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Ursula Augustine
Ursula Augustine
Award-winning make-up artist

Currently loving: Facials at About PHace
I'm selfishly loving organic facials from my gourmet PHacialist Elina Safin. At the ripe ole' age of 47, Elina keeps me looking like I'm 37 with her facial masques made of organic yogurt and blueberries, or cayenne pepper, cucumber, and parsley. Fruits and vegetables (from our local grocers at Sue's Produce and Reading Terminal Market) are made into masques right before your eyes and massaged directly on the skin. Elina shares skin care tips that you can do at home [in between appointments] with post-care produce that will only cost you about $5.00. 1700 Sansom Street, 2nd floor, 267-546-6617.


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