Market Report: You Can Now Wear Your Instagram Pics on Your Nails

  • MR21You can now wear your Instagram pics on your nails. Selfie manis for everyone? [Kickstarter]
  • World, we have the first shoppable music video! Watch it here, then dream of what could’ve been if this technology existed when MTV still played music videos.  [Fast Company]
  • This will get you excited for summer: a roundup of the best-dressed people at Coachella. Unsurprisingly, they are the same people who aren’t afraid of bringing a $4,000 backpack to an outdoor music festival. [Refinery29]

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Market Report: 7 Tricks to Getting French-Girl Style

  • S-MarketReportLet this utterly chic French girl show you how to nail the perfect beauty look (think: less Kim Kardashian, more Charlotte Gainsbourg). [Glamour]
  • Both Kanye West and Pharrell are creating sneaker collections for Adidas. How much do you want to bet that Yeezus’s will involve fur and gold in some way? [InStyle]
  • Bobbi Brown—of the eponymous makeup empire—is now the editor-in-chief of Yahoo’s beauty site. (Did you know Yahoo has a beauty site?) [The Cut]

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Lacquer Lounge to Debut New Location in Rittenhouse Next Week

Girly-girls of Rittenhouse (actually, anyone with nails), rejoice! Luxury nail salon Lacquer Lounge is opening its doors on Tuesday, April 8. We love them for their Katy Perry-esque nail art (they polished digits at Philly Mag Shops), and for their super-high hygienic standards (think disposable liners and no whirlpool jets) to negate infections. So news of a second location has us thrilled.

Click here to see pictures of the new location!

Market Report: 15 Examples of Face Contouring Gone Wrong

  • S-MarketReportFace contouring has gotten way out of hand. (I blame this on Kim Kardashian.) Sure, it can help enhance cheekbones, but it can also make you look like THIS. [Jezebel]
  • These five spring hair and makeup trends are totally worth checking out. For once, someone recommends going café au lait instead of blonde for spring! [Huffington Post]
  • Oopsie! Nicole Kidman forgot to wear pants. (Also, what the heck happened to her face!?)[Fashionista]

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Get Your Best Skin Ever: Free Skin Evaluations at Rescue This Week


If you haven’t gotten one of Rescue’s cult-adored facials yet, go. Run. (Yes, we all swear by them.) If you have gotten one, then you’re already probably familiar with Valmont, one of the luxe product lines the spa carries and swears by. And for good reason: Valmont’s Renewing Pack gives you an insta-glow. But with all the skin care products out there—BB creams, CC creams, masks, exfoliants, serums—it can be tricky to decide what you should be slathering on your skin, when you should be using it, and which products are better left alone. Rescue Spa to the, er, rescue.

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Market Report: 13 Best Beauty Products to Buy at Sephora

  • MR21Happy Monday, Shoppists! Let’s kick things off with a cheat sheet to shopping at Sephora since, let’s face it, everything is tempting there. These 13 buys are worth it, and help you to resist those sale bins by the register. [Huffington Post]
  • Somehow, Kanye managed to get Kim a Vogue cover. #annawintourcaved [Vogue]
  • Ever wondered how high prices for high fashion will actually rise? Read this and panic. [Business of Fashion]

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The 13 Best Perfumes to Wear Post-Workout (or Post-Shopping-Jaunt)

PerfumesConfession: I have kept perfume that I don’t even wear (or even particularly like) simply because I dig the bottle. Hey, as we’ve shown, perfume displays can totally add style to any room—even the bathroom. But when you’re coming straight from a workout (or, ahem, a midday shopping jaunt that takes you waaay across town—er, sorry, boss!) you need a spritz of something that doesn’t overpower but still takes away that post-workout stench. Sister blog Be Well Philly to the rescue! They talked to 13 local fitness pros (yeah, these people actually sweat for a living) to find out which scents they turn to to freshen up after a sweat sesh. Bonus? Most of their picks will look pretty lovely on sitting on your countertop, too. You know, in case you care about that stuff. (Yes, we care about that stuff.)

See the 13 fitness-instructor-approved perfumes right here.

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-The Pretty Perfume Displays of 8 Stylish Philadelphians

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5 Tricks for Styling Short Hair

How to Style Short HairConfession: I am hair-challenged. Like, can’t-blow-dry-my-own-hair kind of challenged. So when I had long hair, I ran to the beauty gurus of the Internet with every embarrassingly simple need (read: “how to French braid”). There was always an endless supply of expert advice, product recommendations and Pinterest-worthy tutorials that helped take my hair from frizzy disaster to fabulous (see our roundup of the best 9 hair tutorials on the web here). My hair incompetency was my own little secret.

But last summer, I cut my hair super-short. And while it was adorable when I left the salon, as soon as it came time to style it myself, I was clueless. So of course, I turned to my trusty blogs and YouTube channels for help, but what I found was totally disheartening. There was nothing to help me navigate this new short-hair world. The first few weeks of my short cut were filled with awkward style attempts and lots of headbands. I learned the hard way: It’s hard out there for short-haired ladies.

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Crazy New Beauty Trend: Beard and Eyebrow Transplants

man-with-beard-and-suitThere’s no denying it, bushy is in. Whether in the form of a beard, brows or sideburns, people are growing out—or trying to. But some guys have lackluster whiskers, and some ladies have plucked their brows into oblivion. (Remember this look?) Now, rather than reaching for Rogaine, people are opting for beard and eyebrow transplants to achieve the bushy-is-better look. Yep, a hair transplant. For your beard. Sound crazy? Wait ’til you hear how it’s done.

Click here for before and after pics.

Market Report: Hair Bullying is a Thing and It’s Probably Happened To You

  • Hair Bullying is a Thing NowYes, hair bullying is now a thing, and it doesn’t go back to when that boy pulled your ponytail in third grade. It actually happens in high-end salons everywhere, and it might have even happened to you! [Refinery29]
  • Lorde is collaborating with MAC on a makeup line. Maybe there will be a wearable black lipstick among the offerings? [People]
  • Curvy girls, listen up: Here are 10 awesome fashion brands for sizes 10 and up. [Cosmopolitan]

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