POLL: Should Store Mannequins Have Pubic Hair?

Whatever happened to good ol’ dress forms?

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MannequinsWith American Apparel’s latest window display (it’s on East Houston Street in New York), mannequins have been taken to a new, surprisingly lifelike—and totally unnecessary—level. The window features three mannequins in sheer underwear sporting huge tufts of pubic hair. It’s American Apparel. Of course they do.

Mannequins have been a source of controversy for some time. Like their human model counterparts, they’re always either too fat, too thin, too skimpily clad, too weirdly real-looking. Don’t believe me? Here’s a sampling of mannequins that made headlines:

Why are we taking mannequins down this path? Unlike stores using realistically sized forms to counter the impossible physical ideal promoted by our culture, these au naturel forms are for shock value only. (And, well, to see the media maelstrom it’s stirred up, I guess it worked.) But it all seems a bit pathetic. If they’re trying to ‘normalize’ pubic hair, they missed the mark on that one and instead made it a more of a ’70s-porn-star caricature. Plus, as one co-worker pointed out, you barely even notice the actual clothes. All you see is hair.

But, American Apparel, now that we’ve got pubic hair, let’s take it all the way, shall we? Add some crow’s feet, maybe a zit here or there, and wrinkly elbows. After all, that’s natural, too. But a few non-Botoxed smile lines aren’t as shocking as pubic hair. And when you’re in the business of selling this, I guess a little attention couldn’t hurt.

POLL: Do you think store mannequins should have pubic hair?

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  • Sam

    And here you are, capitalizing on the shock value and promoting it with an article about it.

  • Blutus

    That looks nothing like public hair.

    • SpellCheck

      I disagree this resembles “pubic hair” very little, but “public hair” that is exactly what that is

  • Squeakers

    OMG! LMAO!. Not only totally tacky?. It’s degrading to women!. (What next?) Anatomical Male Mannequins sporting 9 inches in a Thong?. (I mean!!) There are children walking past that store too!. (“Look Mommy! A Wooly Bear!!”)

    • pjcostello

      It’s disgusting, certainly, but what exactly is ‘degrading to women’? To degrade means: to lower in dignity or estimation; bring into contempt — this brings the STORE into contempt, and lowers our estimation of the STORE. How on Earth does that affect women? smh

      • Eat it

        Let’s have a male one with a hairy ball sack then. Equal it equal. Let’s make it uncut with stinky dick cheese and call it a day

    • Sarah Elliott

      no, next they’ll be shaving the various erotic ways men like to see a woman’s pudendum. this is sickness by some pervert and the store allowed it!!!???

  • sumikoska

    I had no idea American Apparel was selling merkins these days…

  • samantha

    this is foolish. Why on earth does a mannequin need pubic hair. Have we lost sight of its purpose? The purpose is to display clothes, a marketing strategy. It is not degrading but again why does a mannequinn need pubic hair???

  • Uncle Jesse

    I like it. I don’t think it’s gross or shocking – I think it’s awesome and kinda funny.

  • Stormy Rae Parsons

    the pubic hair is alittle to much… and if they are not carful i see perves stealing them… lol like me 😛 jk

  • no name

    This is plainly disgusting. What in the world is wrong with this company. Too many children being exposed to sexual things already and now this? Wake up people and quit being disgusting!!!

  • maz2331

    Considering that most of the population now shaves it off, it’s probably really bad marketing.

  • Mark DiMassimo

    Used to be women had pubic hair and mannequins didn’t. Now mannequins have pubic hair and real woman don’t. This irony is not lost on American Apparel. This kind of attention is the only advertising they can afford, and they are good at getting it.

    • fequiere

      I like your comment. This is so true. I like the mannequins just the way they are because of its realism. Some women shave and some others don’t. Why not have some mannequins with hair ??? I am all for it.

  • Sandy Wages

    That is a classic example of a Throw Back Thursday pic

  • fequiere

    Frankly, this does not bother me at all because. Pubic Hair is a reflection of reality/nature. This is a natural representation of beauty and those of you who don’t like it are simply out of touch with reality. I love it just because….

    • sumikoska

      Does that really look natural to you? I don’t find that a very realistic representation of what pubic hair actually looks like.

  • A mother who care’s

    And we wonder why there’s so much teen pregnancy and rapes. Think about it folks!!!

  • Sarah Elliott

    who designs these womannequins anyway? is it some perv who cannot get laid? after looking at all the links posted, i’m shocked that society allows such misogyny IN THEIR WINDOWS! pubic hair? with this advent, next, they’ll start shaving it in the various ways MEN LIKE IT!!! this is nothing less than an attack on women’s bodies without touching us! this is beyond ‘advertising’ now…this is sick.

    • Sarah Elliott

      If I saw this, i’d march in and complain and then, tell them that I would not support this kind of illness with my hard-earned dollars. I take particular offense at this. especially when men are still cast with a ‘bump’ to represent their package…women’s pudendum are free to mimic the world over!??? no.

  • Engorgio Penissio

    Looks like her husband left his toupee there.

  • Gina

    As a one time thing it’s hilarious! But as a trend, ehh, no thanks.

  • JoJoFox

    …now for mannequin bikini wax….