New Local Indie Bookstores You Need to Add to Your Rotation

indie bookstores

Image via Main Point Books.

Call us nerds all day long, but we’ll never stop loving a good bookstore — especially if it’s one of Philly’s amazing independently owned shops. Get to know three newcomers to the indie bookstore scene, and start planning your trip to the shops now. (Warning: They’re all in the ’burbs.) Trust us — these places are worth it.  Read more »

Best of Philly: Women’s Shopping

Images via Instagram | @theritualritual and @meadowsweetmercantile

Images via Instagram | @theritualritual and @meadowsweetmercantile

Best of Philly 2016 is now online as well as at newsstands. Check out the best in women’s shopping as well as the rest of the best in food, drink, shopping, beauty, health, fitness, fun and games.

Women’s shopping is something we hold near and dear to our hearts here at Shoppist. It’s the very basis of our print and online content and a cornerstone of Philly’s bustling retail scene. While we’ve already nailed down the 50 best shops in the city, we’ve found some new gems that’ll upgrade your closet instantly. Here’s the best of best of women’s shopping in Philadelphia. Read more »

Best of Philly: Wardrobe-Salvaging Pros

wardrobe-salvaging pros

iStock / TommL.

Got that one coat in your closet that’s so darn cute but totally has a huge tear in the lining? How about those Italian leather shoes that you waited a little too long to shine, and now they just look sad? Luckily, Philly’s got some pros that will breathe new life into your most treasured belongings, so you can reuse instead of replace — and save your heard-earned money for, well, these BOP-worthy meals. Read more »

Shop Talk: The Packing Secrets of Bachelor Contestants

The ladies of The Bachelor | Image via Facebook

The ladies of The Bachelor | Image via Facebook

  • The Bachelorette may have just ended, but we’re still caught up on the series (and it’s originator, The Bachelor’s) wardrobe situation. Who just has 10+ gowns and cocktail dresses lying around? Refinery29 did some much appreciated investigative journalism on the truth behind The Bachelor contestants’ wardrobes. [Refinery29]
  • Nothing is more humbling than getting a huge zit the day before an important event. We might poke and prod at our faces in the hopes of shrinking a blemish, but what do celebrities (people known to have flawless skin) turn to when they are suddenly faced with a pimple? Here are 8 celebrity tricks for banishing acne. [Byrdie]

Plus, a crash course in vintage denim

Fall Shoe Report: These 5 Styles Are About to Be Huge

fall shoes featured imagesThe easiest way to dip a toe into next season trends is to invest in of-the-moment shoes. And with fall’s vast assortment of looks, there’s something for everyone. Here’s your first look at five fall shoes that will be big — and your roadmap to start your fall shopping now.  Read more »

Parents, Watch Out: An American Girl Store is Coming to the Philly Area

Images via American Girl

Images via American Girl

Joining recent KOP additions such as Diane von Furstenberg and David Yurman, a Philly-area American Girl store will open in September in the King of Prussia Mall. American Girl will host grand opening events (yes, two of them) on Saturday, September 10th and Sunday, September 11th to celebrate the rope cutting of this new, King of Prussia pop-up location. Read more »

Men, This Is What You Should Wear to the Best of Philly Soiree

Images via Suitsupply | Suit 1, Suit 2, Pocket Square, Cufflinks

Images via Suitsupply | Suit 1, Suit 2, Pocket Square, Cufflinks

Fellas, it’s officially crunch time. Our Best of Philly Soirée is tomorrow and it’s time to figure out exactly what to to wear. We’ve already counseled the ladies on their outfits, so let’s talk about menswear.

Shopping for formal events in the dead of summer can be daunting (three-piece suit? In this humidity? Hard pass), but after years of seeing first-hand what makes the coolest Best of Philly outfits, we know what we’re talking about. Here are some helpful tips and inspiration for putting together the perfect men’s Best of Philly outfit.  Read more »

Best of Philly: Kardashian-Grade Beauty Treatments

bop beauty treatments

Illustrations by Mario Zucca for Philadelphia Magazine.

Best of Philly 2016 is now online as well as at newsstands. Check out the best in home services as well as the rest of the best in food, drink, shopping, beauty, health, fitness, fun and games.

Ladies and gents, we’ve already addressed that things have gotten a little out of control when it comes to our beauty regimens — there’s no denying the trend. But there’s also no shame in an amped-up primping game, and luckily Philly’s got some top-notch locales to get the job done. From lasers to microblades to space-age zappers, here’s the latest and greatest treatments for the beauty-obsessed. Read more »

Current Obsession: This De-Stressing Chaise Lounge For the Perennially Frazzled

Konekt chaiseThough the base of the “Pause” chaise is rooted in technology — an ergonomic fiberglass shell created from a 3-D computer rendering — the finished product is crafted to help you escape it. The lounge is an offering from the year-old furniture company Konekt, a Philly-based outfit that combines the work of local artisans (those custom-made, and customizable, brass legs) with sleek design. The result? A sinuous, sexy spot where the perennially stressed-out can disconnect, unplug and, fittingly, pause. Starting at $8,000. Read more »

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