ICYMI: Olivia Palermo’s Collection to Launch at Nordstrom This Monday


Behind the scenes with Olivia Palermo for Nordstrom. | Image via Olivia Palermo.

  • Calling all street style junkies: Olivia Palermo is launching her own line with Nordstrom. This will be her debut collection under Nordstrom’s brand Chelsea28, and it comes out February 8th. The best part? It’s reasonably priced, with items starting at $68. Mark your calendars, people! [The Zoe Report]

  • Riding the image-remake train, Barbie just released an Abby Wambach doll, complete with undercut, shaved hair and all. At the reveal, Wambach said, “Playing with Barbies that may or may not have looked like I felt growing up, I think that this is a really impactful statement … If you’re out there and maybe your doll doesn’t look like how you feel, here’s another option.” We love it. [The Cut]

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7 Shop Owners on the Best Gifts to Give for Valentine’s Day


Does anything say it better than wine and chocolates? | Images via Trove and Verde.

Valentine’s Day shopping is a fraught experience. You want to seem thoughtful, loving and not-cheesy (so, please, avoid this). So while we could round up a list of what we want to give and get (and we will later, so just wait!), we figured we’d first hit up the people who know this whole V-Day shopping thing best: the store owners who watch it go down year after year.

To help you whittle down your shopping options, we got local boutique owners to spill on the best things for the loved ones in your life, from chocolate eclairs to pocket squares. Happy shopping! Read more »

Great Lengths: 5 Gorgeous Statement Earrings to Wear Now


Photo by Nell Hoving.

This season, it’s all about the earring, and when it comes to size, well, think big. Long, shoulder-dusting danglers—whether in mixed metals, like Erickson Beamon’s punkish drops, or all-out sparkle, like Philly-based Dylanlex’s chandeliers—are the most modern way to make a statement (so long, pinprick studs!) and a welcome return to all-out drama. Read more »

Get Excited! Ps & Qs Is Opening a Women’s Boutique on Antique Row


The in-progress storefront. | Image courtesy Ps & Qs.

During a recent scouting trip along Pine Street, I found shop owners buzzing about the newest addition to Antique Row: Ps & Qs, the beloved South Street men’s boutique, is opening a second shop at 1018 Pine Street next month. But it’s not what you’d expect. This time, the guys are taking on womenswear – and I couldn’t be more excited.

For those not familiar with Ps & Qs, think refined streetwear from the likes of Carharttt, Publish, Norse Projects, with a touch of the rugged (Pendleton, Penfield, Herschel). And you can expect the same from the women’s outpost, which will be under the same name. Owner Ky told me that the new shop will be sleeker than the men’s counterpart, with some of the same brands and the same wall of cool backpacks the South Street shop is known for. Oh, and smattering of kid’s stuff, just for good measure. (Tiny Penfield sweatshirts!) Click here for a peek at the in-progress interior!

The Prettiest Wingback Chairs You’ve Ever Seen Come From Mt. Airy

Covet Chair

Photograph by Brett Thomas.

If chairs were songs, a grand wingback might be a baritone concerto; a rocking chair, a lilting blues melody; a chaise, a Deco jazz riff. But in the hands of Mount Airy’s Carla James, these classical seats skew more rock-and-roll. Her two-year-old company, Rocker Refined – which just rolled out an amazing new e-shop – turns out a mix of reupholstered vintage finds as well as new pieces handcrafted in North Carolina, using sustainable cherry and chemical-free stuffing.

The most showstopping is the Hayward (a nod to the lead singer of the Moody Blues; all of James’s furniture is named for colorful musical figures), a frenetically stylish mix of tufted indigo linen, French railroad stripes and Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon fabric. Rock on. Read more »

How Mary Dougherty Went From Selling at Farmers’ Markets to Shopping With Bill Clinton


Dougherty in her Bellevue location. | Lauren McGrath.

Mary Dougherty is one of the most influential women in Philadelphia, and is steadily cementing Nicole Miller as a heritage brand in this city. With two thriving storefronts, located in Manayunk and Center City, Dougherty paints a pretty picture of success. However, the process wasn’t always bridal gowns and rainbows. We sat down with her to chat about breaking into the industry and her advice for female entrepreneurs in Philly.  Read more »

Pubic Hair Oil, Daily Blowouts and Lash Extensions: How We Are All Losing Our Minds When It Comes to Beauty Rituals


Illustration by Michele Melcher.

Something alarming is happening, and as with most things I find alarming or annoying, I blame Kim Kardashian. Lately, women—otherwise sane, relatively grounded women—have stopped washing their own hair.

It started out innocently enough with blowout bars, which nipped at the heels of our beauty scene in 2010. Women, quickly realizing that having someone wash and dry your hair for you is actually quite nice, began showing up more frequently. Date night? Sure! Big meeting? Why not? Yoga class? Okay! Now women parade around Whole Foods with glorious Beyoncé hair. In fact, according to Avi Shenkar, founder of Blo/Out blow-dry bar, women who get blowouts at least once a week now make up 75 percent of his client base.

And that was only the beginning. Read more »

Philly-Based Online Shop Sells the Most Gorgeous Lingerie Ever


What daydreams are made of. | Anya Lust.

Lingerie is sort of like a sense of sense of humor: It makes us swoon when it’s good, and shudder when it’s bad. Unfortunately, when it comes to intimates, most of the options out there fall flat. There’s a fine line between lust-worthy (see above) and tacky (exhibit A), and very few brands get it right.

Luckily, just in time for the sexiest holiday of the year, we’ve stumbled upon Anya Lust, a Philly-based e-commerce site specializing in all things lacy, racy and completely covetable. Read more »

Life After Nalgene: 11 Reusable Water Bottles You’ll Want to Carry Everywhere

Water Bottles

I adore Memobottle’s fresh take on the water bottle. | Image via Memobottle.

I am notoriously bad at remembering to drink water. Even after a very unsexy bout with kidney stones, I still find myself lugging home an unopened water bottle at the end of the day. My mother wrapped up a stone from her backyard and gave it to me, a note taped to it: Drink water or I’ll be back! Even this physical reminder isn’t enough. My organs, I’m sure, are in constant danger of shutting down.

So it would seem that the stylish water-bottle market is ballooning just in time. As plastic bottles become side-eyed relics, savvy designers are rethinking the way we get hydrated. Suddenly, even the ubiquitous Nalgene seems old-school, the water-bottle equivalent of Crocs. Just this morning, I stumbled across memobottle, a flat, square, flask-like bottle that’s designed to fit better into laptop bags and purses. Sure, the design is better in terms of ergonomics, but it’s also far chicer than most reusable water bottles. I did some more digging – maybe this is the answer to my water issue? – and found other equally gorgeous bottles, all worthy of toting around all day. Here’s the modern, sophisticated way to pass on the plastic.  Read more »

Evolution of a Dress: How I Took a 1970s Gown and Altered It to Modern Perfection

Tailory Before and After

The first cut is the deepest: A before-and-after of the dress. | Images via The Tailory.

When the EIC of Philadephia Wedding announced she was having a black-tie New Year’s Eve wedding, our close-knit group of work friends immediately convened for a what-to-wear powwow. Two women declared they’d try Rent the Runway; another decided to beeline it to New York for a shopping trip; and I considered wearing something already in my closet. (I have a bad habit of buying extremely fancy things like ball skirts and floor-length dresses with no place to wear them.) This was a fleeting idea, though: After a quick survey of my wardrobe, I found that nothing checked off both black-tie and New Year’s Eve boxes. The search was on. Read more »

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