Market Report: 25 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

  • MR24It’s no secret that you can find some of the best beauty products in the aisles of a drugstore. Here are 25 of the best products — from drugstores all over the world. (Luckily, most can be found online!) [Refinery29]
  •  According to science, matching and color-coordinating isn’t stylish at all. [Fast Company]
  • Here’s the trailer for the unapproved Yves Saint Laurent biopic. (Warning: It’s in French, without subtitles.) I cannot understand more than 10 words, but I cannot WAIT to see it. [Fashionista]

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Style Confessions: I Don’t Shave My Armpits — And It’s a Fashion Nightmare


Note: I do not look this glamorous with my armpit hair.

An Arizona State professor is offering her female students extra credit if they don’t shave their body hair for the semester, and her male students the same if they do shave from the neck down. It’s a weird academic gambit, and I don’t know what I think about it from a scholarly point of view, but it’d be nice to have an excuse not to shave. As it stands now, there’s really no acceptable societal excuse, which troubles me because, well, I don’t shave my underarms. You know, like Madonna, who I have so much in common with already.

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Field Guide: 5 Best Spray Tan Salons in Philly


Yes, you can get a beachy glow without having to, you know, go to the beach.

We Philly Mag editors have all had our fair share of spray tans. Nearly all of us pop in for an on-the-go glow before big events and appearance, and each year we try out countless places for Best of Philly—sometimes we walk out looking all glowy and fabulous; sometimes we walk out looking bizarrely orange and streaky. (Philly Mag legend has it that a staffer was once laughed out of the office after a particularly bad spray-tan experience.) So we’re pretty much spray-tan experts here, and we’ve all got our favorite haunts. Here, where we girls who’ve tried ‘em all go for our faux glows.

See them all here.

5 Easy, Gorgeous Hairstyles to Wear This Summer

As soon as I sense any sort of heat or humidity — like the exact kind you’ll find outside right now — my immediate go-to has always been the same mundane ponytail, plagued by fly-aways and devoid of volume. Surprisingly, some of the best hair inspiration I found was on the runways — actual ‘dos you can actually. Here are five of the best hairstyles that look chic, beat the heat and keep frizz at bay. But the best part: They’re not as daunting as you may think. Just follow our handy how-to guides, and give yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning. Your topknot will never be the same again.

Your perfect summer hairstyle lies ahead.

The World Cup Mani You Need to Get Before Tomorrow’s Game


Images via Lacquer Lounge.

If you’ve perused in the last few weeks, you know there’s been some extensive World Cup coverage. While we at Shoppist have had, well, zilch. So we decided to jump on the bandwagon and have our hand (pun intended) at soccer reportage—Shoppist-style. We present you: World Cup nail art. Two reasons it’s amazing: 1) It counts as fan garb, so you don’t need to wear an ill-fitting borrowed soccer jersey unless you’re an über-fan; 2) You can get it at Lacquer Lounge right in the city.

Keep reading for pictures!

Monday Obsession: A Manicure That Changes Color

Monday Obsession

So pretty, right? (Photo by Victoria Stern.)

Our photo director, Jess, is queen of the manicures. She tried Ciaté’s textured “Caviar” polish before any of us knew it even existed; before her bridal shower, she got her fiancé’s initials beautifully written on her nails; and she rocked painting one finger a different color years before it became a thing.

Click here for her latest mani.

No Thanks, I Don’t Want My Face Waxed and Other Tales of Beauty Shaming


“While you’re here, would you like us to wax your sideburns?”

Over the last year, there’s been a lot of talk about shaming. (In fact, Jezebel called 2013 “The Year of Shaming.”) Fat-shaming, slut-shaming: It seems like we can’t get enough of classifying people’s ill-will toward others.

And, to be fair, barring the examples above (I think they’re totally legit), I didn’t really buy into the idea that every instance of disagreement or rudeness was an example of “shaming.” Sometimes people are just assholes.

But then I experienced something that I guess was tantamount to—what?—body shaming. (Maybe?) It was really only a part of my body. My eyebrows. My bushy, never-been-waxed, kind-of-in-style-now eyebrows.

And apparently someone had something to say about ‘em.

How to Justify Spending $64 on Chanel’s New Bronzer


Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multicolor SPF 15 in 02, left, and 01, right. (Photo via Chanel.)

When it comes to getting a faux glow, I’ve had experiences with the not so good (chalky orange bronzers), the very bad (zebra-like streaks from self-tanners), and the hideously ugly (actual lay-down tanning beds—oof!). How I’ll be scoring a healthy, sun-kissed glow this summer: Chanel’s brand-spanking-new Healthy Glow compact.

Yeah, but it’s $64. Are you serious?

Broad Street Runners: 5 Best Pedicures for Tired Feet


If you wrapped up the 10-mile Broad Street Run yesterday, I can only speculate that it wreaked havoc on your feet. That’s where Shoppist has you covered. We rounded up the best pedicures in Philly that are more about restoring feet to their pre-run glory than painting on the perfect polish (not that it hurts).

And if you didn’t participate in the festivities yesterday, no worries. Sometimes just traipsing around Philly is enough wear-and-tear to warrant one of these pedicure-on-steroids-treatments.

Click here for the details.

Market Report: 6 Secrets to Styling Short Hair


  • Happy Friday! For gals with cropped ‘dos, consider this your new hair-styling bible. [The Beauty Department]
  • Rihanna wore green lipstick and Gwen Stefani’s circa-1996 mini hair buns all over her head last night. [Daily Mail]
  • Oh, no! Everyone’s favorite in-flight magazine, SkyMall, might be folding! But how else will we buy stone Garden Yetis at 3o,000 feet?  [LA Times]

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