Look Inside 10 of Philly’s Most Enviable Closets

There isn’t much in life that’s more personal than our wardrobes — they’re where we stow our personal artifacts, pile our favorite things (and dirty laundry) and hide our skeletons. Here, a glimpse inside the closets, collections and curiosities of Philly’s coolest characters, power players and fashion plates.

Dallas Shaw

Fashion influencer

Nearly 80,000 people follow fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw’s Instagram feed for peeks at her stylish life—and into her gilt-wallpapered closet, a guest room in her circa-1905 Wilmington house that she converted into a dressing room. In the glam space, both designer and “dirt-cheap” clothes line a wardrobe rack, silk scarves hang in a vintage trunk, and part of her vast shoe collection (it spans hundreds of pairs; out-of-season styles are in storage) is displayed on salvaged window frames and along an old gate from a church. “I’m not into the cubed closet thing,” says Shaw. “Instead of a traditional closet, I wanted to have a room that I can live in.”

Photography by Christopher Leaman

Photography by Christopher Leaman

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Study Shows Men Spend Just as Much as Women on Skincare Products

Image via iStock/PeopleImages

Image via iStock/PeopleImages

Hold up. Everything you thought you knew about gender and beauty stereotypes is wrong. According to this study, men and women are spending the same amount of money when it comes to beauty products. But how can this be? Men are supposed to be ambivalent towards skincare and things that are typically classified as “feminine”… right? What are they doing? What, exactly, are they using? We’ve hit up the estheticians of Philly’s most renowned spas to finally debunk the mysterious beauty habits of men and really break down the best in men’s skincare. Read more »

7 Things to Know Before You Hit the Shore This Weekend

know before you hit the shore

The Shore awaits! | iStock/BlueLela.

Happy holiday weekend, y’all! In our minds it may still be May, but alas, we find ourselves at the most patriotic holiday of the year. Whether you’re headed to Grandma’s Shore house or a weekend of debauchery with your college pals, there are certain necessities that the Shore calls for. Here’s what to get, where to go, and what to do to ensure that you have the greatest Fourth of July ever! Read more »

Hate to Say It, But Gel Manicures Are Actually Really Bad for You

gel manicure

Beware the beautiful yet harmful gel manicure. | iStock/Kristina Jovanovic.

I can hear the pitchforked, gel-crazed riots already: “But gel lasts so much longer!” and “You don’t know anything about nails!” etc. Yes, gel manis do last longer than a classic polish. And no, a classic polish can’t compete with gel’s instant drying allure. But the last gel mani I got is the last gel mani I’ll ever get, thanks to seven (count ’em, seven!) nails breaking off painfully low, and all ten feeling paper-thin after “safely” removing the gel. Not to mention, while I was baking my fingertips under the UV light, the skin underneath my nails felt like it was boiling. Turns out, gel manicures are bad for you, straight up. I chatted with a dermatologist and some Philly salon owners about the safety concerns gel manicures raise, and why they really aren’t worth it in the long run. Read more »

The Best Beauty Oils for Every Skin Type (and No, Coconut Oil Isn’t One of Them)

beauty oil

Image via Wilde Gatherings.

From cleansers to serums to hair masks, beauty oils are having a big moment right now. Consider them the nutrient-packed superfood of nature with a side of aromatherapy benefits to boot. Mix ‘em into your skincare routine before bed for an extra boost or use to spot-treat common skin issues the all-natural way. We caught up with Kelley Hughes of Parlour in Fishtown and owner of just-launched skincare line Wilde Gatherings to hear her shortlist of go-to beauty oils. They’re vitamin-packed, easy to find, and oh-so-good for your skin, so start ramping up your skincare routine right now. (Insider tip: You can make your own beauty oil blends by picking up these oils at your nearest Whole Foods or health food store.) Read more »

The 4-Hour Spa Treatment That Made Me Cry

lush spa the planets

Planet cards and palm readings. | Images via Lush.

You don’t have to ask me twice to try out a spa treatment — especially when said spa treatment is a four-hour, spiritually-focused, astronomical journey into next-level relaxation. I had the fortune of being one of the first to try out The Planets treatment at Lush Spa, set to roll out to the public later this month. Inspired by stargazing and Gustav Holst’s classical piece ‘The Planets’, the treatment took years to develop.

The premise of the treatment is a little fluffy — time is a continuum, there are untapped galaxies within all of us, and that we need to address the past, present and future to take control of our universe — but I totally bought in, delved deep, and walked away from Lush a new woman. Here’s how the four-hour, $495 treatment went down: Read more »

How to Make Your Blowout Last Longer: Drybar Founder Spills Her Secrets

how to make your blowout last longer

Alli Webb at Drybar Center City’s grand opening today. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

There are few things that can instantly improve your confidence and outlook on life as drastically as a good blowout. No one knows the power of this better than Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, one of the original blowout bar concepts that now boasts 61 locations across the US and Canada, thanks to the Philly location’s grand opening today. “It’s amazing how good you feel when your hair looks good,” says Webb. “It’s not about vanity; it’s about confidence — that’s the armor we give women.” Having just received a fantastic (and super fun!) blowout at Drybar Center City today, I can certainly attest. I mean, after an hour of getting pampered while good music is bumping and Devil Wears Prada is playing onscreen, it’s hard to not walk out feeling like a new woman.

That being said, too often we miss out on some quality, post-blowout hair because we don’t know how to care for it properly. Webb shared her insider secrets on how to make your blowout last longer, so you can have more good hair days in a row after the salon. Who knows? Maybe you could become one of those women who doesn’t even own shampoo and just goes to Drybar twice a month because your blowout lasts that long. Read more »

Shop Talk: 7 Travel Beauty Secrets Flight Attendants Swear By

Woman sitting at airplane and looking to mobil phone.

How to mile-high rejuvenate. | iStockphoto.

  • While we love lusting after supermodel-grade travel beauty essentials, some of those items would eat up an entire paycheck. (Le sigh.) Fortunately, the pros who know the skies better than anyone have divulged their skincare-on-the-go secrets, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Here are seven ways to salvage your skin mid-flight. [Pop Sugar]
  • ICYMI, the Chanel resort wear show took place in Havana, Cuba last week. See all the looks from the historic show, and take a minute to marvel in Lagerfeld’s pure genius. [Vogue]

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5 Best Places to Score Korean Beauty Products in Philly


A sampling of K-beauty goods. | Photos via Instagram

I made the switch from American drugstore beauty products to South Korean ones in high school, and I can tell you, without exaggeration, that it changed my life. After being exposed to YouTube beauty vloggers like Bubzbeauty, and learning how to properly double-cleanse, my face went from pepperoni pizza to blemish-free in a matter of two weeks without putting a big dent in my weekly allowance.

I learned firsthand that the secret to great skincare undoubtedly comes from Korea. Don’t take my word for it, though — Korean beauty products are blowing up in the celebrity stratosphere right now. The good news is that you don’t have to be a jet-setting model to score some coveted products. Right here in Philly, you can pick up the very best in K-beauty, from your local mainstays to worth-the-trip Asian grocers. Read more »

Why I Spend $44 on Hairspray (And Other Crazy Beauty Splurges)

beauty splurge

There goes $721. | Images via Nordstrom, Lush, RevitaLash, Oribe, Saks, Violet Grey, and Santa Maria Novella.

It turns out, here at Philly Mag, we’re suckers for a good beauty product (or twelve). From ultra-luxe moisturizers to concealers that cost their weight in gold, we’ll shell out that hard-earned cash for a few choice beauty boosters. Inspired by the beautiful minds at Elle, here are the products that Philly Mag staffers hate to love.  Read more »

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