.

There’s nothing like a gigantic blizzard dumping two feet on our entire region to hurt local businesses. I couldn’t summon the willpower to walk to my mailbox, let alone to get out and shop. But, in a classic turning-lemons-to-lemonade move, Duross & Langel is holding a store-wide sale that’s even more major than this weekend’s snowstormRead more »

The 30-Day Closet Clean-Out Challenge


Imagine how much easier life would be if your closet looked like this. | Shutterstock.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who love organizing, and those who don’t. I fall into the latter category, much to my chagrin, because while I indisputably love organization – the containers, the coordination, the end result – I hate the actual process of getting all my crap in order.

Enter this PopSugar article, which breaks down the behemoth task of cleaning out your closet into very doable chunks that play out over 30 days. For busy women, this manageable method is easier than a day-long overhaul, and a worthy challenge to take on before the end of January. You ready? Let’s do this.

Here’s how it works:

Yikes: Lush Bath Bombs Are Dyeing People’s Skin and Hair Crazy Colors

Bath Bombs

Lush’s enormously popular bath bombs. | Lush.

Call it the month of the beauty product backlash. First, EOS – makers of those Easter egg-like lip balm balls – was thrown in the spotlight after customers complained of blisters, bleeding and rashes. (Psst: We gave you some great alternatives for treating chapped lips here.) Now Lush is taking heat after bath bomb users began noticing a funny thing happening in the tub. Well, see for yourself:  Read more »

Shop Talk: How to Clean Your (Totally Disgusting) Leather Gloves


Those gloves are way germier than you think. | Stefano Tinti /

  • When’s the last time you cleaned your leather gloves? If you’re anything like me, it’s been a while. (Which, if you think about it, is pretty gross.) Stop avoiding it: Cleaning your leather gloves is easier than you think. De-germ them with saddle soap, which you can get for $6 right here. [PopSugar]
  • Speaking of cleaning leather, why don’t you learn how to clean the salt off your boots, too? [Shoppist]
  • Taylor Swift’s first foray into fashion – a clothing line featuring crop tops, body-con dresses, sweatshirts and tees emblazoned with the pop star’s name – made its debut at Hong Kong Fashion Week. It’s all very underwhelming. [WWD]

Up next: FCUK is back.

OpenInPHL: Rittenhouse Spa Offering Huge Discounts on Saturday Treatments


Snow day pampering. | Image via The Rittenhouse Spa.

Your pre-snow day checklist: Stock up at Whole Foods tonight  (they’re closed tomorrow!), prepare a Netflix binge-watch list, move your car if it’s parked on a snow emergency route, get your shovels and snowblowers ready, and then book yourself a freaking massage. Seriously: The Rittenhouse Spa is open tomorrow, and it’s offering snowed-in locals 20 percent off massages, facials and body treatments all day.

My advice? Do some preliminary shoveling early on in the day, and then soothe tired muscles with a massage. See? Your snow day just got a whole lot better. Read more »

ICYMI: Vogue’s Legendary Creative Director Grace Coddington Steps Down

A photo posted by @therealgracecoddington on

  • After nearly 30 years of shaping the image and creative voice of American Vogue, Grace Coddington is stepping down. Her new title will be creative director at large for the magazine, allowing her to collaborate with more designers and artists on her own. There are no current plans to fill her newly vacated position at Vogue. [Business of Fashion]
  • Because cold-weather blues have fully set in for the next few months, here’s how to combat the inevitable and become a winter morning person. It is possible, believe it or not. [Man Repeller]
  • With that massive snowstorm on the horizon for this weekend, now is the perfect time to study up on these five simple ways to wear snow boots and still look like a babe. [PureWow]

Read more »

The 5-Product Makeup Routine That’ll Get You Out the Door in 5 Minutes

5 Step Makeup

Run from the gym to the office with a fresh face in mere seconds. | Photography by Claudia Gavin.

In my constant quest to pare down the makeup kit I bring everywhere, I’ve gotten things down to a science – or as close to one as ever. While I always want to look put-together and professional, I simply don’t have the time in the mornings to apply a full face. (Hello, that’s what train rides are for.) I also don’t want to give myself scoliosis by lugging around my whole kit every morning. If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness and SEPTA are my muses. I’ve perfected the five-minute, five-product makeup routine that leaves me looking fresh, awake, and ready to tackle the day. Here’s how >>

This Weekend: The Furniture and Home Accessories Warehouse Sale of Your Dreams


Cella Luxuria’s Chestnut Street flagship. | Emily Goulet.

Scratch your weekend plans to make room for this: Cella Luxuria is kicking off a four-day warehouse sale on Saturday morning. In short: You should be there. The home store – which has two locations (a cavernous Chestnut Street flagship, which skews more Restoration Hardware/industrial, and a South Street outpost, which houses modern, apartment-friendly pieces) – has taken over a 6,000-square-foot Northern Liberties warehouse to unload merchandise. If my recent visit to the South Street outpost is any indication, it’s shaping up to be the sale of the season. (Seriously, half of the shop’s second level was empty, as all furniture was already transferred to the warehouse.) Read more »

Duke & Winston Is Closing Its Center City Doors


Owner Seun and store mascot Duke the bulldog. | Image courtesy Duke & Winston.

Sad news on the retail scene: Philly lifestyle brand Duke & Winston is shuttering its Rittenhouse flagship store at the end of the month. After getting its start in a small NoLibs studio, the company lasted two years in its prominent – and spacious – Chestnut Street location, outside of which you’d often find the brand’s mascot, English bulldog Duke, lounging.

In an email, owner Seun Olubodun cited “an up & down 2015 and a coming rent increase” as reasons for the closure. But the popular local brand isn’t going away completely. Operations are moving back to Northern Liberties, where they’ll be focusing on growing their fledgling online business. The company also plans to host pop-up shops in various cities across the country.  Read more »

10 Things to Never, Ever Buy at the Dollar Store


Love it or hate it, the dollar store remains an undying aspect of American culture that rakes in nearly $36 billion dollars in annual profits, expanding faster than any other retailer on the market (even the monster that is Walmart). It’s unsurprising that the business has been booming for over half a century when it carries everything one could ever need in life for an economy-friendly price. Buying school supplies in bulk for your kids? Need wrapping paper and a card to put together a last-minute gift? Check and check.

With the mass Dollar Tree openings across the Philadelphia region and beyond, the temptation to make this discount retailer your new go-to pitstop for party decor, college dorm staples and even an alternative to the grocery store is high. The bad news? Many of the products on the shelves are as toxic as they are cheap. Read more »

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