H&M Is Launching a Beauty Line Featuring Over 700 Products This Fall


Meet your new beauty go-to. | H&M.

Fast-fashion empire H&M announced yesterday that it is launching a brand-new beauty line, set to debut in the fall. According to reports, the line will kick off with 700 products, but soon expand to over 1,000 items, which will range from nail polish and hair tools to body goods and makeup.

The collection will be twofold: an eco-friendly line called Conscious Beauty (the company is pushing its sustainability angle) and a higher-end, premium line. Look for it in stores worldwide and online starting in September. Prices will range from $2.99 to $24.99. What does this mean for Ulta?

7 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Hair Stylist — And How to Do It Nicely


A medley of my chair-hopping.

I am a notoriously disloyal hair client. This isn’t all my fault: My job is bounce around to salons all over the city and ‘burbs to test out cuts, colors and styling. I’ve been dyed pink by the folks over at Architeqt (and American Mortals, and Richard Nicholas). I’ve gotten more natural-looking color from the gals over at Mirror & Mantel, and also Lakshmi, AMS, Hush, Blush, David Witchell, Art + ScienceParlour and others. I’ve gotten the best disco curls of my life at Salon Vanity, and an amazing braid at Moko. I feel bad for all the stylists I’ve loved and left — but I have an excuse. My head of hair is a guinea pig. (You’re welcome.)

While being a hair test subject can be a dangerous thing (one ill-fated visit left me with yellow locks), hop-scotching across all of Philly’s salons means I don’t ever have go through that acutely awkward process known as The Stylist Break-Up. But sometimes, just like with romantic relationships, knowing when to pull the plug is just as important as knowing how to do it. We got Steve Duross, owner of bath and body boutique Duross & Langel and a brand-new salon and yoga studio, to give us his pro tips on how to know when it’s time to cut the cord — and how to do it. (Spoiler: No, you can’t always do an Irish goodbye.) Read more »

Market Report: 5 Steps to Totally Concealing a Blemish


Your emergency blemish cover-up plan. | Shutterstock.

  • Consider these the five commandments of concealing a zit: primer, foundation, concealer, powder … and a spoon. [Byrdie]
  • These 10 brilliantly simple shower hacks will fight rust stains on your shaving cream bottle (ugh), keep your products organized and clear off your cluttered bathtub ledge. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A peek inside Brooklyn-based Bindle & Keep, a company that crafts gorgeous bespoke (and androgynous) suits for the LGBTQ community. [Styleite]

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Market Report: 23 Ways to Look and Feel Better In Just One Minute


How to look and feel fresher in 60 seconds (fab sunnies help). | Shutterstock.

  • Got one minute? Do just one of these 23 tricks and you’ll look brighter, feel better and start your day off right. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Day beds instead of sofas, no more drawers, silicon furniture: The head designer of IKEA Sweden on his seven predictions for what your house will look like in 2020. [Fast Company]
  • Have white sneakers? Then you need to read this, the go-to guide for cleaning white kicks. [GQ]

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Market Report: 5 Face Exercises That Give You an Insta-Facelift


Yoga … for your face? | Shutterstock.

  • Here are five face exercises you can do that will  help sagging necks, droopy eyelids and deep laugh lines — no facelifts required. [Byrdie]
  • Colorado politicians are showing up to work wearing IUD jewelry (accessories shaped like the intrauterine birth control method) to show support for a bill that would give funding to a program that provides low or no-cost contraceptives to women. [The Denver Post]
  • Oprah is auctioning off more than 500 personal items from her Chicago condo. (This comes on the heels of her announcement that she’s closing Chicago-based Harpo Studios and moving all production to West Hollywood.) The auction will be on April 25th. [Chicago Tribune]

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Duross & Langel Is Opening a Salon and Yoga Studio in Midtown Village


(Left) A rendering of the layout of the new space; (right) a peek at the salon’s progress.

The plans have been brewing for a while, and it’s finally here (well, almost): Duross & Langel, one of the cornerstones of the Midtown Village retail scene, is undergoing a major expansion.

The boutique, which recently expanded into the space right next door (formerly the home of fashion star Rakia Reynolds’ PR firm Skai Blue Media), is reaching far beyond its humble-ish beginnings as a handcrafted soap shop and branching into full-on lifestyle empire status.  Read more »

Market Report: Why You Need to Stop Contouring Your Face Already


Images via Pinterest.

  • Here’s why one makeup artist is against Kardashian-esque contouring makeup. (And I agree with her.) [Byrdie]
  • If cryptic Instagram photos (and voracious rumors) are to be believed, Reese Witherspoon might be launching a hotel. Your move, Blake Lively. [The Cut]

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Market Report: 10 Hair Tools You Need for Perfect Tresses

Image via Shutterstock

  • Hairstylist to the stars Teddi Cranford weighs in on the top 10 hair tools you need to keep in your primping arsenal. [Vogue]
  • People are getting breast milk facials. That is all. [Styleite]
  • We’re calling it: Fall 2015 will be the season of accessories (think: berets and brooches). [Fashionista]

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Market Report: 10 Genius Makeup Tricks for Women Over 40


Tricks of the trade. | Shutterstock.

  • Thinning eyebrows, lip lines, sun damage. Camouflage the telltale signs of aging with these expert makeup tricks for women over 40. [Prevention]
  • The latest actor to catch the designer bug? Mark Wahlberg. The Ted actor is creating a limited-edition line of apparel with Indian Motorcycle. [WWD]
  • Hallmark just revived a series of old greeting cards — some dating back to the 1920s — and turned them into adorable e-cards. We’ve already sent one to everyone in our contact list. [Hallmark]

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Secret Beauty Freebie Alert: Free Brow Shaping

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

We just got word of an amazing beauty freebie to scoop up in Philly this month, and we’re here to give you the details.

Deneen Marcel Lashes – a lash extension salon located at 525 South 4th Street – has just opened their very own Brow Bar where clients go to tame those unruly eyebrows.

The Deal: Now through March 30th, new clients can receive a complimentary brow shaping at the brand-new Brow Bar. All you have to do to score this amazing deal is call ahead to make an appointment. What’s not to like? This saves you $25 and you walk away with great brows.  Details here.

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