Shop Talk: You’ve Been Drying Your Bikinis All Wrong

Woman with swimsuit swimming on a blue water pool

Use this trick to preserve the life of your swimsuit | iStock/american911

  • Plot twist: We’ve been drying our swimsuits wrong this entire time — and it’s been been slowly killing our bikinis. Instead of simply hanging them out to dry, try using a towel to soak up any excess water first. This extra step in bikini care will preserve its elasticity big time. [Pure Wow]
  • It’s officially the first day of summer (cue fireworks and bottomless cups of Rita’s), and women everywhere are celebrating by ditching their sleeves. If you’re, ahem, a woman of a larger chest, you may want to check out these tips on how to not spill out of your tank top. [Man Repeller]

Plus, how to spot trends like a Kardashian.

Say It Ain’t So: Automatic Spa Gratuities Are Becoming a Thing

Left: Our mockup of a Rittenhouse Spa receipt showing the automatic gratuity. Right: The spa's entry.

Left: Our mockup of a Rittenhouse Spa receipt showing the automatic spa gratuity. Right: The spa’s entry.

Recently, a very good friend gave my wife a gift card to the luxurious Rittenhouse Spa inside the also luxurious Rittenhouse Hotel. But instead of being for a normal gift card number, usually a multiple of ten or 25, this gift card was for an odd amount: $156. I figured that there had to be a story behind this weird figure, and there is. Read more »

Ladies, This Is Why You Need to Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

Stop Washing Your Hair: It's not gross, we swear. | iStock/Salvador Benítez San José

Stop washing your hair! It’s not gross, we swear. | iStock/Salvador Benítez San José

No one wants to own up to their hair mistakes, which why we all agree completely disregard the ’80s. But as much as the truth hurts, it’s time to finally admit that over-washing your hair is bad. Say it with me now: Over-washing your hair is bad. Shampooing every day does more than vaguely “strip your hair” and “dry the strands” — for starters, it’s draining that beautiful color you paid so much for at the salon. Yup.

Two of Philly’s top hair gurus weigh in on exactly why washing your hair everyday is bad. Plus, for all you clean freaks out there who feel the urge to shampoo morning and night, here are some great tips for making your hair look and feel clean, even if you haven’t shampooed since last week. (You can do this — baby steps.) Read more »

5 Top Philly Shops for Guys’ Gifts in Honor of Father’s Day

philly shops for guys

Images via shops mentioned below. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Father’s Day: another holiday, another excuse to go shopping — and we aren’t even mad about it, because this city has the best shopping to make your Father’s Day run a quick one. Outfit dad with the latest in snazzy barware, or send him some upgraded camping gear that you know he’d never treat himself to. No matter his personality, you’ll find exactly what you need at one of these five great Philly shops for guys’ gifts.  Read more »

Hate to Say It, But Gel Manicures Are Actually Really Bad for You

gel manicure

Beware the beautiful yet harmful gel manicure. | iStock/Kristina Jovanovic.

I can hear the pitchforked, gel-crazed riots already: “But gel lasts so much longer!” and “You don’t know anything about nails!” etc. Yes, gel manis do last longer than a classic polish. And no, a classic polish can’t compete with gel’s instant drying allure. But the last gel mani I got is the last gel mani I’ll ever get, thanks to seven (count ’em, seven!) nails breaking off painfully low, and all ten feeling paper-thin after “safely” removing the gel. Not to mention, while I was baking my fingertips under the UV light, the skin underneath my nails felt like it was boiling. Turns out, gel manicures are bad for you, straight up. I chatted with a dermatologist and some Philly salon owners about the safety concerns gel manicures raise, and why they really aren’t worth it in the long run. Read more »

The 13 Most Stylish Philly Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

feature photo 2

Images via 1, 2, 3.

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform; it’s a way of life. Millions of people post millions of photos on the ’Gram everyday, in the hopes of sharing a unique perspective on ordinary life and maybe scoring an exclusive waist-trainer/detox tea advertising contract. Even in Philadelphia, the app has evolved from anthologies of “squad pics” to thoroughly curated feeds that consistently serve major style inspiration. Meet the 13 Philly Instagram accounts we’re currently obsessing over. Read more »

The Best Beauty Oils for Every Skin Type (and No, Coconut Oil Isn’t One of Them)

beauty oil

Image via Wilde Gatherings.

From cleansers to serums to hair masks, beauty oils are having a big moment right now. Consider them the nutrient-packed superfood of nature with a side of aromatherapy benefits to boot. Mix ‘em into your skincare routine before bed for an extra boost or use to spot-treat common skin issues the all-natural way. We caught up with Kelley Hughes of Parlour in Fishtown and owner of just-launched skincare line Wilde Gatherings to hear her shortlist of go-to beauty oils. They’re vitamin-packed, easy to find, and oh-so-good for your skin, so start ramping up your skincare routine right now. (Insider tip: You can make your own beauty oil blends by picking up these oils at your nearest Whole Foods or health food store.) Read more »

Shop Talk: See the Best in Philly Street Style From the Roots Picnic

janelle monae roots picnic

Janelle Monaé at 2014 Roots Picnic | Joe McGee for

  • Thousands of R&B fans flocked to Festival Pier last weekend as The Roots Picnic swept through town. As usual, stylish Philadelphians showed out in droves, and NY Mag put together a slideshow of the best street style at this year’s Roots Picnic. [The Cut]
  • In a perfect world, you’d be able to show up to work in a velour sweatsuit and house slippers. However, the next best (and kind of socially acceptable) option is leggings. Here’s how to pull off wearing leggings to work. Tip: try pairing them with a menswear-inspired blazer for a totally morning-meeting-appropriate look. [Pop Sugar]

Plus, the dirtiest items in your makeup bag.

You Gotta Check Out This East Passyunk Shopping Event on Saturday

We get it; you work hard for your money and come Saturday, all you want to do is wind down and enjoy yourself. Occasionally it can be difficult to find a good reason to put real pants on, but East Passyunk Avenue is hosting an event this Saturday that’s totally worth it: a joint flea market/Second Saturday/sidewalk sale/music and arts festival that’s a must-see. We’ve rounded up the details and some of the highlights for this East Passyunk shopping extravaganza (three shopping events plus a music festival!) so you can plan your weekend right. Read more »

Meet Molly Bair, the Model and Philly Native Who’s Slaying the Fashion World

Molly 3

Molly Bair closing Marc Jacobs F/W 2016 and in Dazed magazine | image via @molllsbair

When Molly Bair was first scouted by a modeling agent at a New York flea market two years ago, she was a tall, gawky senior at Abington High School in Montgomery County. She was on the student council, took AP classes, and was a star member of the varsity tennis team. Now, she’s walking runways all over the world, hobknobbing with major designers (cough, Karl Lagerfeld) and taking backstage snaps with Kendall and Gigi.

Bair is now signed with The Society Management, a modeling agency whose roster boasts the likes of Adriana Lima, Lindsey Wixson, Liu Wen, Willow Smith, and Kendall Jenner. Seemingly overnight, Molly went from suburbia to commuting to New York after tennis practice. “I was kind of of living this double life. I didn’t tell anyone at school why I would disappear,” she says.  Read more »

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