We Tried It: Primp & Play, Philly’s New Kid-Friendly Spa


Your new favorite relaxation spot. | Image via Primp & Play.

This post originally appeared on Wee Wander, a website dedicated to helping parents navigate Philadelphia.

I couldn’t help but have a knee-jerk reaction to the news that a new kid-friendly spa was opening in Philly. I can’t quite pinpoint what didn’t sit right, but it had something to do with sending the wrong message to little (very little) girls and boys about external beauty … and maybe also a little something to do with Honey Boo Boo. But then I actually read the press release and found myself getting excited because this wasn’t shaping up to be your typical Toddlers and Tiaras type of place. And my recent visit confirmed just that.  Read more »

WTF Beauty: Why Is This New Tarantula Lash Trend a Thing?


Nope, not even close. | Images via Rafsy and Maybelline.

Lashes are everything  – that’s, like, rule #1 of makeup. A good coat of mascara makes the eyes look bigger, draws attention to the most beautiful asset on your face, and has the power to make even the sleepiest chick look wide awake. Clear mascara was the first bit of makeup my teeny-bopper-self was allowed to wear (Mom’s ingenious placebo), and since then, my lashes have been the most important step in getting ready. Seriously, have you ever left the house with all of your makeup done only to forget your mascara? You feel like a naked mole rat the rest of the day, despite the fact that your face is 99 percent done. Even if I’m just running to the gym on an off day, I swipe on a coat or two to look a little more alive. Bottom line: I feel really strongly about lashes, which is why this new trend of intentionally clumpy mascara is making. My. Blood. Boil. Read more »

4 Reasons Your Brows Are All Wrong (and How to Fix Them)


Clear eyes, fierce brows, can’t lose. | Shutterstock.

Forget strobing, contouring, and snail mucus masking  –  the only beauty trend you need to be paying attention to is brows. Big, bold, shapely eyebrows are the new cat eye/red lip/any other classic look you can imagine. Here’s why: Unlike those other looks, you can rock a well-groomed brow every single day with minimal effort. We won’t say you heard it here first, but let this be the final time you walk out of the house looking sparse: tadpole arches are dead and gone; strong brows are here to stay (amen). If you want to feel important, bossy, and in control, a bold brow is your quickest option. Read on to see how you can rock the look like a pro.

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Um, Should You Be Seeing a Dermatologist For That?


Be good to your face – you only get one. | Shutterstock

The business of skincare is filled with people telling you what to do with your face, but since the FDA does not regulate cosmetics (and skincare falls under cosmetics) how do you know if your products are safe  –  or even working, for that matter? Navigating the aisles of creams, serums, cleansers, oils, masks and peels — all of which promise youth and radiance — can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why when there’s an issue with your skin, it’s good to turn to the pros: dermatologists and aestheticians. Confused about who to see when? We’ve got you covered. Read more »

I Tried Pantone’s Skin-Matching Technology at Sephora (and It Was Incredible)


Ace your base. | Shutterstock.

Last week, I stopped by my the Sephora store on Walnut Street to buy liquid foundation. But because Sephora is like a candy store, I ended up confiding all my beauty wishes (“Pale-pale lipstick, not pink-pale lipstick, but mod-pale lipstick”) to a very nice saleslady who sat me in a stool and then scuttled off to find a basket of things to show me.

Among the beauty troubles I confessed to her was my difficulty finding a foundation that matches my skin tone. Though I’m a ride-or-die Clinique devotee, my foundation just hadn’t been quite right, veering either too dark, too light or too pink. I was ready for a change. So I allowed the saleslady to show me Sephora’s Pantone Color IQ machine, a tiny camera-like gadget that scans your facial skin in three different places and quickly analyzes it — disregarding things like blemishes and store lighting. Then it pops out a number that corresponds to your exact skin tone. The number is so precise, the saleslady pronounced, that you can take it to a paint store and have them create paint for you that is the exact same color as your skin. Your walls can match your skin! (I’m not sure why you’d want to do this, but just know the option’s there.)  Read more »

I Tried It: Going ‘Bronde,’ the Latest Hair Color Trend


Plain brunette vs. sun-kissed bronde. | Photo by Kori Livingston.

We fancy “bronde” to be the brunch of hair colors: that in-between sweet spot for when you can’t quite commit to either option (and simultaneously want to lead a fabulous, trendy lifestyle). Not quite blonde, definitely not plain brown  –  and no, it’s not just ombre with a different name  –  the bronde look is a sun-kissed middle ground that’s all the rage right now.

We agree, the name is a little ridiculous (still feel dumb saying it out loud), and the guidelines for what counts as bronde vs. brunette-with-highlights are a little fuzzy. Still, we were curious, so one week into my new position here at Philly Mag (by the way, hi, guys!), I decided to put this trend to the test. Read more »

Market Report: When to Throw Out Your Old Makeup (and Why You Need to!)


It might be time to throw out that favorite blush. | Shutterstock.

  • Skin irritation doesn’t seem to be clearing up? It could be your expired foundation. Find out the actual shelf-life of your beauty products. (Warning: You may want to purge your kit after reading). [Well+Good]
  • If you haven’t already tossed half your products, beware of this (literally) dirty little secret behind jar moisturizers. Think: Loads of bacteria from dipping your fingers in. The solution? Pump-action containers for the win. [xoJane]

Next: Louboutin lipstick and drugstore face wipes.

Finally, Makeup Sized to Fit Your Life On The Go


The perfect size for glam on the go. | Images via @AshleyMuirBruhn and The Glam Files.

Every morning, I apply my makeup on the Septa train into Center City, warranting many a stink eye from fellow commuters. But with a jam-packed schedule, I’m constantly looking for ways to maximize my time. Plus, I always love having my makeup around for touchups  –  how else are you supposed to take your face from the office to happy hour? The downside? Having to lug around my massive makeup kit the rest of the day; it’s so large that I recently bought a bigger purse (read: adult backpack) just to fit everything in one portable place.

This is precisely why Stowaway Cosmetics has me hyped on this Monday afternoon. They ingeniously offer high-quality cosmetics, all of which measure in at half the normal size, for half the price. Stowaway’s Creme Lipstick is smaller than your pinky; their Effortless Eyeliner is the size of a Q-tip. How adorable is that? Rather than considering them “sample size” products, think more “perfect size”  – as in you can finally own a BB cream that is smaller than your vat of body lotion.  Read more »

Nic Grooming Brings Old-School Barbershop Vibe to Rittenhouse


The charming storefront — motorcycle and all. | Josh Middleton.

It’s hard to miss Nic Grooming along the promenade of businesses around 20th and Locust. Sure, there’s a barber’s pole outside the door, but the real standout is the bright red vintage motorcycle in the window. The space has been a barbershop for nearly 40 years, though it was recently taken over and given a modern update by Nick Berardi, son of the owner of Richard Nicholas Hair Studio in Rittenhouse, where he’s worked for several years, taking on a majority of the male clientele.

Inside, the no-frills shop is cool but compact. There’s an exposed brick wall, three barbers’ stations, a sink for washing and a small waiting area, where you scribble your name on a chalkboard and await your turn. Berardi created the business to pay homage to the old-school, super-personalized barbershop experience, but added in some luxe salon-type amenities along the way (think: hot towel massages, a free beer with every cut). It’s ideal for guys who want to keep their locks in check without all the fussiness of a salon.  Read more »

Market Report: Underarm Bedazzling Is Now a Thing


Prada, pits and Lohan.

  • First, we dyed it. Now, we’re adding gemstone stickers and pastel extensions. To our armpits. [Styleite]
  • To combat lagging sales, Prada is introducing lower-priced bags, so that all devils might wear it. [Bloomberg]
  • Gross: This is what expired makeup looks like in a petri dish. (So go toss all out-of-date lip glosses now!) [xoJane]

Next: Lindsay Lohan’s fourth try at a fashion line; designer buys to get on sale now.

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