The 7 Beauty Treatments You Need for Spring

spring beauty treatments

Did we mention a mani is never a bad idea? | iStock/mediaphotos.

Here’s a fact of life: Nicer weather means showing more skin, which means all of those things you’ve been hiding for the last six months of cold need to come out again. Welcome to spring! There are a handful of beauty treatments that this year calls for—some you might expect, like a good pedicure (we beg you), and others you might not. Did you know that the barometric pressure in the atmosphere shifts every spring and fall, making your skin freak out? Yeah, that cluster of blemishes on your chin isn’t necessarily because of the Shake Shack you ate this weekend. Basically what your body needs is a little TLC right now, and we’ve found the best spring beauty treatments the city has to offer to get you looking fresh as a daisy.  Read more »

The Revisit: Is There Anything Cute at the Banana Republic Factory Store?

banana republic factory store revisit

Outside the store on Chestnut. | Lauren McGrath.

The wave of off-price, outlet and factory stores coming to Philly seems to have, at least for now, subsided. In its wake is a string of stores that have either shined since opening day (see: Century 21, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, Primark) or faltered (Bloomingdale’s OutletNordstrom Rack).

One of the best parts of my job is running around town and popping into stores to see how things are going, so I was more than happy to step out into the sunshine and head over to the Banana Republic Factory Store, which opened on Chestnut Street back in 2014. I set out to see if the store had gotten, well, any more organized since the last time we stopped in, and to check out the selection. Read more »

Skirt Boutique Wants to Wash Your Car for Free

Car Wash

Your car could be this shiny, too. | Pekic/

Suburbanites, this one’s for you: We’ve got the details on how to score a free car wash today (and it involves shopping).

Today, head to the car wash right next to Skirt‘s Bryn Mawr location; it’s called Bryn Mawr Car Wash. The attendants will scrub your car to a sparkling sheen, and then park it for you in Skirt’s lot, all while you shop. (Think of it as a tricked-out valet service.) Show your Skirt receipt at the car wash checkout and Skirt will pick up the bill. Best reason to shop ever? We think so.  Read more »

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Menswear Store Opening on Walnut Street

bonobos philly

The homepage of Bonobos. |

For brick-and-mortars, it’s seen as a big move into to finally launch an e-commerce portion site. Bonobos, however, did things the opposite way, but with a little twist. The brainiacs behind the brand have figured out the secret sauce to making their menswear brand one of the buzziest on the e-market, and they’re taking a forward-thinking approach to their new brick-and-mortar stores around the country.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 18 Gorgeous Ways to Organize Your Vanity

organize your vanity

Make your beauty products look, well, beautiful. | Images via Pinterest.

  • Happy Monday, loves! If you’re like me, this weekend’s sunshine got you spring cleaning a little. Tackle the intimidating bathroom spread with these 18 pretty ways to organize your vanity. Want more organization tips? We’ve got you covered. [The Zoe Report]
  • So you invested in some cool white sneakers, but grass stains are cramping your style. No worries—these five ways to clean your white sneakers will take care of your biggest scuffs. [Pure Wow]

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10 Amazing Philly Record Stores to Shop This Weekend

philly record store

Image via Repo Records.

Tomorrow is National Record Store Day, which gives us the perfect excuse to round up the best Philly record stores for your browsing pleasure. From impossible-to-find vinyl to the mustiest out-of-print books your heart could desire, these independent record stores are well worth the visit. Spend a little time this Saturday searching for the next record to add to your music trove – here’s a look at some of the releases to look out for – at these 10 amazing record shops.  Read more »

An (Actually) Honest Review of the Kylie Lip Kit and Gloss

kylie lip kit review banner

The three products tested. | Lauren McGrath.

Secret talent alert: I’m a low-key makeup artist, with years of experience glamming women up for weddings, proms and big events, and I’m always in search of the best products to use on my clients. All the mania surrounding Kylie Jenner’s debut cosmetics line definitely had me intrigued — and I wasn’t alone. Every restock since the first Kylie Lip Kit release back in November of last year has sold out lightening-fast; her latest product release earlier this week allegedly “broke Google” (and also leaked buyers’ personal information). People are so desperate to get their hands on the makeup,they’re even buying used lip kits on Ebay and Poshmark for two to three times the original price of $29. (First of all: What?! Secondly: Ew.) 

With the help of my gracious coworker Ginny, a proud owner of not one but three Kylie Cosmetics products, I volunteered as tribute to find out if all the hype around the Kylie makeup is actually founded. Here’s how a few days in the life of Kylie-lipped me went down (after I stopped rolling my eyes at her gloss reveal music video):
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Inside a Fashion Editor’s Summer Shopping List


My (current) shopping list.

As I recently wrote on this blog, I’m sick of everything in my closet. It’s especially good timing, I suppose, as it’s a new season, one that is budding with fresh takes on old favorites. But all this newness can be overwhelming, and it’s tough to remain a smart shopper when there are very impractical things like metallic-sequin slip dresses and blouses with knee-length ruffled sleeves to tempt you.

But it is possible to nod to current trends without sacrificing your own personal style. Here is what’s currently on my To Buy list, most of which feel very of-the-moment, but not too far from the shapes and styles I already love. I’ve even included some pro shopping tips to help you decode what’s worth the splurge and what trends are better found on the cheap. Ready, set, shop.
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Dear Philly: Why Do You Hate My Clothes?

things in my closet philadelphians hate

See? They’re not that weird. | Photo by Alixe Wiley.

It was a Friday after work, and I was meeting an old friend from high school whom I hadn’t seen in years. We were catching up over cocktails at a bar in Center City, deep in the thick of boy drama and family happenings and scandalous things that high school acquaintances have gotten into since we were 17, when I felt someone caressing my back. “Is that fur?” I heard a slurry voice way too close to my ear ask. I turned to see a frat boy past his prime and his crew of drunk dudes snickering. They’d obviously weighed in on how this interaction was about to go down. Drunk Dude #1 was still pawing at my fur vest and slightly perspiring, when I shot back in my most cutting tone, “I’m sorry, are you touching me?” He was the third person within earshot to make some comment about what I was wearing (but the first to cross into personal bubble territory). I’d been there for 20 minutes. Read more »

Look Out, Homeowners: An Awesome New Warehouse Full of Home Treasures Just Opened in Philly

philly salvage

Philly Salvage’s new storefront. | Image via Philadelphia Salvage.

As of April 1st, the modern-day treasure hunters at Philadelphia Salvage have a new location on West Westmoreland Street in North Philly’s Nicetown area. According to the shop’s Retail Sales Manager Allan, the move was motivated by a need for a larger centralized area—it seems they simply outgrew the old spot over on Carpenter Lane in West Mount Airy. Now, visitors can stake claims on antique lighting fixtures, reclaimed industrial furniture and architectural salvage at the five-year-old company’s whopping 30,000-square-foot foundry, which was previously only used by the masterminds at Philly Salvage for storage, repurposing and carpentry work. Read more »

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