Where to Shop in Philly on Black Friday


Grab your girls, and get your shop on. And bonus points if you go out shopping looking like this. | Shutterstock.

As I say every single year, Black Friday is to Shoppist what the Super Bowl is to a football fan. Our whole year of sleuthing out the best shops, steals, deals and trends comes down this – the sale day of all sale days, the bargains to end all bargains. But while less-than-savvy shoppers might line up at big-box spots like Best Buy and Target, we know that the real deals are found in our incredible local shops.

Here are the less-publicized (read: less-crowded) but equally fantastic sales taking place on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Because you can always find another TV on mega-sale. But that covetable Maison Scotch sweater at that insane price won’t come around again. Happy shopping! (And keep checking back! We’ll be updating this list throughout the week as more deals come in.)  Read more »

Psst: Here’s How to Get Free Childcare While You Shop


Complimentary childcare while you shop is called a win-win. | Shutterstock.

Main Line moms, we’ve got the best news for you. Between bundling up the little ones against the cold, impossibly short attention spans, and a few inevitable tears, shopping with the kids can be a stressful occasion. That’s why Skirt Boutique’s owner (and mom of three boys) Maureen Doran is giving you one of the best presents you’ll receive this holiday season: some free time.  Read more »

Geisha House’s Huge Pre-Black Friday Sale

Geisha House

Holiday style with a twist. | Images via Geisha House.

Let’s be real, you’re looking, searching, begging for any excuse to stay home this Black Friday – I know I am. Well, here it is: Geisha House, one of our all-time favorite Philly boutiques, is having a massive pre-Black Friday sale. Shop it to find an outfit for Thanksgiving and then, on Thursday evening, enjoy your turkey leftovers in peace. Read more »

Eyelash Extensions Are Taking Over Philly Right Now


Mega-fringe. | Shutterstock.

A few years ago, blowout bars started popping up on every corner in this city, thus elevating the standard for party/date/everyday hair. (Seriously, one coworker has friends who get blowouts twice a week – as in, they no longer wash their own hair or even own shampoo.) Now, though, the newest kid on the beauty block is lash extensions, with lash-centric companies sweeping into salons and offering wear-everyday sets that, well, might just make mascara a thing of the past.

Lash extensions are hardly new, but in the past, they’ve usually been relegated to special-occasion primping. But recently, Philly spas and salons have been bringing in lash experts in droves, offering a range of wear-everyday styles (think just a few on the outer corners of your lashes) alongside full-blown Russian mink sets (think five synthetic lashes to every natural one on your lids. Talk about fringe). It’s safe to say Philly is starting to get a little lash-crazy. Here are four local companies riding the wave.

Read more »

What Happens When a Non-Makeup Wearer and a Makeup Diva Swap Routines


A medley of befores and afters. | Photos by Lauren McGrath.

In our office, there are two sets of women: Those who wear makeup every single day, and those who don’t ever wear a stitch. I happen to fall into the former group – full face, every day – and our copyeditor, Rachel Chernaskey (she of the impossibly high cheekbones and poreless skin), sits strictly in the latter. What would happen, I wondered, if we switched cosmetic routines for a day? Surely, the world would spin off its axis; our coworkers would look at my ruddy chin and un-lined eyelids and I’d immediately be fired; Rachel would be spotted on the street and become the next Kendall Jenner.

After some pleading with Rachel and personal soul-searching (could I really post a makeup-free photo on the blog for all to see?), we shook on it: I’d go sans makeup; Rachel would let our assistant lifestyle editor (and talented makeup artist in her own right) Lauren McGrath apply a full face. We’d wear our new looks around for one full work day and see who noticed, who commented, who turned away in horror, and how it felt to trade faces. Turns out, not at all like we expected.   Read more »

How to Make a Killing By Selling Your Clothes on an App


Depop’s colorful feature page | Pixelbay / Alixe Wiley.

Sometimes it takes a while to realize you have a hoarding problem. My revelation happened this summer, when I took one look at my packed walk-in closet, overstuffed dresser drawers, and cramped attic space. I knew it was time for a massive closet clean-out, but where to begin? I refused to throw anything away (clothing is one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste) and hesitate to consign more expensive, well-loved pieces because the experience can be intimidating and isn’t guaranteed to pay out. It seemed all that was left was to go digital.

Believe it or not, some women make six figures a year using the popular marketplace app Poshmark. (Yes, you read that correctly.) So why not me? I dowloaded the app, starting listing my clothes … and made over $2,000 in two months. Not quite six figures, but I’ll take it. But while I quickly gained 1,000 followers (users who follow your listings) and a steady flow of traffic, I started to resent the 20 percent cuts Poshmark takes and its limited shipping options. Then I found Depop.  Read more »

Shop Talk: How to Layer Necklaces Like a Style Blogger


Never enough jewelry. | Shutterstock.

  • Stacking jewelry can be deceiving, because it looks so effortless online, but can really be tricky when you try it at home. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to layer necklaces like an absolute pro. And yes, mixing metals is a thing. [She Finds]
  • If cozy-chic is your fall fashion aim (as opposed to Coachella-meets-city-style for summer), then you need to check out these eight cool ways to style your favorite sweater. [The Zoe Report]

Plus: Clinkles, gold-leaf hair and more!

How I Went From Perpetual Over-Packer to Carry-On Convert


Enjoy all the free time at your gate, since you skipped that check-in line. | Shutterstock.

Thanksgiving, the most traveled holiday of the year, is almost upon us, which means a checked bag or two or 10,000 are bound to get misplaced by airlines. As someone who has lost a great deal of money to (insanely priced) overweight baggage fees over the years, I am probably the last person to be writing a post on how to pack light. However, I decided to change my ways last week as I prepared for a long weekend in LA. Here’s how I downsized my life into one teeny carry on and still looked cute for Cali, plus a few extra tricks from our staff of seasoned travelers. Read more »

Shop Talk: 9 Easy Ways to Make Your Haircut Last Longer

Hair Flip

Take a few more days between salon visits. | Shutterstock.

  • Split ends bringing you down? Shapeless hair plaguing your life? Check out these nine easy ways to make your haircut last longer, and spare your tresses from the salon for a week or two more. [The Fashion Spot]
  • For those of you with adorable families who take a posed family Christmas card photo every year (first of all, I envy the cheesiness), here’s how to look your best in a group photo. [Who What Wear]

Plus, Christmas party pants, yet another offensive holiday sweater

Pileggi Boutique Closing After Nine Years


Inside Pileggi. | Image via Facebook.

After nine years in business, women’s boutique Pileggi is closing, owner Andrea Chila confirms. The shop will officially close its doors on February 28th. (“It’s not bad,” Chila explained on the phone. “I’m becoming a mom and have chosen to stay at home.”)

There’s no word on store-closing sales yet (that all depends on what’s left come February), but Chila does have some advice for fledgling independent shop owners: “Staying positive is definitely a key to the success of the store.  I’ve made amazing friends; it was never work.”

For now, head to the shop (located at 715 Walnut Street) to scoop up clothing and accessories, like this wrap-front sweater and fur-pouf-topped chunky knit hat.

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