King of Prussia Mall Unveils Expansion Plans


The owner of the King of Prussia Mall unveiled its expansion plans yesterday. Simon Property Group announced details and showed off renderings of the already-underway expansion that will connect the two malls at King of Prussia, The Court and The Plaza.

The 155,000-square-foot expansion, which will be fully enclosed, is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016. The mall will also add a new parking garage “with speed ramps, space location technology and valet service.”

Click here for renderings.

Market Report: 24-Hour Breast Implants Let You Try a Boob Job On For Size


  • The padded bra is officially a relic. Now you can get a saline injection that temporarily gives you a fuller chest (one doc calls them “vacation boobs”); breasts deflate in about 24 hours as your body absorbs the saline. [Shape]
  • And now washing your face with plain old tap water isn’t good enough. People are swearing off the sink and only washing up with micellar water—a special blend of oil and water. Are they on to something? [Total Beauty]

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Attention: We Just Found The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit


This is a Shoppist PSA; we just found the most glorious midi skirt to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. An hour ago, vintage boutique Wilbur tweeted the above mohair fringe skirt as a new addition to their Etsy shop. I mean, just look at it: an autumnal color scheme, a forgiving a-line shape, and it rings in at only $40. To celebrate this festive find, we picked out the sweater and booties we’d pair for this holiday look. Just beware: the skirt is vintage and there’s only one, so be quick! (Or, ya know, we might just buy it.)

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Buy Right Now: Lafayette Kanard’s Hand-Painted Limited-Edition Tees At Joan Shepp


(Left) Kustoms By L.K. tees at Joan Shepp; (right) how to wear it.

I’m not a t-shirt person—at all. I feel like standard tees are boxy and unflattering (I’ve never met a t-shirt sleeve I haven’t hated).  The only way I will wear a t-shirt: If it’s impossibly paper-thin and very, very slouchy (really more of a tunic than a shirt), or if it’s one of Lafayette Kanard‘s hand-painted designs.

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Global Shopping: My Little Redemption Opens in Old City, Mushmina Hosts Shopping Event

Image via Mushmina Facebook

Image via Mushmina Facebook

Philly is already home to a pretty impressive import shopping scene (see: Morihata, Millésimé, Via Bellissima, Omoi Zakka Shop and Curio Philadelphia). But today, our cluster of global-centric shops gets a boost thanks to My Little Redemption, a brand-new boutique in Old City that specializes in high-end Israeli designers, and a major shopping event at South Street’s Morcoccan boutique Mushmina.

Click here for all the details.

Market Report: Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

  • After dry shampoo devotees started noticing thinning on their most-spritzed patches, word began to spread that dry shampoo’s oil-sucking qualities might—yikes—cause hair loss. Turns out, what you really need is an anti-dandruff shampoo. [Jezebel]
  • Holiday parties are right around the corner. It’s time to zero in on that made-for-your-complexion red lipstick (that also makes your teeth look impossibly white). [Huffington Post]
  • If you’re thinking of donning the whimsically chic sheer trend this season, these are the tips you need to know (like, what lingerie to wear and can anyone really pull off head-to-toe sheer?). [The Coveteur]

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Behold, The Most Stylish Rain Boots Ever Made


Meet the new generation of rain gear. | Photos via Hunter.

I have a pair of Hunter rain boots that I pull out every time it rains. They are over-the-knee, sand-colored Wellies, with a chunky heel and laces that criss-cross up the entire front of the boot. These boots are kick-ass, puddle-stomping, I-fear-neither-rain-nor-sleet-nor-apocalypse boots, and I love them. (So, too, does everyone else: Men, women and children have complimented these boots; I believe animals and newborns would, too, if they could talk.)

As I received yet another compliment on the boots this morning—this time by a friendly, non-creepy man on my train, who always has his nose in a newspaper and is certainly not the least bit interested in fashion—I decided I’d spread the love and tell you where you can get your own pair of Kick-Ass Puddle Stompers. Sadly, though, they are not available any longer … but these are, and I think they might be ever cooler.

Buy them here.

Monday Obsession: Stellapop Sweaters, the Coolest Knits in Philly


The best knits to invest in now. | Photos via Vagabond.

Mary Clark has been a fixture on the knitting scene (yes, there is a knitting scene) for some time. Vagabond devotees know this; the Old City boutique, which she co-founded, sells luxe yarns and other knitting supplies. These shoppers also know to be on the lookout for Stellapop, Clark’s line of handmade sweaters that have garnered a cult following. And we’re not the only ones: Her cozy pieces have made their way onto the sales floors—both real and virtual—of major retailers like Barney’s, Steven Alan and Anthropologie.

How much?

Market Report: 30 Things in Your Closet That You Need to Throw Out Right Now


  • Want to have a perfectly curated, organized closet filled with only the things you truly love? It is possible—you just have to toss these 30 things first. Closet heaven will soon be yours! [Refinery29]
  • Beyoncé wore this $350 dress to sister Solange’s weekend wedding. Here’s where you can get it. [WhoWhatWear]
  • And Solange wore a jumpsuit! (And then a caped dress.) Werk. [Vogue]


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