How to Make Your Blowout Last Longer: Drybar Founder Spills Her Secrets

how to make your blowout last longer

Alli Webb at Drybar Center City’s grand opening today. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

There are few things that can instantly improve your confidence and outlook on life as drastically as a good blowout. No one knows the power of this better than Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, one of the original blowout bar concepts that now boasts 61 locations across the US and Canada, thanks to the Philly location’s grand opening today. “It’s amazing how good you feel when your hair looks good,” says Webb. “It’s not about vanity; it’s about confidence — that’s the armor we give women.” Having just received a fantastic (and super fun!) blowout at Drybar Center City today, I can certainly attest. I mean, after an hour of getting pampered while good music is bumping and Devil Wears Prada is playing onscreen, it’s hard to not walk out feeling like a new woman.

That being said, too often we miss out on some quality, post-blowout hair because we don’t know how to care for it properly. Webb shared her insider secrets on how to make your blowout last longer, so you can have more good hair days in a row after the salon. Who knows? Maybe you could become one of those women who doesn’t even own shampoo and just goes to Drybar twice a month because your blowout lasts that long. Read more »

Retail News Alert: Major Store Openings, Closings and Expansions Happening in Philly Now


Images via Aoki and Vestige.

This is a big week in Philly-area retail happenings, with both good news and bad. We’re losing a great boutique, gaining another cool shop in Fishtown, and hearing rumblings of Suburban Square’s expansion about to be underway. Find out the dirty deets on all the shifts happening in Philly retail news now.  Read more »

Where Celebrities Shop in Philly

Rear-view of a young starlet caught in the flashes of paparazzi cameras and the screams of adoring fans

Jacob Wackerhausen/iStock.

Everyone loves a good celebrity sighting. The bustle of a frantic entourage or a hint of a pink wig downtown has been known to get even the most apathetic of Philadelphians on the edge of their seats. We know that when celebrities aren’t schmoozing in New York or flouncing about in L.A., they often enjoy a little downtime in our fair city (see: Bradley Cooper and Miley Cyrus). But where exactly do celebs shop when they’re in town? We asked some of the best boutiques in Philly for their coolest celeb stories so that you know where to hang when the next film set comes to town. Read more »

A Philly Shop Owner on Rosé, Chocolate and What It’s Really Like to Work With Anna Wintour

Ruben Luna Banner

Photography by Courtney Apple for Philadelphia Magazine.

Meet Ruben (Ben) Luna. Don’t know him yet? You should. He currently owns one of Grad Hospital’s latest boutiques, a concept shop called Workshop Underground. But this New York expat has lived many lives before this, from the stodgy finance industry and the watch world to – perhaps most interestingly –  a stint as the head of product design at the Met. (So yeah, he’s worked with Anna Wintour.)

I chatted with Luna and got him to spill on some of his favorite things: summer’s best rosé, the coolest buys in his shop, the most delicious chocolate ever and more. Oh, and we got the dish on what it’s really like working with fashion’s most powerful force. Read more »

First Center City Target Scheduled to Open on July 20th

Target - Washington Square West - under construction

The under-construction Target on the 1100 block of Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

Target’s first Center City location has an opening date.

A spokesperson for the retail giant confirmed today to Philadelphia magazine that the Target at 1128 Chestnut Street is scheduled to open on July 20th. Target’s second downtown location, at 1900 Chestnut Street, is projected to open on October 5th.

The store is approximately 19,000 square feet. Per Target’s website, it will feature “apparel, home, health and beauty items, fresh groceries (with grab-and-go offerings), toys, sporting goods and tech.” There will also be an in-store Starbucks and CVS Pharmacy. The 1900 Chestnut location, which will be about 22,000 square feet, will have “apparel, home, tech and beauty items, and fresh groceries.” Read more »

I Tried It: Is Sugaring Really Better Than a Traditional Bikini Wax?

sugaring bikini line

Image via Green City Beauty.

For most people, getting a bikini wax for the first time is somewhat traumatic. Mine? Straight-up horrific. The scene of the crime: My friend’s dorm room. The offender: A well-meaning-but-most-likely-fresh-out-of-school esthetician. The method: Sugaring, an ancient hair-removal process. I’ll spare you the dirty details, and just say I wound up crying and begging her to stop halfway through.

Yeah, not good.

So when the powers that be at Philly Mag asked if I would give sugaring another go, I was hesitant. In the four years since my first sugaring experience, I’ve gotten regular Brazilians, but I’ve avoided sugaring like the plague — that is, until last week. Read more »

We’re Calling It: These Made-in-Philly Rings Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing


Photograph by Nell Hoving.

If summer could be captured in gemstones, it would look something like the rings that come out of Bario Neal’s Bella Vista atelier. The newest collection (see above) features threadlike bands dotted with clusters of ethically sourced gems—daffodil-yellow and seafoam sapphires, champagne diamonds that look like sand (if sand sparkled), mossy green andalusite, and opals that recall the froth of ocean waves—all perfect souvenirs of the season.

Bario Neal has already garnered national attention, and for good reason: Their pieces are simple but stunning. When worn stacked up, their pack a punch, but when worn alone – one on a pinkie, or an index finger – it’s a statement all its own. Read more »

11 Local Memorial Day Sales to Shop This Weekend

memorial day weekend sales

Image via iStock/Massonstock.

Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us, which means cookouts, shore trips, and quite possibly the first time you’ve been in a bikini in 100 years. (If that thought makes you sweat instantly, we’ve got you covered.) It also means local shops are having blowout sales to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Here are 11 awesome local Memorial Day sales to shop this weekend in between ice cream cones and dips in the pool.  Read more »

How to Shop Your Way Through Fishtown

Shopping in Fishtown

Minnow Lane’s storefront and wares from Field. | Images via @minnowlane and @shop.field.

Fishtown: It’s not just for hipsters! This neighborhood’s got world-class vintage finds, stylish plants and flowers for your place, and is home to some of the best damn coffee on this green Earth — there’s a little something for everyone there. Get to know the area that’s forever resenting being called “the Brooklyn of Philadelphia.” Here are the eight coolest places to shop in Fishtown, because we believe shopping is the ultimate way to explore any part of town. Read more »

An Inside Peek at Rittenhouse’s Best New Gift Shop

A video posted by Shoppist (@shoppistphilly) on

On Sunday, I had the privilege of getting a special peek of Kate Egan’s newest addition to our shopping scene: Egan Rittenhouse, a brilliantly curated gift shop in the Rittenhouse Hotel.

The shop soft-opened a few weeks ago, and Kate invited a handful of people to an intimate dinner celebrating the new venture. Egan Rittenhouse features the same artful, impeccably edited mix that her jewelry shop, Egan Day, is known for, but the boutique’s bent is towards gifts and lifestyle products, like dishes, vases, glassware, caftans (caftans!), men’s grooming products, kid’s toys, and flowers – these are presented in hand-carved wood boxes – created by Terrain’s in-house floral and landscape designer, Matthew Muscarella (see his dreamy Instagram here).   Read more »

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